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718) Batman Eternal #27: Divided

Batman is working with Catwoman to track down the illegal trafficking happening in the train tunnels and they just know who is behind all this. Meanwhile Batgirl is out on her own revenge.
It’s a nice little read but I don’t know much of the characters in Batman especially the Villians. Who is the skull man and flamingo?

No no no. I wasn’t stressed today. In fact it was my birthday today. And I really enjoyed it.

The word stress kept popping up today so I thought it would be quite good to have that as my title for today’s Dear Diary entry. First of all my wife bought me a Nivea deodorant spray which had written on it stress free. I was like thanks. I’m never stressed anyway.

Secondly I watched the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons and the episode was based on stress too. There was a third one which I forgot.

Well my birthday went good. All the family wished, mostly on Facebook. You know how it works. My wife also bought me a purple t shirt which I wore today. All I needed was a purple face and I would be Thanos Rising.

Did my work and came home to have my brother (18 yr old btw) yelling at me excitedly that we should go on a bike ride so I took him on a bike ride which was fun. It is not that much cold, although in the morning it was windy.

Reading/watching wise I have so much on my plate right now. I have Batman comics to read, The Wheel of Time to read, Game of Thrones to watch. So much to do. Ugh… Oh no I am still not stressed. I’ll find my way around it. Ciao 😉