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768) Naruto Manga Volume 13: The Chunin Exam, Concluded (Chapters 109-117)

Posted on: January 14, 2015

768) Naruto Manga Volume 13: The Chunin Exam, Concluded (Chapters 109-117) (13/01/15)

109. “Tree Leaves, Dancing…!!” (木の葉、舞い…!! “Konoha, mai…!!”?)
We get to know about the importance of Shikamaru, how brave and calm and collected he is. Finally Sasuke makes an entry and a dramatic one.

110. “At Long Last…!!” (いよいよ…!! “Iyo iyo…!!”?)
So they call Gaara downstairs and he takes his time taking the stairs. That’s what this chapter is about lol let the battle begin already.

111. “Sasuke vs. Gaara!!” (サスケVS我愛羅!!?)
Gaara finally begins to move and makes a clone out of his sand.

112. “Sasuke’s Taijutsu…!!” (サスケの体術…!! “Sasuke no taijutsu…!!”?)
Sasuke uses Lee’s speed and Taijutsu to break through Gaara’s shield. He got the moves earlier using his Sharingan. Now Gaara has used all of his sand to make a total defense.

113. “The Reason He Was Late…!!” (遅刻の理由…!! “Chikoku no ryū…!!”?)
Sasuke has been learning a technique to master a special kind of jutsu and he is just applying that on Gaara’s defense.

114. “Violent Assault…!!” (強襲…!!”Kyōshū…!!”?)
The security Anbu people are Kabuto’s people in disguise and when they saw Gaara fail, they start their own operation.

115. “The Chûnin Exam, Concluded…!!” (中忍試験、終了…!! “Chūnin shiken, shūryō…!!”?)
The Chunin Exams are over and Orochimaru has captured The Hokage under the knife.

116. “Operation Destroy Konoha…!!” (木ノ葉崩し…!! “Konoha kuzushi…!!”?)
Orochimaru has Hokage on top of the tower while Kakashi beats the traitors and gives Sakura an A Class Mission.

117. “The Imparted Mission…!!” (下された任務…!! “Kudasareta ninmu…!!”?)
Kakashi gives a mission to Naruto, Sakura and Shikamaru to get Sasuke and take him to a safe location. Meanwhile Orochimaru and Hokage have started fighting and it certainly seems like an interesting fight.


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I love Shikamaru, my favorite ninja!

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