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Movie: Justice League Throne To Atlantis

Posted on: February 28, 2015

Movie: Justice League Throne To Atlantis


The latest installment from DC comics. This is an animated movie with a running time of roughly 75 minutes. A straight forward movie with no plot twists or anything.

Basically Arthur is a loner who doesn’t understand himself and the latest trauma he was hit was the death of his dad and oh yes, he talks to fish and another oh yes, he is blonde (as he’s suppose to be unlike the new guy for the JL movie). Yes he’s Aquaman but that term is used till the very last of the movie.

Arthur’s half brother takes the trident and marches his army on the surface. Now it is upto Justice League to stop him.

It is a nice but dark and gloomy picture. Most of it is under the water with a contrast of blue and gloomy green. The humour is just alright. Nothing new there. The romance between wonder woman and Superman is amazing as always (I’m a big fan). Batman is an ass and he actually does something. People say he’s useless but at a couple of spots, he’s shown to be more intelligent than Superman and Cyborg. Overall. It’s an OK movie.



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