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900) Naruto Manga Volume 20: Naruto vs Sasuke (Chapters 172-180)

Posted on: July 24, 2015

900) Naruto Manga Volume 20: Naruto vs Sasuke (Chapters 172-180) (24/07/15)

172. “The Return” (帰郷 “Kikyō”?)
Naruto and Tsunade return home and we see old faces like Neji, Hinata, Lee and Shikamaru. Everything is fine in the village and now Tsunade will take on the role of the 5th Hokage. And oh yeah, Shikamaru is a Chunin now.

173. “Anguish” (苦悩する者たち”Kunōsurumono-tachi”?)
Naruto shows off by telling how he used his new moves while Sasuke feels a bit jealous (?) when Naruto saves Sakura and not him from Gaara. In other place, the sound Ninja’s are preparing to invade the leaf village under the eye of Orochimaru.

174. “Feelings…!” (想い、それぞれ…! “Omoi, sorezore…!”?)
Sasuke feels inferior to Naruto so that pushes him to offer Naruto a fight so up next it’s Naruto vs Sasuke.

175. “Naruto vs. Sasuke!!” (ナルトvsサスケ!!?)
Both boys imagine thier moves, what they gonna do and all that. They go on the roof and prepare to fight. Sasuke claims that Naruto is too full of himself.

176. “Rivals” (ライバルというもの “Raibaru to iu mono”?)
Kakashi comes in to stop both of them. Sasuke is kind of out of character. Kakashi thinks Itachi has done something to him. The sound ninjas are here.

177. “The Sound Ninja Four” (音の四人衆”Oto no yoninshū”?)
The Sound Ninjas are after Sasuke because Orochimaru wants him.

178. “Invitation…!!” (音の誘い…!! “Oto no izanai…!!”?)
The sound Ninjas invite Sasuke to Orochimaru. They said that Orochimaru will give him the strength he is looking for.

179. “Never Forget…!!” (忘れるな…!!”Wasureruna…!!”?)
Sasuke comes at the ninjas with his cursed seal on but only to discover they too possess this cursed seal further indicating Orochimaru’s guidance. On the other hand Lee is having depressing thoughts about his injury and how he is not going to be a ninja forever.

180. “A Promise!!” (約束だ!! “Yakusoku da!!”?)
The whole chapter is devoted to Lee and Gai Sensei. Gai tells Lee to take the surgery and be strong in life. Lee has flashbacks and learns a lot of lessons from Gai.

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