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847) Naruto Manga Volume 14: Hokage vs Hokage (Chapters 118-126)

Posted on: April 26, 2015

847) Naruto Manga Volume 14: Hokage vs Hokage (Chapters 118-126)

118. “Detainment…!!” (足止め…!!”Ashidome…!!”?)
Kakashi’s dog, Naruto, Sakura and Shikamaru are going after Sasuke while there are ninjas behind them. Shikamaru tells the group to go ahead while he delays the ninjas by creating a diversion.

119. “The Life I Wanted…!!” (オレの人生…!!”Ore no jinsei…!!”?)
Shikamaru is surrounded by the enemy ninjas and the shadow is shortened so it is no use. He is about to be attacked when Asuma, the jounin teacher comes to the rescue and defeats the ninjas. Woo.

120. “Hokage vs. Hokage!!” (火影VS火影!!?)
Orochimaru and Hokage are fighting with each other exchanging some high level jutsus. Very advanced and I like reading them. Then Hokage goes like ‘Ima take this to the Shinobi level, bitch!’

121. “The Terrible Experiment…!!” (恐るべき実験…!! “Osorubeki jikken…!!”?)
Orochimaru finally spills out his plans and comes out of his shell. He is planning on casting an Immortality spell and he wants Sasuke’s body for possession.

122. “The Bestowed Will!!” (受け継がれてゆく意志!! “Uketsugarete yuku ishi!!”?)
The theme has gone a bit dark as Hokage and Orochimaru discuss in the purple box on top of the tower. Hokage wants to fight him and he goes in for one more shot.

123. “The Final Seal” (最後の封印 “Saigo no fūin”?)
Both are equally good but I think the Hokage has an advantage here and he delivers it.

124. “The Eternal Battle…!!” (永遠なる闘い…!! “Eien naru tatakai…!!”?)
The fight goes on as Jiraiya steps in with his frog form. Meanwhile Shino is talking to sasuke about some female fragrance or something.

125. “The Time of Awakening…!!” (目覚めの時…!! “Mezame no toki…!!”?)
Gaara is facing Sasuke and he is breaking out of his shell. Gaara is going to show his real face.

126. “Off Guard…!!” (油断…!! “Yudan…!!”?)
Kankuro and Shino fight and it is a good one. Hokage and Orochimaru fight and looks like Hokage is going down. Shino is on the top of the fight. I like Shino.

Volume 14 finishes here. 

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