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900) Naruto Manga Volume 20: Naruto vs Sasuke (Chapters 172-180) (24/07/15)

172. “The Return” (帰郷 “Kikyō”?)
Naruto and Tsunade return home and we see old faces like Neji, Hinata, Lee and Shikamaru. Everything is fine in the village and now Tsunade will take on the role of the 5th Hokage. And oh yeah, Shikamaru is a Chunin now.

173. “Anguish” (苦悩する者たち”Kunōsurumono-tachi”?)
Naruto shows off by telling how he used his new moves while Sasuke feels a bit jealous (?) when Naruto saves Sakura and not him from Gaara. In other place, the sound Ninja’s are preparing to invade the leaf village under the eye of Orochimaru.

174. “Feelings…!” (想い、それぞれ…! “Omoi, sorezore…!”?)
Sasuke feels inferior to Naruto so that pushes him to offer Naruto a fight so up next it’s Naruto vs Sasuke.

175. “Naruto vs. Sasuke!!” (ナルトvsサスケ!!?)
Both boys imagine thier moves, what they gonna do and all that. They go on the roof and prepare to fight. Sasuke claims that Naruto is too full of himself.

176. “Rivals” (ライバルというもの “Raibaru to iu mono”?)
Kakashi comes in to stop both of them. Sasuke is kind of out of character. Kakashi thinks Itachi has done something to him. The sound ninjas are here.

177. “The Sound Ninja Four” (音の四人衆”Oto no yoninshū”?)
The Sound Ninjas are after Sasuke because Orochimaru wants him.

178. “Invitation…!!” (音の誘い…!! “Oto no izanai…!!”?)
The sound Ninjas invite Sasuke to Orochimaru. They said that Orochimaru will give him the strength he is looking for.

179. “Never Forget…!!” (忘れるな…!!”Wasureruna…!!”?)
Sasuke comes at the ninjas with his cursed seal on but only to discover they too possess this cursed seal further indicating Orochimaru’s guidance. On the other hand Lee is having depressing thoughts about his injury and how he is not going to be a ninja forever.

180. “A Promise!!” (約束だ!! “Yakusoku da!!”?)
The whole chapter is devoted to Lee and Gai Sensei. Gai tells Lee to take the surgery and be strong in life. Lee has flashbacks and learns a lot of lessons from Gai.

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899) Naruto Manga Volume 19: Successor (Chapters 163-171) (23/07/15)

163. “Undecayed…!!” (朽ちぬもの…!!”Kuchinumono…!!”?)
Tsunade sees her brother in Naruto and the sheer will to become a Hokage one day so she cancels the deal with Orochimaru and let the fight begin.

164. “Medical Specialists!!” (医療忍者!!”Supesharisuto!!”?)
It’s Kabuto vs Tsunade. Both are medical ninjas and both have unique ways of fighting. It’s quite interesting. I liked the fight. Kabuto hit her respiratory system and Tsunade damaged his nervous system.

165. “Naruto Attacks!!” (ナルト、突撃っ!!”Naruto, totsugeki!!”?)
Naruto only has one move he does over and over again and that’s Kage Bunshin (the clone one). I love how Tsunade’s pig gets a cameo too here and there lol now finally it’s Jiraiya vs Orochimaru. Snake vs frog.

166. “Shinobi Skills…!!” (忍の才能…!! “Shinobi no sainō…!!”?)
Naruto never gives up. That’s why Jiraiya is teaching him. To be honest I find Naruto a bit annoying.

167. “As Promised…!!” (約束通り…!!”Yakusoku dōri…!!”?)
As promised Naruto begins to shine and delivers a really hard technique and nearly destroys Kabuto. Well, about to destroy. That’s what we’re gonna find out in the next chapter.

168. “Once More” (もう一度だけ “Mō ichido dake”?)
Oh poor Tsunade. That’s all I have to say. It’s emotional.

169. “Risking Everything…!!” (命を懸ける…!!”Inochi o kakeru…!!”?)
Tsunade survives the attack going into the 5th Hokage mode and now all of the Three Legendary Ninjas are going to battle it out. The Frog, the Snake and the Slug.

170. “Deadlock!!!” (三竦みの攻防!!”Sansukumi no kōbō!!”?)
The Three start the fight and Tsunade manages to deliver a good punch in Orochimaru’s face.

171. “Successor” (受け継ぐ者”Uketsugumono”?)
Orochimaru retreats and Tsunade announces that she will return to the village as the 5th Hokage.

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898) Naruto Manga Volume 18: Tsunade’s Choice (Chapters 154-162) (22/07/15)

154. “Convergence…!!” (到達…!!”Tōtatsu…!!”?)
Naruto remembers the lesson he was taught as a kid regarding concentration. The leaf on the forehead method. And Orochimaru finally finds Tsunade.

155. “The Third State” (第三段階 “Daisan dankai”?)
Naruto practices the third stage while Orochimaru wants Tsunade to cure him but it looks like they have a bit of history.

156. “The Offer” (取り引き “Torihiki”?)
Orochimaru strikes a deal with Tsunade that if she would revive his arms then he would bring her loved ones back using the forbidden seal. This gets Tsunade thinking.

157. “Tsunade’s Answer…?!” (答えは…!?”Kotae wa…!?”?)
Orochimaru wants to destroy the leaf village but he wants Tsunade to revive his arms. Then Jiraiya meets with Tsunade (he finds her in a pub drinking) and offers her the job for the 5th Hokage. So Tsunade is torn between the decisions.

158. “No Forgiveness…!!” (許さねぇ…!!”Yurusane…!!”?)
Tsunade says no to become a hokage which Naruto takes it seriously. They take the fight outside of the bar and Tsunade sees a glimpse of her brother in Naruto.

159. “The Wager…!!” (賭け…!! “Kake…!!”?)
Naruto attacks Tsunade using his training which she deflects but is also impressed by his jutsu. She still sees her brother in him so he wagers him to learn a specific jutsu in a week and then come back. Jiraiya and Tsunade have a talk over drinks.

160. “The Necklace of Death…!!” (死の首飾り…!! “Shi no kubikazari…!!”?)
A chapter showing flashbacks of Tsunade and how she lost loved ones.

161. “Tsunade’s Choice!!” (綱手の決意!!”Tsunade no ketsui”?)
Damn Tsunade. Naruto has one week to prove himself and he does his best. Orochimaru also gave Tsunade one week. Now one week is over and Jiraiya visits Tsunade in the bar and receives a drink. The ending of this chapter is one of the best I’ve seen yet.

162. “A Vulnerable Heart…!!” (抗えぬ心…!!”Aragaenu kokoro…!!”?)
Tsunade’s answer is yes to Orochimaru in exchange he leaves the village alone. This is getting interesting. I know for a fact not to believe in Orochimaru. The guy looks like a terror.

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897) Naruto Manga Volume 17: Itatchi’s Power (Chapters 145-153) (21/07/15)

145. “Memories of Despair” (絶望の記憶”Zetsubō no kioku”?)
Intersting start of this new Volume. Itachi is right in front of Naruto whole Sasuke is nearby looking for Naruto. This chapter mainly has a flashback of Itachi and Sasuke as brothers when they were young. Sasuke wanted Itachi to teach him stuff but he wouldn’t bother. Then one day Sasuke finds Itachi over the dead bodies of his parents. Could Itachi have killed his own parents? Finally, in the present, Sasuke finds Itachi and they both come face to face.

146. “Along with Hatred…!!” (憎悪とともに…!!”Zōo to tomo ni…!!”?)
Sasuke is determined to kill Itachi. He has lived his life only for this. Naruto charges up his chakra and Jiraya comes in to rescue them.

147. “It’s My Fight!!” (オレの戦い!! “Ore no tatakai!!”?)
Jiraya takes them all in his big toad mouth as Itachi was about to hurt Sasuke.

148. “Itachi’s Power!!” (イタチの能力!! “Itachi no chikara!!?)
Itachi did some damage to Kakashi before and now to Sasuke. He did some mental damage. Jiraya speaks to Gai about getting him to the hospital. Jiraya then goes to find Tsunade and she appears as a princess elsewhere.

149. “The Legendary…!!” (伝説の…!!”Densetsu no…!!”?)
It seems Tsunade is as old as Jiraya but she can change appearance. She loves to gamble. Naruto and Jiraya continue to find her.

150. “Training Begins…?!” (修行開始…!?”Shūgyō kaishi…!?”?)
Naruto’s training begins after a series of comics. Really not a fan of the comedy.

151. “The Hook…!!” (きっかけ…!!”Kikkake…!!”?)
Jiraya starts to teach him how to use the Chakra for Ninjitsus.

152. “The Second State” (第二段階 “Daini dankai”?)
Naruto learns the second step: How to deflate a ball using chakra and he has managed it well under Jiraya’s teaching.

153. “The Searchers!!” (捜索者たち!!”Sōsakusha-tachi”?)
Orochimaru who is in pain from his battle with Hokage, is after Tsunade too for a cure for his arms. He finds out her whereabouts and locates her. Naruto is still undergoing the training from Jiraya, the pervert senin.

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896) Naruto Manga Volume 16: Eulogy Konoha Kuzushi (Chapters 136-144) (20/07/15)

136. “The Last Blow…!!” (最後の一撃…!!”Saigo no ichigeki…!!”?)
Naruto gathers more chakra even when he was burned out. His fox seal lends him some chakra which he uses to attack Gaara and headbutts him. Meanwhile the fight between Hokage and Orochimaru is ongoing and it is nearing the end when Oro puts a sword through him but Hokage says the end is here. Looks like he has something in store.

137. “The Shinobi of Konoha…!!” (木ノ葉の忍…!! “Konoha no shinobi…!!”?)
Hokage pushes a dagger in Orochimaru’s belly with a third arm and he takes away all his powers and jutsus. During this process the Third Hokage falls. Quite an emotional read.

138. “Operation Destroy Konoha, Terminated!!” (木ノ葉崩し、終結!! “Konoha kuzushi, shūketsu!!”?)
Orochimaru escapes after the Hokage falls. He can’t feel his arms at all so he escapes. Naruto and Gaara and on the floor and Kankuro comes and takes Gaara away.

139. “Eulogy…!!” (その者の名は…!! “Sono mono no na wa…!!”?)
The village attends the funeral of the Third Hokage. Meanwhile two mysterious guys enter the village.

140. “Contact…!!” (接近…!! “Sekkin…!!”?)
The council wants Jiraya to be a temporary Hokage but he refuses and wants Tsunade to be it. So he wants to go and search for Tsunade. And I think he is taking Naruto with him.

141. “Uchiha Itachi!!” (うちはイタチ!!?)
The mysterious guys entering the village are revealed to be Itachi and some other guy. They fight with one of the sensei on the bridge and at the end Kakashi arrives.

142. “Kakashi vs. Itachi” (カカシvsイタチ?)
Itachi reveals his Sharingan eye which Kakashi can only look into with his Sharingan eye. Itachi reveals that he is here for Naruto and now Sasuke.

143. “The Fourth Hokage’s Legacy!!” (四代目の遺産!! “Yondaime no isan!!”?)
Jiraya takes Naruto out while Gai comes to Kakashi’s side to check Itachi out.

144. “The Pursuers” (追跡者 “Tsuisekisha”?)
Sasuke figures out that Itachi is after Naruto so he asks where he went. He got told that Jiraya San took him to a town nearby. He goes there but Itachi is there first.

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895) Naruto Manga Volume 15: Naruto’s Ninja Handbook (Chapters 127-135) (18/07/15)

127. “To Feel Alive…!!” (生の実感…!!) “Sei no jikkan…!!”?)
Sasuke and Gaara still talk and talk about loneliness and shit and finally Gaara convinces Sasuke to fight him and there we go.

128. “Exceeding One’s Limits…!!” (限界を超えて…!! “Genkai o koete…!!”?)
Gaara is constantly changing shapes and confusing Sasuke and Sasuke has no option but to use the Chidori. You can only use Chidori once a day. But even that Gaara deflects that. But then Naruto comes to rescue but there is one problem. The curse on Sasuke has been activated.

129. “To Hurt…!!!” (痛み…!! “Itami…!!”?)
We get to see the back story of Gaara. How he was a kid and all the kids would run away from him because he was too powerful or something and then he would force them to be with him saying he didn’t wanna be alone. He attacks Sakura who was holding Sasuke. Naruto is there and he is stuck. He doesn’t know what to do.

130. “Love…!!” (愛情…!! “Aijō…!!”?)
Yashamaru (who is Gaara’s caretaker) teaches Gaara that love is the only thing that pushes hatred away. Gaara tries to take some medicine for the guy he beat earlier but they all see him as a monster. His natural instinct is to attack. And he attacks Yashamaru.

131. “The Name Gaara…!!” (我愛羅という名…!! “Gaara to iu na…!!”?)
Yashamaru is dying and he reveals something which will change Gaara’s life. He told him that he was sent to kill him by his father. He also said that most part of it was from his own personal side. He secretly hated him for what he did to his sister (Gaara’s mother, she died giving birth to him). He told Gaara that his mother resented him and she put a sand curse on him that he would live eternal in hatred. This is the Gaara Naruto is seeing before him who has captured Sakura against the tree.

132. “The Two… Darkness and Light” (二人…闇と光 “Futari… Yami to hikari”?)
Naruto finds some kind of resemblance between him and Gaara. He remembered his time when all the village used to hate him for having the nine tailed fox in him and destroying the village until some of his teachers took him in and showed some affection. He figured it was the same for Gaara. He needed some attention and friends. But Gaara is transformed into this huge sand monster and Naruto is determined to beat him.

133. “Those Who Are Strong…!!” (強き者…!!”Tsuyokimono…!!”?)
Naruto strikes on Gaara using his clones and taijutsu blows. He manages to strike buying some time. Sasuke tells Naruto to get Sakura and run away. He is gonna hold Gaara as long as he can. But Naruto has other plans. This kind of motivates him and he goes into full power. Clones everywhere man.

134. “Naruto’s Ninja Handbook!” (ナルト忍法帖!! “Naruto ninpōchō!!”?)
Gaara goes into his final form when Naruto began his clone attack. This shocked everybody, the final form of Gaara. But a huge frog jumps out and vows to defeat Gaara. Naruto summoned him or something. A funny chapter but good.

135. “The Gale-Like Battle…!!” (嵐の如き戦い!! “Arashi no gotoki tatakai!!”?)
The frog wants something with claws so it can rip Gaara apart when he does the sleep move. The frog is on par with Gaara and a huge fox comes out into attack too.

847) Naruto Manga Volume 14: Hokage vs Hokage (Chapters 118-126)

118. “Detainment…!!” (足止め…!!”Ashidome…!!”?)
Kakashi’s dog, Naruto, Sakura and Shikamaru are going after Sasuke while there are ninjas behind them. Shikamaru tells the group to go ahead while he delays the ninjas by creating a diversion.

119. “The Life I Wanted…!!” (オレの人生…!!”Ore no jinsei…!!”?)
Shikamaru is surrounded by the enemy ninjas and the shadow is shortened so it is no use. He is about to be attacked when Asuma, the jounin teacher comes to the rescue and defeats the ninjas. Woo.

120. “Hokage vs. Hokage!!” (火影VS火影!!?)
Orochimaru and Hokage are fighting with each other exchanging some high level jutsus. Very advanced and I like reading them. Then Hokage goes like ‘Ima take this to the Shinobi level, bitch!’

121. “The Terrible Experiment…!!” (恐るべき実験…!! “Osorubeki jikken…!!”?)
Orochimaru finally spills out his plans and comes out of his shell. He is planning on casting an Immortality spell and he wants Sasuke’s body for possession.

122. “The Bestowed Will!!” (受け継がれてゆく意志!! “Uketsugarete yuku ishi!!”?)
The theme has gone a bit dark as Hokage and Orochimaru discuss in the purple box on top of the tower. Hokage wants to fight him and he goes in for one more shot.

123. “The Final Seal” (最後の封印 “Saigo no fūin”?)
Both are equally good but I think the Hokage has an advantage here and he delivers it.

124. “The Eternal Battle…!!” (永遠なる闘い…!! “Eien naru tatakai…!!”?)
The fight goes on as Jiraiya steps in with his frog form. Meanwhile Shino is talking to sasuke about some female fragrance or something.

125. “The Time of Awakening…!!” (目覚めの時…!! “Mezame no toki…!!”?)
Gaara is facing Sasuke and he is breaking out of his shell. Gaara is going to show his real face.

126. “Off Guard…!!” (油断…!! “Yudan…!!”?)
Kankuro and Shino fight and it is a good one. Hokage and Orochimaru fight and looks like Hokage is going down. Shino is on the top of the fight. I like Shino.

Volume 14 finishes here. 

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824) Kissxsis Volume 9

49. “Big Sis Failed” (しくじった姉 “Shikujitta Ane”?)
Amazing chapter. Ako takes Keita away in a boat and she takes off her bikini and everything. They kiss and be flirty and Ako has to piss so she pisses some in the boat and the rest in the sea. Keita has a clear hard on. Ako looks amazing in that tan.

50. “Since We’re All Girls, No Need to Hold Back♪” (女子会なら、ご自由に♪ “Joshi Kai Nara go Jiyū ni♪”?)
Keita is sleeping peacefully alone and the five girls share a room but it got a bit hot and they came outside. They share stories of Keita and Ako and Riko explain that they will never let anybody get in between them and Keita.

51. “Beyond Consent!?” (合意のうえで!?”Goui Nouede!?”?)
The vacation is over and they take two taxis going to the train station. Originally they are headed for West but Mikazuki tell her taxi to go East because she wants to spend some time with Keita. When they arrive at the station, Mikuni goes to the bathroom while Mikazuki and Keita share a kiss. Finally the train arrive from the station with the remaining crew and they head back.

52. “Horny Ice” (ゴツゴツした氷”Gotsugotsu Shita Kori”?)
They’re back at home and it is summer. Keita comes back from exercises and demands iced tea but ice cubes are finished. Then Riko discovers some of the hidden ice cubes which their dad uses so they take turn and ice kiss Keita. Pretty icy erotic this chapter.

53. “Yūzuki Kiryū’s Miscalculation” (桐生夕月の誤算 “Kiryū Yūduki no Gosan?)
Mikazuki is trying to hook her sister up with Keita but Yuzuki is kinda reluctant. They go to a festival and when Keita drops both of the sisters home, he ends up dropping his teacher at last. She invites him in and they share a kiss. Kinda forbidden isn’t it?

54. “Go for it!”
Yuzuki believes she has fallen in love with Keita. Keita was prepared to have sex with her. It was a misunderstanding from his side but when Yuzuki told everything to her sister, she relaxed and thought about it and now she is in love with Keita.

All done with volume 9.

769) Kissxsis Volume 8

42. “An Extremely Strange Seaside Story”(世にも奇妙な海物語 “Yonimo Kimyō na Umi Monogatari”?)
The six of them (five females and one male) enjoy their day at the beach and when they checked in the hotel, Kiryuu had booked three rooms (one for females and one for males) but the hotel says that only two triple rooms are available. So they fight over who will get to be with Keita. They play the number game. In the evening they go to the lighthouse. Miharu is with Keita and they go first. The lighthouse is said to be cursed and have bad omens. We will find out in the next chapter.

43. “An Embarrassing Spot” (お恥ずかしいシミ “Ohazukashi Ishimi”?)
Mikuni’s bladder is full and she wants to piss in her pants. Keita decides to prank her and scared so he hides in the sea and come back. She pisses in her pants and it falls on Keita’s face and everything. They wait for the other groups.

44. “A Beautiful Evening” (よよいの宵”Yoyoino Shō”?)
After the lighthouse, the next evening all the girls get together for a bath. They find out that they need to share the bath because it is public so Mikazuki takes off all of her clothes. And Kiryuu Sensei we all know likes to be watched. Apparently it runs in the family. So everyone, with different reluctancy levels, take off their clothes and further compare their boobs and everything. Miharu is the last. She is shy and when she falls down in the pool and exposes her body, all the predictions came true. She has a furry pussy.

45. “The Teacher’s Job” (教師のオシゴト”Kyōshi no Oshigoto”?)
Once again the debate heats up about who will sleep with Keita. Kiryuu is against it that siblings should sleep together so they have a vote and it passes. AkoRiko are sleeping with Keita.

46. “Bad Battle Tactics” (ヨロしくない状況”Yoro Shikunai Joukyō”?)
Kiryuu Sensei goes to check the siblings. Instead she is curious and starts to feel Keita’s dick from his pants. Then she goes to the bathroom. Keita is up sleep walking and he walks in the bathroom and walks out after realising it is too bright then he walks into Miharu’s room and hugs her piercing his thingy in her
She is excited and tells all about it in the morning.

47. “What Happened in the Middle of the Night” (ヨナカの出来事 “Yonaka no Dekigoto”?)
Mikazuki owns this chapter as she talks to her sister about what she was doing in the bathroom early morning and what she was doing in Keita’s room in the middle of the room. kiryuu was masturbating in the toilet thinking of Keita and Mika caught her.

48. “Manipulating Your Younger Brother”(支配される弟 “Shihai Sareru Otōto”?)
A Riko chapter. Any Riko chapter I love because Riko is my favourite character. It is her turn with Keita as she has already arranged it with Ako. Ako will get the next day. So Riko gets close and they kiss. Then Riko says I love you to Keita and Keita was just gonna respond when Kiryuu butts in. She was watching all this all along.

768) Naruto Manga Volume 13: The Chunin Exam, Concluded (Chapters 109-117) (13/01/15)

109. “Tree Leaves, Dancing…!!” (木の葉、舞い…!! “Konoha, mai…!!”?)
We get to know about the importance of Shikamaru, how brave and calm and collected he is. Finally Sasuke makes an entry and a dramatic one.

110. “At Long Last…!!” (いよいよ…!! “Iyo iyo…!!”?)
So they call Gaara downstairs and he takes his time taking the stairs. That’s what this chapter is about lol let the battle begin already.

111. “Sasuke vs. Gaara!!” (サスケVS我愛羅!!?)
Gaara finally begins to move and makes a clone out of his sand.

112. “Sasuke’s Taijutsu…!!” (サスケの体術…!! “Sasuke no taijutsu…!!”?)
Sasuke uses Lee’s speed and Taijutsu to break through Gaara’s shield. He got the moves earlier using his Sharingan. Now Gaara has used all of his sand to make a total defense.

113. “The Reason He Was Late…!!” (遅刻の理由…!! “Chikoku no ryū…!!”?)
Sasuke has been learning a technique to master a special kind of jutsu and he is just applying that on Gaara’s defense.

114. “Violent Assault…!!” (強襲…!!”Kyōshū…!!”?)
The security Anbu people are Kabuto’s people in disguise and when they saw Gaara fail, they start their own operation.

115. “The Chûnin Exam, Concluded…!!” (中忍試験、終了…!! “Chūnin shiken, shūryō…!!”?)
The Chunin Exams are over and Orochimaru has captured The Hokage under the knife.

116. “Operation Destroy Konoha…!!” (木ノ葉崩し…!! “Konoha kuzushi…!!”?)
Orochimaru has Hokage on top of the tower while Kakashi beats the traitors and gives Sakura an A Class Mission.

117. “The Imparted Mission…!!” (下された任務…!! “Kudasareta ninmu…!!”?)
Kakashi gives a mission to Naruto, Sakura and Shikamaru to get Sasuke and take him to a safe location. Meanwhile Orochimaru and Hokage have started fighting and it certainly seems like an interesting fight.