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898) Naruto Manga Volume 18: Tsunade’s Choice

Posted on: July 22, 2015

898) Naruto Manga Volume 18: Tsunade’s Choice (Chapters 154-162) (22/07/15)

154. “Convergence…!!” (到達…!!”Tōtatsu…!!”?)
Naruto remembers the lesson he was taught as a kid regarding concentration. The leaf on the forehead method. And Orochimaru finally finds Tsunade.

155. “The Third State” (第三段階 “Daisan dankai”?)
Naruto practices the third stage while Orochimaru wants Tsunade to cure him but it looks like they have a bit of history.

156. “The Offer” (取り引き “Torihiki”?)
Orochimaru strikes a deal with Tsunade that if she would revive his arms then he would bring her loved ones back using the forbidden seal. This gets Tsunade thinking.

157. “Tsunade’s Answer…?!” (答えは…!?”Kotae wa…!?”?)
Orochimaru wants to destroy the leaf village but he wants Tsunade to revive his arms. Then Jiraiya meets with Tsunade (he finds her in a pub drinking) and offers her the job for the 5th Hokage. So Tsunade is torn between the decisions.

158. “No Forgiveness…!!” (許さねぇ…!!”Yurusane…!!”?)
Tsunade says no to become a hokage which Naruto takes it seriously. They take the fight outside of the bar and Tsunade sees a glimpse of her brother in Naruto.

159. “The Wager…!!” (賭け…!! “Kake…!!”?)
Naruto attacks Tsunade using his training which she deflects but is also impressed by his jutsu. She still sees her brother in him so he wagers him to learn a specific jutsu in a week and then come back. Jiraiya and Tsunade have a talk over drinks.

160. “The Necklace of Death…!!” (死の首飾り…!! “Shi no kubikazari…!!”?)
A chapter showing flashbacks of Tsunade and how she lost loved ones.

161. “Tsunade’s Choice!!” (綱手の決意!!”Tsunade no ketsui”?)
Damn Tsunade. Naruto has one week to prove himself and he does his best. Orochimaru also gave Tsunade one week. Now one week is over and Jiraiya visits Tsunade in the bar and receives a drink. The ending of this chapter is one of the best I’ve seen yet.

162. “A Vulnerable Heart…!!” (抗えぬ心…!!”Aragaenu kokoro…!!”?)
Tsunade’s answer is yes to Orochimaru in exchange he leaves the village alone. This is getting interesting. I know for a fact not to believe in Orochimaru. The guy looks like a terror.

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