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Purple is the colour. I used to like purple. Still do. I think it’s a great colour. This TV show doesn’t have any humour in it whatsoever. It is serious, grim and dark full of drinking and swearing (actually not swearing but let me tell you, the comics have the f word in almost every bubble).

Jessica is an ex superhero troubled by her past demons. The demons being a mind controller called Kilgrave who used Jessica’s body for every dirty desire of his. Basically this show is Jessica vs Kilgrave.

It is shown on Netflix from Marvel. Same as Daredevil. But there is a huge difference. I liked this show (but not as much as Daredevil. I loved Daredevil). I’ll be honest, the only good thing in this show is David Tennant who plays Kilgrave. He does such a good job. You know in the show whenever someone tells him that he was violent or he murdered people or he raped them. He always declines and it makes you as viewer think well maybe he is telling the truth. And there’s one instance where he says he loves Jessica from his heart and you start to believe him knowing that he is a psychopath. That’s how good and manipulative David Tennant plays Kilgrave.

The girl who plays Jessica does a good job too of being a grumpy girl. She never smiles through the series. She is extremely rude and very like the Jessica from comics. Except for the swearing and smoking. Those two are a must for Jessica. I wish they would include her saying fucking in every sentence and smoking ciggys all around. That would be amazing.

The sex scenes were bad except one. The fight scenes were rubbish all the way through. There wasn’t any thrill involved. They was mystery though which kept you going watching all the episodes. Daredevil was like a mini cinematic movie in every episode. This show just feels so bland compare to that.

But the last scene was superb. I really loved how the ending all turned out to be. Anyway, I don’t think this is worth a re watch but still good.