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580) X-Men: Battle of the Atom #2 (2 of 2)

Battle of the Atom (Chapter 10 of 10)

Here it ends. Kind of disappointing too but epilogues made it awesome. Once again it has to be all about Jean again right? I don’t like Jean. She dies and please just let her die. Why keep bringing her back?

Anyway things came to an end and during this another big thing the world realized that SHIELD has its own Sentinels. This is worrying for the X-Men and could start a new war.

At the end Kitty leaves and joins Uncanny X-Men and Cyclops. This is interesting.

579) Wolverine and the X-Men #37

Battle of the Atom (Chapter 9 of 10)

Amazing issue. Cyclops and Wolverine decide to work together and defeat the future X-Men (Xavier and co). The Originals are obviously in custody of Xavier’s X-Men as they raid a military base. SHIELD detects this and issues a warning which good X-Men receives from the lab. Now they know the location and now it’s X-Men vs X-Men. They have a fight.

Then SHIELD comes with the big helicarrier thing and fires weapon on the huge gathering of X-Men and then to be continued.

Really enjoyed this issue. It seems like the ending of X-Men First Class movie where the missiles are fired. Let’s see what happens next in the last chapter.

578) Uncanny X-Men #13 vol. 3

Battle of the Atom (Chapter 8 of 10)

Illyana and Colossus team up for some ass kicking while Xavier and future Jean gather all the original X-Men and try to send them back to the past but the time cube won’t work.

While they figure it all out, the good guys arrive in the lab. Game on.

577) X-Men vol. 4 #6

Battle of the Atom (Chapter 7 of 10)

The X-Men from the future (Xavier lot) are exposed (thanks to Logan through Rachel) and it seems they are fake and have evil plans. They handcuff the three of five X-Men from the past and capture Storm and others. Betsy and Jubilee manage to escape.

Illyana transports the Uncanny X-Men and the X-Men from the future to a location near the school where they can assess the situation and take action.

576) All New X-Men #17

Battle of the Atom (Chapter 6 of 10)

Illyana takes Iceman and Beast from the past to the future and they witness future X-Men and they are forced to ask who are the X-Men that are already there in present. The future X-Men (which consists of a moustached Piotr and a Gandalf style Iceman lol) refuse to help but then they eventually give in and Illyana makes everyone travel back to the present to the Uncanny X-Men.

575) Wolverine and the X-Men #36

Battle of the Atom (Chapter 5 of 10)

This was a good issue. I really enjoyed it. Past Jean, future Jean and present Emma (with the stepford sisters) are engaged in a psychic battle. Their bodies are standing still while they fight.

Wolverine makes an entry and the X-Men fight X-Men while the psychic battle is happening.

I really like how future Jean literally destroys Emma and her daughters then two Jeans fight. Future Jean wants Jean to go back to past but Jean won’t listen. Eventually past Jean breaks future Jean and enters future Jean’s mind to see the future and she is left gob smacked.

She changes her mind and now she is convinced that they truly have to go back home.

Meanwhile Magik is upto something else. She goes to the school where Hank and Bobby are and she takes them to the future when another set of future X-Men greets them. Pretty confusing but this is actually getting somewhere and I can see it.

574) Uncanny X-Men #12 vol. 3

Battle of the Atom (Chapter 4 of 10)

Two words. Bachalo suffering. I managed to get passed the Bachalo art. Please save me. The art is horrible. I’m not a fan of Bachalo and will never be I guess.

Nothing much happens except Cyclops talks to the past Cyclops. Future Jean comes there too and Emma is kinda jealous so there starts a war between the White Queen and the Black Queen.

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