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866) X-Factor #9: Trust Issues

Layla says that Jamie will marry her one day. Jamie’s dupes are getting more out of control now. At the end of the issue, the X-Men have a little talk with X-Factor about the keeping of Quicksilver. After bitter words, Cyclops announces that they can keep Pietro and they won’t help if anything happens.

These two issues were Civil War tie ins. I haven’t read Civil war yet. I’m going to read the main Civil War series soon.

865) X-Factor #8: Collision Course

Siryn is investigating if anyone knows about the Decimation and how the M Day started. Spider man doesn’t know so they are still progressless. But they are coming close as Quicksilver visits Layla Miller and they talk it out.

864) X-Factor #7: Two Meetings, One In Person, One Not

Jamie Madrox has a meeting with Damian Tryp Senior of Singularity Investigations. Damian tries to buy Jamie which he refuses so the meeting didn’t go well.

Cyclops breaks news to Siryn that his father, Banshee, is dead in a battle. She is in denial. Sean leaves a tape recording that the castle and everything he owned is hers now.

863) X-Men #187: The Future (The Blood Of Apocalypse: Epilogue)

Polaris is getting better but Remy and Sunfire come to get her and they take her away to their place. As they struggle to cope with their identities, a new guy steps forward and he says that he needs then. Who’s this new guy? I have no idea.

862) X-Men #186: The Battle Of The East River (The Blood Of Apocalypse 5 of 5)

Two Sentinels from ONE come to fight with Apocalypse’s sphinx and in the end Apocalypse jumps through this machine which suppose to kill him but he survives and a God like voice speaks to him and tells him that they still have a use for him.

861) X-Men #185: Love And Death (The Blood Of Apocalypse 4 of 5)

The X-Men and Gambit as Death fight and the antidote is all broken with blood everywhere. This forces Apocalypse to retreat. Ozy goes into hiding and Apocalypse has a new horseman whose name is Polaris. Wow.

860) X-Men #184: War… What Is It Good For? (The Blood Of Apocalypse 3 of 5)

Ozymandias who is Apocalypse’s advisor is kinda traiting on him but Apoc knows this. Ozy goes to X-Men and invites them in the sphinx to destroy Apoc. When they do, then Apocalypse brings forth him next horseman. Death aka Gambit.

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