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895) Naruto Manga Volume 15: Naruto’s Ninja Handbook (Chapters 127-135)

Posted on: July 18, 2015

895) Naruto Manga Volume 15: Naruto’s Ninja Handbook (Chapters 127-135) (18/07/15)

127. “To Feel Alive…!!” (生の実感…!!) “Sei no jikkan…!!”?)
Sasuke and Gaara still talk and talk about loneliness and shit and finally Gaara convinces Sasuke to fight him and there we go.

128. “Exceeding One’s Limits…!!” (限界を超えて…!! “Genkai o koete…!!”?)
Gaara is constantly changing shapes and confusing Sasuke and Sasuke has no option but to use the Chidori. You can only use Chidori once a day. But even that Gaara deflects that. But then Naruto comes to rescue but there is one problem. The curse on Sasuke has been activated.

129. “To Hurt…!!!” (痛み…!! “Itami…!!”?)
We get to see the back story of Gaara. How he was a kid and all the kids would run away from him because he was too powerful or something and then he would force them to be with him saying he didn’t wanna be alone. He attacks Sakura who was holding Sasuke. Naruto is there and he is stuck. He doesn’t know what to do.

130. “Love…!!” (愛情…!! “Aijō…!!”?)
Yashamaru (who is Gaara’s caretaker) teaches Gaara that love is the only thing that pushes hatred away. Gaara tries to take some medicine for the guy he beat earlier but they all see him as a monster. His natural instinct is to attack. And he attacks Yashamaru.

131. “The Name Gaara…!!” (我愛羅という名…!! “Gaara to iu na…!!”?)
Yashamaru is dying and he reveals something which will change Gaara’s life. He told him that he was sent to kill him by his father. He also said that most part of it was from his own personal side. He secretly hated him for what he did to his sister (Gaara’s mother, she died giving birth to him). He told Gaara that his mother resented him and she put a sand curse on him that he would live eternal in hatred. This is the Gaara Naruto is seeing before him who has captured Sakura against the tree.

132. “The Two… Darkness and Light” (二人…闇と光 “Futari… Yami to hikari”?)
Naruto finds some kind of resemblance between him and Gaara. He remembered his time when all the village used to hate him for having the nine tailed fox in him and destroying the village until some of his teachers took him in and showed some affection. He figured it was the same for Gaara. He needed some attention and friends. But Gaara is transformed into this huge sand monster and Naruto is determined to beat him.

133. “Those Who Are Strong…!!” (強き者…!!”Tsuyokimono…!!”?)
Naruto strikes on Gaara using his clones and taijutsu blows. He manages to strike buying some time. Sasuke tells Naruto to get Sakura and run away. He is gonna hold Gaara as long as he can. But Naruto has other plans. This kind of motivates him and he goes into full power. Clones everywhere man.

134. “Naruto’s Ninja Handbook!” (ナルト忍法帖!! “Naruto ninpōchō!!”?)
Gaara goes into his final form when Naruto began his clone attack. This shocked everybody, the final form of Gaara. But a huge frog jumps out and vows to defeat Gaara. Naruto summoned him or something. A funny chapter but good.

135. “The Gale-Like Battle…!!” (嵐の如き戦い!! “Arashi no gotoki tatakai!!”?)
The frog wants something with claws so it can rip Gaara apart when he does the sleep move. The frog is on par with Gaara and a huge fox comes out into attack too.

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