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918) Wytches #3

The Wytches got Sail’s Uncle Reg too. Sail’s father and mother keep searching for Sailor, still somewhat denying the fact that this is something supernatural.

At the end of this issue, Snyder tells the story about his 7 year old son and how he used to be a nervous kid. I could relate to that. Back in the late 80s when scary movies were on a rise, I grew up watching them with dad and uncle. I know I wasn’t suppose to watch them but those movies stuck with me till I was a teenager. I was the kid who used to be scared in the middle of the night and go into my parent’s room. I remember that very vividly. My dad used to knock the side of the bed and ask whosss that and I would be really scared. I used to be scared from the reflections of light when you close your eyes. You know those after effects of the light. Those scared the hell out of me. I used to be scared of big black gorillas (thanks to bollywood movies. They used them to scare people). I used to think there is a thing sitting on the toilet which was just at the top of the stairs and that thing would stretch its arms out if I don’t hurry down the stairs so I would jump from the fourth stair to the ground (at one point it was like six stairs, that’s some jump). I have a lot of scary stories to tell and these are all when I was under 7 years old.

A nice book, this. I can relate to it like Snyder relates to it.


917) Wytches #2

Twisted horror story written by Scott Snyder. I am simply loving the storyline and the art is amazing and gory. There is blood and fear and everything mixed in. Every character has a story and all of them are shown in a unique way. Please read this.


812) Wytches #1

Scott Snyder is writing this one and the first issue is the bomb. It is about witchcraft and weird things. The art is brilliant and the writing, more than brilliant.

Sailor is a girl going to a new school. She makes friends and enemies. When one of the class mates jumped on her and threatens to kill her, she witnesses a tree eating her classmate up. She is scared from that. She lives with her mum and dad and something terrible is happening outside.

It is dark and mysterious, full of horror art. Loved it. 9/10.

795) Sex Criminals #3: My Sexual Errors And Misfortunes 2001 – Present

Jon tells Suzie how he lost his virginity. In fact he shares everything with her. It’s like Suzie has found a perfect fucking match. They go in the Quiet and go to the shop cumworld and fuck about having fun. Then Jon suggests they should rob a bank but they come to know that there are other people in Cumworld too. People in white.

790) Sex Criminals #2: Come, World

It is actually cumworld as Jon calls it. Oh my god, Fraction is the king. I love the flow of his writing and how the dialogue flow like clear stream of water from one panel to another.

This 4 out of 5 issue was about Jon. He explains how he discovered cumworld for the first time and how he used to rob banks and go in the sex shop to get all the porn (obviously time was still so why would he want to rob a bank.)

There are some glimpses of other people in The Quiet too and those panels must be from future. It is a unique and superbly written story. Lemme tell you, if it wasn’t for the writing, it would be dead. The art is fine too. Feels like kind Pulp Fiction kinda art. Lovely, though.

789) Sex Criminals #1: Suzie Down In The Quiet

Well the top comic series of 2014 starts off with a bang. And let me tell you, this is for mature readers only. It has a lot of weirdness in it and some straight forward offensive things.

Ever wondered what happens when a girl touches herself? She goes to sleep, right? But not Suzie, time stops when she orgasms and that is that. Now she must know why so she starts to track her daily activities down and write down how much she spends in The Quiet.

Finally she meets Jon at a party and when they have sex, both are present in The Quiet but for how long?

Something different with a story. I like.

631) TMNT #13

The turtles are back after retreating and escaping from Shredder. Splinter is quite and a lot is going on his mind.

Casey comes in all beaten up by his father. After finding this out, Raphael (as he is close to Casey) storms out to avenge Casey. Master Splinter goes after him.

On the other hand, Shredder’s granddaughter tries to win her place by fighting but Shredder is not impressed.

Very nice coming back to my favourite comic.


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