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899) Naruto Manga Volume 19: Successor (Chapters 163-171)

Posted on: July 23, 2015

899) Naruto Manga Volume 19: Successor (Chapters 163-171) (23/07/15)

163. “Undecayed…!!” (朽ちぬもの…!!”Kuchinumono…!!”?)
Tsunade sees her brother in Naruto and the sheer will to become a Hokage one day so she cancels the deal with Orochimaru and let the fight begin.

164. “Medical Specialists!!” (医療忍者!!”Supesharisuto!!”?)
It’s Kabuto vs Tsunade. Both are medical ninjas and both have unique ways of fighting. It’s quite interesting. I liked the fight. Kabuto hit her respiratory system and Tsunade damaged his nervous system.

165. “Naruto Attacks!!” (ナルト、突撃っ!!”Naruto, totsugeki!!”?)
Naruto only has one move he does over and over again and that’s Kage Bunshin (the clone one). I love how Tsunade’s pig gets a cameo too here and there lol now finally it’s Jiraiya vs Orochimaru. Snake vs frog.

166. “Shinobi Skills…!!” (忍の才能…!! “Shinobi no sainō…!!”?)
Naruto never gives up. That’s why Jiraiya is teaching him. To be honest I find Naruto a bit annoying.

167. “As Promised…!!” (約束通り…!!”Yakusoku dōri…!!”?)
As promised Naruto begins to shine and delivers a really hard technique and nearly destroys Kabuto. Well, about to destroy. That’s what we’re gonna find out in the next chapter.

168. “Once More” (もう一度だけ “Mō ichido dake”?)
Oh poor Tsunade. That’s all I have to say. It’s emotional.

169. “Risking Everything…!!” (命を懸ける…!!”Inochi o kakeru…!!”?)
Tsunade survives the attack going into the 5th Hokage mode and now all of the Three Legendary Ninjas are going to battle it out. The Frog, the Snake and the Slug.

170. “Deadlock!!!” (三竦みの攻防!!”Sansukumi no kōbō!!”?)
The Three start the fight and Tsunade manages to deliver a good punch in Orochimaru’s face.

171. “Successor” (受け継ぐ者”Uketsugumono”?)
Orochimaru retreats and Tsunade announces that she will return to the village as the 5th Hokage.

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