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Hello guys and girls. How are you all doing? It was a mega busy week reading just only X-Men as I had a lot of catching up to do. Normally I read X-Men only and Batman but now I want to read more stuff. X-Factor and X-Force I haven’t touched at all (new series started recently anyway). But I will start them next time around when X-Men week comes. If you are a new reader then this is for you too if you want to start reading.

Well, I read Battle of the Atom story arc (celebrating 50 years of X-Men) as you know and it was just pure amazing. I loved it. Initially I wasn’t a fan of the idea of the Original X-Men coming from the past and I really though they would go back after Battle of the Atom event but nope, I guess they are here to stay. It sucks but really I like the idea that they moved to Uncanny group and got new costumes and they are doing their own stuff with Kitty as their mentor kinda.

X-Men vol 4 was a bit disappointing. I’m not a big Jubilee fan but the Areka story arc I would like give 6/10. I really like how Areka is still going on with the ghosts bit. That’s cool. That would make me read more.

Uncanny X-Men. Let me make it clear, if it wasn’t for Emma Frost I wouldn’t pick this title. Only reading it because of her. Don’t give a shit about Cyclops. Emma Frost is awesome plus Magik and all the new team members. Art is horrible. Dislike Bachalo art. Now I think Magneto is leaving too having his own title. Sucks.

Wolverine and the X-Men, we all love. Love how it got back to its craziness. It’s a very good title if you are sick of action and want something more relaxed. I would really recommend the Toad issue (#41 I think). Pure amazing. Makes me love Toad. I think I said that right lol (who loves Toad?)

And lastly (saved it for the best) you have the new series by Jason Aaron called Amazing X-Men. This is good quality stuff. First of all, we see our beloved Nightcrawler who is in heaven but then the X-Men get ported to heaven and hell and they have to beat Azazel. I would definitely tell you to start reading this. Such a lovely title.

So that’s my X-Men week finish and I am pretty much up to date with it. Next week I am gonna read the non X-Men Marvel stuff. Like Deadpool, Thor, probably start Hawkeye. I’ll start the ones which I have in my collection which I haven’t read. So I will see you all next Sunday. Bye.

595) Amazing X-Men #4

OMG what an issue. The relationship between Kurt and Logan is brilliant and the most when Kurt hugs the dying Wolverine is just epic. I mean I have seen emotions of Logan toward Kurt, the love for him. When Kurt died back during Second Coming, Logan was the most emotionally hurt. I’ve seen him carry the piano to a church across land. That was an amazing issue (I can’t remember which one though).

After Nightcrawler rescues Beast and Storm he goes on to rescue Iceman and Firestar then on to Wolverine and Northstar.

Now the fleet of Azazel is near and the X-Men must get themselves ready for the final battle under the captaincy of Captain Kurt Wagner.

594) Amazing X-Men #3

The Beast unleashes. Pretty solid issue yo. Loved it. Beast fights Azazel, the red devil. Pretty epic fight. Loved the part where Beast is like Math-1 God-0.

Kurt finally appears rescuing Storm and there are flashbacks of their relationship and romance. I think I remember it.

593) Amazing X-Men #2

Wolverine and Northstar are in heaven fighting mini red evil bamfs and their captain.

Storm, Firestar and Iceman are in hell where they are fighting bamfs too. There seems to be a war going on. Between red bamfs and blue ones. You know who it is. Great fighting in this issue.

Love where Bobby freezes hell lol

592) Amazing X-Men #1

Brand new comic published right after Battle of the Atom story arc. It starts with the five part story called the Quest for Nightcrawler.

Yes he’s back and he is in heaven at the moment but he is not happy. He wants to fall back. Azazel attacks with little bamfs and Kurt fights with him.

Back at the Jean Grey school, Firestar is the new teacher. Beast discovers a portal kind of thing when he is investigating more about the little bamfs which are infesting the school. The X-Men gather at the portal which activates itself and bang! Wolverine and Northstar get transported to some other world.

Nice start. Good to see Nightcrawler back. He has been absent since 2010.