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769) Kissxsis Volume 8

42. “An Extremely Strange Seaside Story”(世にも奇妙な海物語 “Yonimo Kimyō na Umi Monogatari”?)
The six of them (five females and one male) enjoy their day at the beach and when they checked in the hotel, Kiryuu had booked three rooms (one for females and one for males) but the hotel says that only two triple rooms are available. So they fight over who will get to be with Keita. They play the number game. In the evening they go to the lighthouse. Miharu is with Keita and they go first. The lighthouse is said to be cursed and have bad omens. We will find out in the next chapter.

43. “An Embarrassing Spot” (お恥ずかしいシミ “Ohazukashi Ishimi”?)
Mikuni’s bladder is full and she wants to piss in her pants. Keita decides to prank her and scared so he hides in the sea and come back. She pisses in her pants and it falls on Keita’s face and everything. They wait for the other groups.

44. “A Beautiful Evening” (よよいの宵”Yoyoino Shō”?)
After the lighthouse, the next evening all the girls get together for a bath. They find out that they need to share the bath because it is public so Mikazuki takes off all of her clothes. And Kiryuu Sensei we all know likes to be watched. Apparently it runs in the family. So everyone, with different reluctancy levels, take off their clothes and further compare their boobs and everything. Miharu is the last. She is shy and when she falls down in the pool and exposes her body, all the predictions came true. She has a furry pussy.

45. “The Teacher’s Job” (教師のオシゴト”Kyōshi no Oshigoto”?)
Once again the debate heats up about who will sleep with Keita. Kiryuu is against it that siblings should sleep together so they have a vote and it passes. AkoRiko are sleeping with Keita.

46. “Bad Battle Tactics” (ヨロしくない状況”Yoro Shikunai Joukyō”?)
Kiryuu Sensei goes to check the siblings. Instead she is curious and starts to feel Keita’s dick from his pants. Then she goes to the bathroom. Keita is up sleep walking and he walks in the bathroom and walks out after realising it is too bright then he walks into Miharu’s room and hugs her piercing his thingy in her
She is excited and tells all about it in the morning.

47. “What Happened in the Middle of the Night” (ヨナカの出来事 “Yonaka no Dekigoto”?)
Mikazuki owns this chapter as she talks to her sister about what she was doing in the bathroom early morning and what she was doing in Keita’s room in the middle of the room. kiryuu was masturbating in the toilet thinking of Keita and Mika caught her.

48. “Manipulating Your Younger Brother”(支配される弟 “Shihai Sareru Otōto”?)
A Riko chapter. Any Riko chapter I love because Riko is my favourite character. It is her turn with Keita as she has already arranged it with Ako. Ako will get the next day. So Riko gets close and they kiss. Then Riko says I love you to Keita and Keita was just gonna respond when Kiryuu butts in. She was watching all this all along.

753) Kissxsis: 42th kiss – An Extremely Strange Seaside Story

The six of them (five females and one male) enjoy their day at the beach and when they checked in the hotel, Kiryuu had booked three rooms (one for females and one for males) but the hotel says that only two triple rooms are available. So they fight over who will get to be with Keita. They play the number game. In the evening they go to the lighthouse. Miharu is with Keita and they go first. The lighthouse is said to be cursed and have bad omens. We will find out in the next chapter.

752) Kissxsis: 41th kiss – A Good Girl’s Summer Holiday
Riko and Ako want to go on a summer holiday. But they have to decide between the beach and the mountain. Keita bumps into Mikazuki and Kiryuu AND Miharu and after some dialogue the all agree to go on the holiday with him. Proper Harem, eh? 😉

751) Kissxsis: 40th kiss – Being Blamed From Start To End

I just love Riko and how she is so obsessed with Keita. This is a good Riko chapter to read. She rides him and masturbates with her panties on his dick while she talks dirty to him. She wants him and his body to accept that it can’t lie anymore and he should do something about it. In the end, he finally accepts.

Kissxsis: 39th kiss – Explosive Emotion

Riko is away for the night so Ako and Keita sleep together. They kiss and lick each other and Ako sleeps. Keita is still horny and he contemplates on things. Finally he decides to lick her neck and smell her body as he has a body odour fetish. He leaves hickeys all over her neck. In the morning, Ako is mad that Keita did this but they quickly make up. Riko enters the house and now it is her turn.

749) Kissxsis: 38th kiss – After Refreshing Yourself

Ako wants to show him her body in the bath but Keita refuses. Keita walks out of the bath leaving her alone. But later things get really hot and heavy when Riko barged in, running from the evening school meeting. She scolds Ako and is about to unbutton her shirt when her colleagues came and asked her to come back to the school because the teacher is calling them. That leaves Ako and Keita alone.

I have a feeling something is gonna happen here.

748) Kissxsis: 37th kiss – An Older Sister You Should Learn From

A chapter on Keita and Ako alone. Ako helps him study and keeps an eye on him thinking about all the bad stuff they will do later. At noon, they both get tired by the heat too and Keita wants some break and icecream. He wants a salt break rather than a sugar break. Ako thinks he wants to lick her hole but Keita has something else in his mind. He starts licking her body and the sweat off it. Ultimately he goes for her armpit and starts to lick it. Ako is embarrassed yet turned on. Wow.

747) Kissxsis: 36th kiss – A Cold Home Visit

Kiryuu Sensei visits Keita’s home as she is his home teacher. She finds him alone and he offers her drink which she spills on her clothes and body be accident. She takes a shower and happens to slip on Keita naked. At that moment Keita’s parents walk in and they are perfectly normal about all this. Kiryuu is embarrassed and she now knows that Keita knows that she is a virgin still.

625) Kissxsis Volume 4


Chapter 18: The Day The Letter Arrived

The letter was gonna arrive of Keita’s exam but a girl’s dog took it away and was trying to bury it. Everyone got worried why the letter not here but the girl came in evening and handed it over. Keita passed.

Chapter 19: The Competition

The girls have a competition with Keita and Ako and Riko come to a conclusion that the girl with the glasses is the competition.

Chapter 20: Pervy Teacher
A teacher catches Keita and the girl with glasses in the storage room and they all think Keita has lost virginity. The teacher is a perv and he asks Riko and Ako to show him their bodies if they want him to be quiet. And they did lifting their skirts up and all that until Keita comes and kicks the teacher’s butt.

Chapter 21: A Surprise Present
Riko and Ako want to go shopping with Keita to buy him a present. There in the clothes shop they find Mikuni and Keita goes to apologise.

Chapter 22: The School Entrance Ceremony Without An Incident

Keita is at school and he broke his sleeve button and Riko takes him to the detention room. She locks the room and they start to kiss and stuff. Here we find out that Riko is shy in front of others. They come in hallway and kiss again when the teacher finds them and she starts to lecture them.

Chapter 23: A Cruel Young Brother

Ako sensed that Keita and Riko did something and she too takes him to the rooftop where they kiss and Ako says that she loves him too. Riko comes and they all go home holding hands (as a punishment). The teacher sees this and freaks out. She is going to put her career on line to sort this.

624) Kissxsis Volume 3

Chapter 12.5: Go, To Freedom

Keita enters house and he gets a welcome kiss by his sisters who has put a timer on how many minutes they will get Keita each. Late night Keita eats a pudding and Ako says it was hers and only kissing her would she forgive. So they kiss and Riko comes reminding them of a 5 minute timer and then she kisses Keita too.

Chapter 13: Is There A Point?

Keita is down with a fever with the exam just one day ago. His sisters are worried. They think of a way to vanish his fever. Eventually they have an idea if they transfer the fever then Keita will be all OK for the exam. So they kiss him then Riko licks his sweat and then they both start to lick his nipples making him more sweat and making the fever go away. The next morning he is fine and recovered ready to tackle the exam while his sweet sisters drop to the floor with fever.

Chapter 14: The Day Of The Test

Keita’s test went well. He and his sisters spent the day reminiscing about their own test day.

Chapter 15: The Angst Of A 15 Year Old Boy

The three of them go on a vacation and they went to the amusement park and then at a restaurant eating noodles. Then they went to a sex museum where Ako and Keita were embarrassed the whole way but Riko enjoyed it. Now they are travelling back to the inn.

Chapter 16: The Lust Of 16 Year Old Girls

They ate from the inn and then they decide to go to the open air bath and Ako got some beer and got Riko drunk sending her to sleep while she gets Keita to lick her between the legs and when he does, he goes down the water. We’ll find out next issue what happened to him.

Chapter 17: An Unrestrained Night

Ako just goes to sleep while all of them are sleeping drunk. Then Keita and Riko wakes up and Riko has her own way with Keita. Keita sucks her nipple and she cums. The trip is over and Keita cannot remember anything that happened. Ako is regretting using Alcohol because Keita just forgets.