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790) Sex Criminals #2: Come, World

Posted on: February 16, 2015

790) Sex Criminals #2: Come, World

It is actually cumworld as Jon calls it. Oh my god, Fraction is the king. I love the flow of his writing and how the dialogue flow like clear stream of water from one panel to another.

This 4 out of 5 issue was about Jon. He explains how he discovered cumworld for the first time and how he used to rob banks and go in the sex shop to get all the porn (obviously time was still so why would he want to rob a bank.)

There are some glimpses of other people in The Quiet too and those panels must be from future. It is a unique and superbly written story. Lemme tell you, if it wasn’t for the writing, it would be dead. The art is fine too. Feels like kind Pulp Fiction kinda art. Lovely, though.

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