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903) Action Comics #40:. Mirror Cracked

Bizzaro comes in the world and makes everything hateful (actually happy). This takes place in another world or something. Didn’t really get it.

835) Action Comics #39: Under The Skin

Final chapter of this whole monster in the mist story. Superman goes in the portal to save Lana and the monster feeds on his terror so Supes goes all in and he relives his terror and his childhood problems and grief. That way the monster overloads and Superman manages to save everybody. The portal is closed.

817) Action Comics #38: Home Is Where The Hell Is

Superman and co are still trapped in the mist and now the monsters are targeting his personal life bringing his dead zombie parents back. Lana has got the disease too. They have this monster thing on their which feeds on fear and some kids cannot control that so it makes them a monster too with huge tentacles.

801) Action Comics #37: Small Villians

Superman is unconscious because of trying to get out of the mist but failing a thousand times. They see a strange kind of calmness in the people. Hiro, on the other hand tries to teleport himself in the mist and he pulls a huge monster in with him. Lemme tell you, it is pretty huge. Loved reading this. 3.5 out of 5.

770) Action Comics #36: Horrorville

Superman us off duty as you came to know from issue 35 but a mysterious fog is upon Smallvile and Superman must contact JLA to rescue Lang but he is trapped himself in it. The fog is a dome and it keeps teleporting him to the same spot.

682) Action Comics #35: After Doomed

Superman returns from space. He’s been away for a long time and he is back. Clark decides he doesn’t need Superman anymore so he buries him away. This issue dealt with the aftermath of Brainiac’s destruction.