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946) Batman #40: End Game Part 6

I don’t know if it is the finale of this story arc but Batman goes underground to find the chemical and Joker is there so they have a fight and the cave collapses. Batman sends the stuff up to cure the town but in the end he is resting under the cave. Batman is dead.


922) Batgirl #40: Ghost In The Cowl

I had the choice to read between Batgirl and Gotham By Midnight and my daughter picked Batgirl.

Batgirl fights with her own computerised Algorithm which causes the satellite to nuke Burnside but Frankie did some work on the computer and destroys the corrupt Batgirl. Dinah meanwhile helps with Batgirl and her own series are going to start.


921) Gotham By Midnight #4: We Fight what We Become

Corrigan captures the black monster and he loses it becoming a huge God like electric monster thingy. The black monster rises above the city and both monsters are set to fight. Evil vs good.

920) Gotham Academy #6: Pizza Club

Croc was best friends with Olive’s mother so that’s why he saved her. They escape through the tunnels from Batman. Master Damian Wayne steals the diary of Olive’s mother and joins Gotham Academy.

919) Gotham Academy #5

Olive finally finds a lizard man under the tunnels who is an escapee from Arkham. The whole team then helps to find the guy and they become friends when Batman comes in at the end.

916) Green Arrow #40: Kingdom Chapter 6

The team raid the King’s building but King had Mia kidnapped and he asks Green Arrow to come where he is. He goes there and they have a fight. After a dramatic fight, Green Arrow ends up beating King and putting him in the prison. Nice conclusion to this story arc.

915) Green Arrow #39: Kingdom Chapter 5

Felicity gets kidnapped and imprisoned and Oliver rescues her in under two minutes. Now Batman and his friends have teamed up with Green Arrow.

The art is kind of childish and blocky. Could’ve been better. Good story. Nobody looks like from the show. That’s what I mean. Felicity looks like an old hag in these issue. They need a good fucking artist.

914) Superman #39

Clark doesn’t have powers so for a day he is human. A hostage situation appears and he dons the supe suit and confronts the guy. He could’ve shot him but he didn’t. In the evening, he regains his powers. Something mysterious is surely happening.


912) Suiciders #1

Brilliant start to this new Vertigo series from DC. Los Angeles is shattered and the plastic surgery is on the high. There is a division among people and everything is tensed. This is like a post apocalyptic plus Bloodsport mixed up. Nice one. 4 outta 5.

911) Justice League #39: Amazo Virus Part 4 of 4

The cure was in Superman’s frozen breath of something. Nice start and build up to the arc but shit ending. Could be better. But I’m happy to see Green Lantern back at the end of this issue. Surprise surprise.