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946) Batman #40: End Game Part 6

I don’t know if it is the finale of this story arc but Batman goes underground to find the chemical and Joker is there so they have a fight and the cave collapses. Batman sends the stuff up to cure the town but in the end he is resting under the cave. Batman is dead.


910) Batman #39: End Game Part 5

Batman made allies with his own enemies and they make a plan to take the chemical from Joker’s spine. A parade led by Joker is moving through the town.

822) Batman #38: End Game Part 4

Batman is desperate trying to find the cure to the virus but along the way he finds other disturbing secrets. He finds the scientist who helped Joker build the virus. He talks some weird shit about history and about Joker being there forever. So Batman is forced to go to the Court of Owls. Interesting.


816) Batman The Killing Joke

The best Joker story ever told by the acclaimed writer Alan Moore in the 80s. Every Batman fan should read this fast paced 60 page long graphic novel. It tells you a bit about the origin of the Joker and how he shoots Barbara (the daughter of Gordon) and then takes her naked snaps and he makes Gordon go through hell. Eventually Batman catches up with him and they have a fight and the novel ends up with a surprised disturbing ending. Loved the ending very much.

8/10. If you like Joker then read this. The art is a bit 80s but it’s alright. As a kid I’ve grown up watching the Batman serial so it’s kinda similar.

813) Batman Annual #3 (2014)

Tommy is a social worker (in the police or something) and he says Joker is so overrated. He’s just a guy in a purple suit. He’s nobody. And boy, does Joker mess up his life. He rips Tommy’s life apart, from his family to his houses. Everywhere he goes, his friend (Joker) is there to haunt him. He ends up in Arkham thinking Joker is his only friend.

Pretty messed up story but fast paced. It shows you how much of a planner Joker is. No wonder police can’t crack him. Superb issue. 35 pages.



773) Batman #37: End Game Part 3

Batman is trying to get an antidote to the poison Joker is causing havoc with. The people are turning into laughing jokers as Gordon and Batman try to find a way. But Joker gets Gordon and he shoots him. But the Joker survives. He is supernatural, me thinks.

And the little separate story at the end implies that Joker is supernatural. He has been around for a long time.


772) Batman #36: End Game Part 2

Superman and the whole Justice League is injected and they have become Jokerized. Batman has a hard time fighting Superman but he manages to temporarily beat him while he figures out what was happening. He visits old Arkham Asylum which is abandoned and destroyed. There, Joker locks him. up with a trick and gets his gun ready to kill him.

Pretty good issue. Loved it. 4 outta 5.

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700) Batman #35: Endgame Part 1

The Paleman Part 1

Here we are with Batman #35 with the writer Scot Snyder which I’m becoming a fan of. I really enjoyed this issue. It showed Batman’s armour which looks fucking awesome and it is designed to beat any superhero (maybe except Superman as you can read). At the end there is something very much exciting which I don’t want to spoil.

Second story is called the Paleman. It tells the story of some prisoners from Arkham Asylum and they talk about how the Joker is coming back from the fire. It is a nice story but nothing compared to the Batman.


686) Batman Legend Of The Dark Knight Halloween Special #1 2014

Scarecrow is on the loose and he is blowing up the electric grids so his gang can rob the city when it’s dark. Batman is tired and he wants to sleep. He wants to be in bed, have a date with a girl, do normal stuff but Gotham keeps calling him. Crime never sleeps.


621) Batman #21: Zero Year

Start of the Zero Year. A bit dull for me. Bruce is back and he is using masks to hide his identity and at the same time fighting crime. Red hood is out there growing and he needs to stop them.