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Two different haiku from today. One from afternoon and other at night.

First one is a simple one describing me cycling in wind.

Sun shines through black shades
My bike sways violently
The wind is my foe

And secondly is a bit complex. It describes a stretch of dark road. I am going to take the second left on my bike in this clear cloudless sky. At the first right, there is a police car in flashing lights who had stopped a driver and were investigating.

Stars gleam overhead
Red and Blue flashes at front
The dark farm is lit

The angle at which the police car is parked, it’s headlights is lighting up the dark farm in a way which is looking amazing. And the stars shine on the whole atmosphere. The central theme has got to be light.

So I decided to write some Haiku. I remember going to this writers club when I was 18 and they talked about haiku and stuff and I was like what the hell are they talking about.

But now I’ve searched and practiced a bit and a lot of things inspire me. As a cyclist, I am very close to nature and I am now finding this is a real good way of expressing myself. My haiku would be nature related and have a story behind it. Inshallah (God willing) you will see it from my point of view and enjoy it. I’m still new and practicing. I may not know the full rules and techniques but I simply follow the 5,7,5 rule.

So the first one is kinda personal to me. I name it electric movement. It goes like:

The day full of spring
Electric movement in shop
No hassle at all

The ceiling grid at my work was faulty and had a current going through.
So an electrician came to fix it and he had to turn the lights off. Half of the shop’s lights.  As half of the shop was dipped in the darkness, I looked outside the window and saw a blooming tree and pleasant sunlight on it. Then I looked inside and the electrician was checking the grid with his tool and his tool was beeping telling him that it is live 76 volts. I’ve been trying to get an electrician but couldn’t get anybody. I ask my friend electrian but he was busy too. So I called this guy and surprisingly he was my customer too and he came and fixed the whole thing in an hour and a half. No hassle.

The day full of spring
Electric movement in shop
No hassle at all


Posted on: August 15, 2012

Even though I live in the UK we still get these kind of rains. It is quite humid and it’s raining slightly. Kind of a dusty air. It is absolutely stunning


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