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A lot of fun facts about this movie. The ones I know are that this very low budget film was shot in 16 days, Nawazuddin Siddiquie charged 1 rupees for this and Shweta Tripathi who plays a school girl of 14 was 30 years old in real life. 

Haraamkhor is a strange and dark movie but at the same time, it is fun because the point of view from it is told is of two young kids of about 13. The movie touches the subjects of the forbidden relationship of teacher and student, spoiling the innocence of a student and that is what happens in this movie. 

Shyam played by Nawaz corrupts Sindhiya who is 14 and his student. He attacks her innocence and then leaves her because he has a wife also to look after. Basically he uses her and she, as a 14 year old, has no option but to cry about it. Luckily, she has a very nice step mother who has been through the same and there is some comfort there. On the other hand, you have Kamal and his friend, who always keep an eye on Shyam and Sindhiya. It’s like the film is being told through their eyes and perception. They also do a lot of childhood shenanigans which reminded me of my childhood, though I wasn’t that naughty. (we did, however, put our trousers down and compare our small manhoods. I’m sorry if that is too much information haha). 

Acting wise, both actors were perfect. Nawaz is just genius and Shweta is a beauty to be looked at. Sound in the film is non existent. What I love about this movie is the camera angles. They are so creative and raw. Also, you need to keep your mind awake throughout the movie because the editor has done a bit ‘too good’ of a job. Some places it felt like parts of the movie were missing. You keep wondering where was the build up to this particular scene. You just need to imagine the build up yourself. The climax was a bit shocking and hurried up. There wasn’t enough explanation but I enjoyed it nonetheless. 

Overall, I would give this movie a 7/10 for being so nature like and raw. I surely loved it. Oh, and haramkhor means someone who does something forbidden constantly.


I haven’t watched much Indian films in the cinema. Last one I saw was Ghajini and Salam Namaste and the house was full. This time only less than 10 people arrived to see this one.

I only wanted to see it because of the director. I really loved Omkara and Maqbool. Omkara is my favourite film. Ok, I wanted to see Anuska too and I wasn’t much disappointed.

The first review I read was negative. Then more negativity followed. Only one review was positive but I had made my mind up to see it so I did go.

It is a silly comedy but I guess where alcohol is involved, it is bound to get silly. I do not like silly comedy movies like Golmal and double dhamal. Glamour movies like Dabangg are not my kind too. I like a film with a story and this one had a light story to it.

Imran Khan was just OK. He didn’t shine much but I guess his image of lover boy is getting off. Anuska Sharma was pretty good. I liked her sense of dress and acting was good. Arya Babar, people have praised and he was really good at the role he was given. And lastly the best of the best Pankaj Kapoor stole the show. Really the character he played was complex and he did a great job especially toward the end.

Over all the film was good at times but a couple of points it was downright silly but it can be accepted. I would say Vishal should stick to his usual genres instead of comedy. I would rate this 6 out of 10.

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