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959) Uncanny X-Men #33

Illyana and Kitty teleport somewhere to find a new mutant. She is called Bo, a little girl who can summon monsters. They bring her to the school and Storm takes her in. This issue was about the friendship between Kitty and Illyana, two of my favourite characters in X-Men. I loved this issue.

696) House of M #7 (7 of 8)

What an issue. So much emotions are packed in this one issue. It was just amazing. Scarlet Witch is one of my favourite characters and this issue was all about her and about the twisted relationship between Magneto and his twins.

So the team of superheroes fight on Genosha and Doctor Strange finds out that it wasn’t Magneto who convinced Wanda to use the powers to change the world but it was Pietro, her brother. When Magneto finds this, he lashes out on Pietro and injures him so bad. Wanda is broke and teary over this and she completely loses it and says the three words that will shape the future: No more Mutants.

I’ll give 4.5 out of 5. Really amazing. Have to read it again. Best.

660) X-Men #169: Quarantine (Golgotha 4 of 5)

Emma closed the mansion for 24 hours to sort this Golgotha problem. During these hours, the demons come out in the X-Men. Logan blasts on Gambit and Gambit shouts at Rogue and their no touching relationship. Emma sees herself old and wrinkly. Golgotha is really in their minds.

Superb issue. Especially the page where Emma is old in the mirror and she begins to cut her skin off with scissors.

4.5 stars out of 5

556) Uncanny X-Men #447: The End Of History (4 of 4) Hell Hath No Fury

What an issue. Loved it. 5 Stars. The X-Men travel to Britain to defeat this monster called Fury which adapts to the powers but Sage manages to take out his processing chip which makes him vulnerable for a bit while Rachel uses her powers to open a black hole but Fury resists and the rest of the X-Men lend her powers with Sage being a catalyst. And eventually Fury disappears. Brilliant conclusion.

68) Ishq Ka Sheen (Part 1 of 2)

Author : Aleem Ul Haq Haqqi

Date (I read) : 3.10.7 to 22.11.7

Length : 698 Hardcover Pages

Location : Collected

Pace of story : Fast

Theme : Religious, love story

Setting : 1940/50s, Independence day, Religion

POV : Third Person

Rating : 6 Stars

Synopsis : I know I know the ratings are upto 5 Stars. BUT this is the BEST you can read. This story is about a boy who is born in a non muslim family but he is blessed specially by Allah. He grows up and wonders and then searches for the truth, that is one God one Allah. He falls in love with a voice reciting Quran and then terrible things happen and it just makes you cry and cry. This novel is not to be missed. When the author was writing this story, he got ill so some other person completed it.