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897) Naruto Manga Volume 17: Itatchi’s Power (Chapters 145-153)

Posted on: July 21, 2015

897) Naruto Manga Volume 17: Itatchi’s Power (Chapters 145-153) (21/07/15)

145. “Memories of Despair” (絶望の記憶”Zetsubō no kioku”?)
Intersting start of this new Volume. Itachi is right in front of Naruto whole Sasuke is nearby looking for Naruto. This chapter mainly has a flashback of Itachi and Sasuke as brothers when they were young. Sasuke wanted Itachi to teach him stuff but he wouldn’t bother. Then one day Sasuke finds Itachi over the dead bodies of his parents. Could Itachi have killed his own parents? Finally, in the present, Sasuke finds Itachi and they both come face to face.

146. “Along with Hatred…!!” (憎悪とともに…!!”Zōo to tomo ni…!!”?)
Sasuke is determined to kill Itachi. He has lived his life only for this. Naruto charges up his chakra and Jiraya comes in to rescue them.

147. “It’s My Fight!!” (オレの戦い!! “Ore no tatakai!!”?)
Jiraya takes them all in his big toad mouth as Itachi was about to hurt Sasuke.

148. “Itachi’s Power!!” (イタチの能力!! “Itachi no chikara!!?)
Itachi did some damage to Kakashi before and now to Sasuke. He did some mental damage. Jiraya speaks to Gai about getting him to the hospital. Jiraya then goes to find Tsunade and she appears as a princess elsewhere.

149. “The Legendary…!!” (伝説の…!!”Densetsu no…!!”?)
It seems Tsunade is as old as Jiraya but she can change appearance. She loves to gamble. Naruto and Jiraya continue to find her.

150. “Training Begins…?!” (修行開始…!?”Shūgyō kaishi…!?”?)
Naruto’s training begins after a series of comics. Really not a fan of the comedy.

151. “The Hook…!!” (きっかけ…!!”Kikkake…!!”?)
Jiraya starts to teach him how to use the Chakra for Ninjitsus.

152. “The Second State” (第二段階 “Daini dankai”?)
Naruto learns the second step: How to deflate a ball using chakra and he has managed it well under Jiraya’s teaching.

153. “The Searchers!!” (捜索者たち!!”Sōsakusha-tachi”?)
Orochimaru who is in pain from his battle with Hokage, is after Tsunade too for a cure for his arms. He finds out her whereabouts and locates her. Naruto is still undergoing the training from Jiraya, the pervert senin.

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