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922) Batgirl #40: Ghost In The Cowl

I had the choice to read between Batgirl and Gotham By Midnight and my daughter picked Batgirl.

Batgirl fights with her own computerised Algorithm which causes the satellite to nuke Burnside but Frankie did some work on the computer and destroys the corrupt Batgirl. Dinah meanwhile helps with Batgirl and her own series are going to start.


907) Batgirl End Game One Shot

The Joker Virus has made everyone crazy and Babs tries to save a little girl on the Burnside Bridge. No dialogue in this issue. Just action. It was good.

904) Batgirl #39: Batgirl vs Burnside

Everyone is against Batgirl putting a bounty on her. Someone is imposting her and Babs think it is herself. Dinah and Babs are friends again and kick some ass.


825) Batgirl #38

Batgirl is getting famous but there is an imposter out there who is trying to be Batgirl. Barbara is dating officer Powell who gates Batgirl for taking the law in her own hands.

Loved reading this issue. Definitely 8 outta 10.


803) Batgirl #37: Double Exposure

Batgirl is one of the comics I enjoy reading. It is full of colours and characters. Someone is imposing as Batgirl and Babs must find out. The imposer exhibits a series of art shows to show Batgirl but Babs exposed the guy. Looks like someone is pulling strings from the top. I liked this issue.


771) Batgirl #36

Two girls steal motorbikes from a high tech factory and when Batgirl captures them, they told her that she herself sent them. Something fishy is going on here. Someone is pretending to be Batgirl. Nice little issue.


698) Batgirl #35: Burned

This issue was for girls and girls only but boys are welcome to read it too. In fact this issue has many lessons in it. First of all anyone shouldn’t just upload anything on the Internet (especially after the celebrity incident a while back).

There are hackers everywhere and they can steal stuff. In this issue, a guy stole all the data from random people and Batgirl took him down. Nice issue.


434) Batgirl #8: No Darker Shadow

Batgirl finally defeats Grotesque and her mum tells her about her son and how he killed the cat with no emotion. Now he is back.


433) Batgirl #7: A View From Below 

A new guy called Grotesque comes into action and Batgirl keeps remembering her past and the gunshot which nearly killed her. Will she ever survive her past?


432) Batgirl #6: A House Made Of Spun Glass 

The conclusion to Gretel. Another victim. She ends up attacking Bruce but she gets trapped by Batman and Batgirl.