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965) All New X-Men #41

This ends the volume of All New X-Men started by Bendis. I quite enjoyed the drama and the storyline. It’s time to say farewell but the Original X-Men are still here. Can’t they just go back to their own era?

Anyway it’s time to say goodbye to X-Men for a week or two. I’m gonna read some more new Marvel stuff.

964) All New X-Men #40

The X-Men had been in space fighting the Black Vortex (I didn’t read that) and they are back. Angel and Laura share a kiss. I just love Laura and how she looks and behaves. Just love her.

Over Utopia SHIELD picks up strange readings and there appears to be a team of mutants ready to attack.

963) All New X-Men #37

Emma Frost and Young Jean go to Madripoor for some training session and Jean has to fight the blob using her telekinesis powers. Nice issue. Next two issues are a tie in with the Black Vortex or something so I am going to skip them.

951) All New X-Men #36

They find the little girl Carmen who can open up the portals and with a little help, the old X-Men are ported to another world or something. It’s confusing. Shouldn’t they be going back to their own era? Hmm.

950) All New X-Men #35

The X-Men visit the locations one by one and take the X-Men on board than lastly they go to rescue Hank from Doctor Doom. A big fight happens and Miles who is the Ultimate Spider-Man, jumps like a suicide attack and part of the castle blows up.

949) All New X-Men #34

Henry is captured by Dr Doom and different X-Men are in different places scattered all over. Don’t know where Cyclops is though but Jeans are going to find them using Cerebro.

948) All New X-Men #33

Angel and Laura are trapped in the Savage Land or something and they encounter James who is Wolverine’s son. Jean is with Miles (Ultimate Spider-Man) and they go back to the mansion so that Young Jean can use the cerebro but the X-Men catch her trespassing.

743) All New X-Men #32

Jean is stuck in the Ultimate Universe. She just met Amazing Spiderman. And now she wants to go back. Kid Cho can’t do anything but he knows a little about this rip in space thing.

Nice issue especially the X-23 chase. Loved it. I think this is a start of sending the original X-Men back to where they belong. This new mutant has some similar powers.

742) All New X-Men #31

There is something strange happening at the time portal but the X-Men got distracted towards a new Mutant who is losing her powers. The original X-Men (what’s left of them) arrive at the scene of the new mutant. She is a girl and she can teleport individuals to a certain place and that is what happened. Jean Grey is in New York and she just met Spiderman.

Loving this comic at the moment.

736) All New X-Men #30

I really liked this issue. Two important things happen in this one.

First of all the date between Laura and Warren. It’s a weird combination, right? Laura is like a typical Asian girl (most probably Pakistani/Indian). She can’t take a compliment and when Warren starts to talk about their date, she changes the subject. It’s weird but good chemistry too.

Secondly Jean and Emma have a psychic battle and connection and they are officially friends now. Finally at the end, Beast arrives and calls the X-Men to come to the Institute. It is about the Will of Xavier. This storyline will continue in Uncanny X-Men now.