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823) The Superior Spider-Man #11: No Escape Part 1: A Lock For Every Key

I’m back with The Superior Spider-Man. I really liked this series. Really love the Otto-Peter relationship. But now Otto has erased all of Peter’s memories. So now no more Peter Parker.
Otto as Peter Parker is after this guy called Smythe on the order of the mayor. Smythe tries to escape from the raft but Spiderman has all of the escape routes covered. He is really amazing. Well is amazing the right word here? We wish Peter Parker was this clever but for every good quality you have a bad quality too. Does that even make sense logically?

Anyways, good issue.

822) Batman #38: End Game Part 4

Batman is desperate trying to find the cure to the virus but along the way he finds other disturbing secrets. He finds the scientist who helped Joker build the virus. He talks some weird shit about history and about Joker being there forever. So Batman is forced to go to the Court of Owls. Interesting.


821) New X-Men #27: Crusade Part 4 of 4

The final chapter of this Stryker saga. Stryker enters the mansion but the students kills his guards and finally Foley takes Stryker down causing his own skin to go black and blue in colour.

820) New X-Men #26: Crusade Part 3 of 4

Stryker has trapped Soorya aka Dust so he could shoot her and he does but I think there is a twist here. Now he is attacking the Sentinels at the mansion. The showdown is here in the next issue. I liked reading this issue. Very good but I think they are killing characters just for the sake of it. We’ll see.

819) New X-Men #25: Crusade Part 2 of 4

Most of the issue we saw the team fighting Peter as Colossus in the training room. On the other hand, Stryker manages to kill another of the main characters. I’m quite shocked at that actually. She was a good character.

818) New X-Men #24: Crusade Part 1 of 4

The whole school is sad and in an emotional trauma because of the school bus bomb. Two dozen kids have died and some blame Emma Frost for it. The kids handle the emotions while Stryker plans on another attack.

817) Action Comics #38: Home Is Where The Hell Is

Superman and co are still trapped in the mist and now the monsters are targeting his personal life bringing his dead zombie parents back. Lana has got the disease too. They have this monster thing on their which feeds on fear and some kids cannot control that so it makes them a monster too with huge tentacles.

816) Batman The Killing Joke

The best Joker story ever told by the acclaimed writer Alan Moore in the 80s. Every Batman fan should read this fast paced 60 page long graphic novel. It tells you a bit about the origin of the Joker and how he shoots Barbara (the daughter of Gordon) and then takes her naked snaps and he makes Gordon go through hell. Eventually Batman catches up with him and they have a fight and the novel ends up with a surprised disturbing ending. Loved the ending very much.

8/10. If you like Joker then read this. The art is a bit 80s but it’s alright. As a kid I’ve grown up watching the Batman serial so it’s kinda similar.

815) Catwoman #36

A lot of politics and psychological games are going on and Selina Kyle is dealing with all the mess. Some sacrifices has to be make to survive and she does exactly that. Not a promising issue but still I like the theme of this arc.


814) The Flash #36

The real Barry is trapped in a Nexus. It’s like the past and the future all in one. The blue Barry takes the Flash’s place and he has a rather direct approach in fighting the criminals. He kills them.