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805) Gotham Academy #3: The Ghost In The North Hall

Olive and Maps have this map to the north hall where they see suspicious activity so with a help of a school thief, they break in and find a monster in a hole. I enjoyed reading this. By the end of issue 2, I thought this story was going nowhere but atleast it is moving.

Movie: Justice League Throne To Atlantis


The latest installment from DC comics. This is an animated movie with a running time of roughly 75 minutes. A straight forward movie with no plot twists or anything.

Basically Arthur is a loner who doesn’t understand himself and the latest trauma he was hit was the death of his dad and oh yes, he talks to fish and another oh yes, he is blonde (as he’s suppose to be unlike the new guy for the JL movie). Yes he’s Aquaman but that term is used till the very last of the movie.

Arthur’s half brother takes the trident and marches his army on the surface. Now it is upto Justice League to stop him.

It is a nice but dark and gloomy picture. Most of it is under the water with a contrast of blue and gloomy green. The humour is just alright. Nothing new there. The romance between wonder woman and Superman is amazing as always (I’m a big fan). Batman is an ass and he actually does something. People say he’s useless but at a couple of spots, he’s shown to be more intelligent than Superman and Cyborg. Overall. It’s an OK movie.


Movie: The Shawshank Redemption


Let me get one thing clear, if you haven’t watched this movie, your life is incomplete. It is that good. A classic and a masterpiece. It is simply flawless.
Andy is sent to prison for the murder of his house but he never admitted to the murder because he never murdered her. He meets a guy named Red who is the narrator in this movie (and the story by Stephen King). Red is like the guy who can get everything for you in the prison so Andy asks for several things with a little pick axe being one of the things. Soon the staff at the jail began to see Andy’s intelligence (he was a banker before). Andy begins to help the officers with their finance, charity and insurance. He creates a network of dealing with illegal money for the Jailer.  But who knew he was creating a nobody from all that work and once he escaped, he would use that nobody to start a new life.

As I said, this movie is a classic and is flawless. It is violent at parts and emotional at others. Especially the scene where old Brooks goes away. I felt like crying and crying because it is superbly shot. The ending was great and satisfying. Morgan Freeman played Red very well.


Notice how I watched Gone Girl and The Shawshank Redemption back to back and notice how there is one theme in common. Both characters in the film take their time escaping from the current situation creating a nobody. It’s just a negative character in Gone Girl and positive in The Shawshank Redemption.

804) Detective Comics #37: Anarky Part 1

Someone has out explosives in the Wayne tower and it is about to blow up. They must evacuate the building but the doors are locked. Batman has Plan B though. Find out in the next issue.

Movie: Gone Girl


Seriously can a movie be more fucked up than this? When I meant fucked up, I meant it in a good, sick and twisting way. This had me on the edge of my bed all the time. First half was just the suspense building and second half was just gripping and last 20 mins were just mental. No wonder it got like 8.5 out of 10 by the film critics.

A wife is gone missing and the husband comes home to find her gone. He calls the detectives and they start investigating. Things turn out that the murder of the woman is caused by the husband. The husband, meanwhile can’t take the pressure the people and media are putting on him. Ben Afflick plays him and he is seriously stressed out.

But the second half, things turn out to be seriously opposite. It seems the wife had framed the murder of her husband and escaped successfully.

The dialogue was written superbly and the thrill was most definitely there. The music was bang on and add to the horror of the situation. Especially the lake house scene. I would never forget that scene in my whole life. Plus the ending was really gripping. I’m not disappointed in the ending. They managed to end it really good. I really liked this movie and would watch it again.


803) Batgirl #37: Double Exposure

Batgirl is one of the comics I enjoy reading. It is full of colours and characters. Someone is imposing as Batgirl and Babs must find out. The imposer exhibits a series of art shows to show Batgirl but Babs exposed the guy. Looks like someone is pulling strings from the top. I liked this issue.


802) Aquaman #36

Arthur finds his mother’s grave empty and he questions the guy who was with his mother at last time. He tells his story and this alien guy called Jon captures the story then Arthur and Jon get inside the memory and find out further what happened.

Back here, They open a door with a special key and Jon goes crazy. Eventually Arthur had to fight him. When he came back to normal state, he got some knowledge. Some hidden map of a city.


801) Action Comics #37: Small Villians

Superman is unconscious because of trying to get out of the mist but failing a thousand times. They see a strange kind of calmness in the people. Hiro, on the other hand tries to teleport himself in the mist and he pulls a huge monster in with him. Lemme tell you, it is pretty huge. Loved reading this. 3.5 out of 5.

800) Swamp Thing #37: Upgrades

This storyline is pretty interesting. The machines want to rule the world and they just raised an Avatar. Now she is gathering the army. She goes for Arcane as the commander.

On the other hand, Constantine comes to Alec to inform him about what the machines are planning. Alec asks for help but Constantine says no.

799) Supergirl #37: Crucible Part 2

A lot of things are happening in this issue. As you know, Kara is transported to a different galaxy altogether and it is called Crucible where she will get education about everything. They go through tests and everything.

The planets are having a civil war or something and a monkey guy called Tsavo (who is in Kara’s team) gets a call from his own planet that his mother and father have been hurt. So they travel there to find his mother dying and his evil brother is keeping his father hostage.