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560) TMNT The Secret History Of The Foot Clan #1 of 4

It tells you the story of the Foot Clan and how a guy betrayed a clan and all that. Didn’t really get the story but it was good.


482) The Wheel of Time #10

Rand finds out that both Perrin and Mat had nightmares too involving the same man with fire in his eyes.
Rand confronts Min who tells him about the things and auras she sees around people.
Rand runs away and bumps into Padan Fain who is surprisingly there. Rand offers him to come to the inn but Fain is in a hurry and he runs away.
The crew is still in Baerlon.

481) The Wheel of Time #9

They reach Baerlon and rest in an inn. Rand has a nightmare.

480) The Wheel of Time #8

The group keep travelling keeping a low profile. Moiraine start to teach Egwene the One Power while Lan start to train the boys with sword, bow and axe.

479) The Wheel of Time #7

The crew gallops with Dragkhar behind them and they cross the Taren Ferry on a boat.

478) The Wheel of Time #6

Finally they plan to leave but Egwene wants to go too and the gleeman. They leave and find a Draghkar following them.

477) The Wheel of Time #5

Moiraine heals Tam and tells Rand to pack up cuz they leaving. Rand is having nightmares. Finally he says good byes.

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