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I bought some new lights.

First off is RSP Asteri 3.


3 watt rechargable. Quite reputable I believe. Read some very good reviews. I just recharged it and it looks pretty heavy and bulky in my hands. Looks like a piece of metal. I think my Night Rider 600 is better looking than this.image

Next up are two Blackburn Flea 2.0 USB. These are really small but they do the job. Mainly use it for the flashing mode. They do look sleek and stylish


You could get them from 20 pounds and RSP from around 45.




Posted on: April 26, 2012

It was morning about 10 am when I woke up. The first thing I see is the weather out of the window if it is cycling compatible. Today was different. It was cloudy with wind and a little spit of rain. The thought of not cycling never came in my mind. A sense of adventure came in as a thought and it grew. I thought lets go and have an adventure. So I got my helmet, put my jacket on and my gloves and got my bike out.


This was not my daily run or going-to-work thing. This was pure adventure. The sheer love to cycle no matter what conditions. I’ve seen people cycling in a storm. Battering rain and wind and dark and they are cycling away. I’ve seen it in the snow. they just don’t care because its love and adventure. So I took off from my home and headed toward the country lane. The rain wasn’t there but the wind is. Sometimes it is difficult to decide which I dislike most. The rain or the wind. After some thinking I would say wind because it has some effect on the cycling. So the wind was there but it was not a lot.


The road was newly built and wet from the rain last night. But it was awesome to ride on. I headed west between farms and I saw sheep. Sheep are amazing and baby sheep are ultra amazing. They stare at you, this innocent stare which I absolutely adore. And they keep staring. They are so adorable but my evil side took my good mushy side over and I rang the bell, drrrriiiinnnnggggg, and they ran off. I smiled a little and crossed the bridge heading west.


I could see the cream coloured castle up ahead on a hill. I just had to turn right and a bit downhill then uphill. It was a moderate hill, farm on the right and some trees followed by a house then the castle when you conquer the hill. Halfway up the hill, I was in the saddle but it got hard so i came out of the saddle but kept pushing. There I saw a figure coming toward me. I could not see it first because it was far away but then I realize that it was an old man. An old man pushing a sack barrow with something on it (a mini fridge or something?). He had an orange red jacket on with white messy hair and the first thing which came to my mind was: a zombie. He was coming toward me slowly but on the other side of the road. A serious face but when we came closer about to cross each other, he saw me pedaling up the hill, panting and he mimicked my panting and smiling. I relaxed a little because that stretch of a road with the eerie and haunted looking castle always gives me uncomfortable spooks. So it was a relief.


At the end of my 8 mile adventure it started raining and I took it as a blessing as I love rain. I knew I was reaching home and my adventure was going to end and so it did. When I think about my cycle runs, this one stands out and it feels like it was yesterday. Wait, as a matter of fact it was yesterday, Wednesday 25th of April, 2012.


I just checked Twitter and found an appropriate quote by RGV (Ram Gopal Varma Bollywood film director). ‘Adventure could be dangerous but routine could bore you to death.’

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