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968) Alias #2 (2001)

The lady that hired Jess got murdered and she was at the crime scene. The police got her and wants to investigate her. Well, she knows a big secret. The secret identity of Captain America.

967) Alias #1 (2001)

Starting a new series also written by Bendis. Just preparing myself for the Jessica Jones series which is released today on the 20th of November 2015. I know the series is going to be awesome and I might just watch an episode a week with reading two issues or more a week too.

In this issue, Jessica is hired by a lady who wants to find her missing sister. Jessica finds her and sees the lady’s sister is living with a man who just came out of the house at 2 am and donned the Captain America suit. And she has it on the tape.

This issue or series rather has a parental warning. It started with the work fuck and there are disturbing themes going on here. Her brief interaction with Luke in this issue sent chills in my body. It is pretty psychological.

966) The Amazing Spider-Man #1 (2015)

A new series start due to the Secret Wars event which I haven’t read. Parker has gone global with Parker Industries. People are comparing him to Tony Stark and all that and he is in a mess. He has a sidekick now.

This was a huge issue and half of it was promoting other Spider Series which are going to start and which I’ll be reading like Spider Gwen, Spider-Woman, Silk and all that. Spidey is going big.

965) All New X-Men #41

This ends the volume of All New X-Men started by Bendis. I quite enjoyed the drama and the storyline. It’s time to say farewell but the Original X-Men are still here. Can’t they just go back to their own era?

Anyway it’s time to say goodbye to X-Men for a week or two. I’m gonna read some more new Marvel stuff.

964) All New X-Men #40

The X-Men had been in space fighting the Black Vortex (I didn’t read that) and they are back. Angel and Laura share a kiss. I just love Laura and how she looks and behaves. Just love her.

Over Utopia SHIELD picks up strange readings and there appears to be a team of mutants ready to attack.

963) All New X-Men #37

Emma Frost and Young Jean go to Madripoor for some training session and Jean has to fight the blob using her telekinesis powers. Nice issue. Next two issues are a tie in with the Black Vortex or something so I am going to skip them.

962) Uncanny X-Men #600

Finally it is over. Bendis is saying goodbye to the X-Men. For me, the best thing he did was introduce new Mutants to the roster. Apart from that he did good work on Magik and Kitty and that’s about it.

This issue was yet another lets-wrap-this-fucking-thing-up-and-go-home thing. X-Men lashed out on Beast for bringing the Original X-Men from the past. What, they never lashed out on him for 35 issues and suddenly they are barking in his face. Meanwhile Cyclops gathers all the Mutants and gives a speech apologising and saying the revolution was actually unite and conquer not unite and attack. What bullocks, this is so anti climatic.

The best thing I enjoyed about Uncanny X-Men was the start of the run. Magik’s story and worst thing about it was, you know, Chris Bachalo.

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