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472) Batman And Robin #18: Undone

What an issue. Robin is unfortunately killed in Batman Incorporated and here in this issue we see Batman coping with the shock. The whole issue is without any dialogue and it is just too emotional. Towards the end it is so sad also.

471) Batman And Robin #17: Life Is But A Dream

The three residents of the Wayne Manor has different dreams. Nightmares. It indicates that something terrible is about to happen. Hmm.

470) Batman And Robin #16: Cast A Giant Shadow

Big fight between Batman (not real but Jokerized). Robin doesn’t fight back but when he does he takes Batman down and then Joker hints about the dinner party and he says the king will need no prince.

469) Batman And Robin #15: Little Big Man

Joker is finally here. Robin is on a mission to find Alfred who went missing or Joker took him in Batman. Clues take him to the zoo where Joker traps Robin and has a long conversation. He talks about dying and stealing ‘his’ Batman from him. Lastly Joker transforms (have no idea how) into Batman (the Joker version) and now it’s Father vs Son.

468) Batman And Robin #14: Devoured

Joker is just appearing. Robin lets himself take hostage again by the zombies and they take him into their cult where the cult boss is going to slaughter him but action. Batman joins as they smash zombies and put an end to it.

467) Batman And Robin #13: Eclipsed

Signs of Joker is coming start to appear. There’s that eclipse, graves are empty, zombies walking the streets. Robin gets attacked by a monster in the sewers just because Robin has a bounty of five hundred million on his head by his mother.

466) Batman And Robin #12: Terminus Last Gasp

This was a good issue. Batman becomes this huge robot just like Iron Man and fights Terminus. Terminus’ countdown finishes and he takes his last gasp and also he says a warhead is launched. Batman flies with full thrusters to stop it and it KABOOMS in the water. Batman works overtime through the morning. Don’t much get to see that.

465) Batman And Robin #11: Terminus Branded

Terminus and his team go through the whole city branding the citizens with a hot symbol of bat on their chests. Fear spreads across the city while Batman and Robin work their way through the night saving civilians and telling them the Bat is on their side. Finally Terminus transforms into this weird thing and presents himself in front of Batman.

464) Batman And Robin #10: Terminus, Scar Of The Bat

This new guy transforms himself and calls himself Terminus. He looks deadly enough.
On the other hand the Robins fight each other. Not sure what the story is but Damian has a sick way of thinking. He thinks he is the best or somehthing. The comic itself was not bad.

463) Batman And Robin #9: Robin Hears A Hoo

I loves the cover of this issue. Robin facing the Talon with two swords. Although it was a good issue but seeing the cover then getting excited and then reading it was a bit of a disappointment. I was expecting some good sword fighting but nothing.

A Talon was dispatched to kill an army officer who had history linking back to 17th century and the Talon was to kill him. Robin defeats the Talon and saves the general.