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982) Dolly by Susan Hill

Date read: Feb 2017

Me and my wife decided to take the kids to the library and I just wanted something small to read. So I looked around the fiction section while the kids looked at their own books. I didn’t find any. The kids had already picked their books so I went for a final desperate quick search and grabbed this small 153 page novella. My son already called the cover dreadful. It looks pretty scary. 

The story is about two nine year old cousins who spend holidays at their Aunt’s mansion during a summer. The girl cousin, a spoilt brat, wanted a doll for her birthday and she got one. A haunted doll. 

To be honest, there is not much to the story. There are only two main characters and it is the story of their lifetime around the mansion of their Aunt. The supernatural didn’t come for a 100 page. Only a couple of instances were scary. 

I’m going to give this one a 4/10. Mainly I liked the dark and gothic writing. 

981) Anari Part 7 of 9

Author: Ahmed Iqbal

Pages: 270 pages (digest) 

Date read: July 2016

There comes a moment when you are writing a long story when the writer wants to take a break. So what he does is he gives the characters in the story a break. He separates his main character from other usual supporting characters and takes him on a different journey in a different location. It happened in Sarkash when Mehmood Ahmed Moodi took Afzal to Sindh in Part 6. It was amazing. Of course you have to write it good, otherwise the reader will lose interest. 

Like I lost interest reading this. It was too much for Rafeeq. He was getting attacked by Rana (directly or indirectly) from left right and centre so he had to escape to London with Noor. About half of the pages of this part, he spent in London when Elisha kidnaps Noor and then attacks Rafeeq and goes mental. Finally Lord Ernest ended up giving Rafeeq his estate and business. 

All that is fine. The story was irrelevant and the author just kept dragging the story line on and on. The pacing was slow. He just made a mess. And another thing he was trying to give the impression that everyone is desperate to earn some pounds legally or illegally. He would make the characters go to random people and asking them if they wanna do something for five or ten pounds. The dialogues were robotic and repetitive. 

I just can’t wait to finish this story and start Shikari. 

980) Anari Part 6 of 9

Author: Ahmed Iqbal

Read: June/July 2016

Length: 267 pages
The cold war between Rafeeq and Rana continues. A lot of character development in this part. Rafeeq’s parents have been passed away. Sultan is targeting Faryal (she is back in the scene). Noor Jahan’s baby is lost during her accident and she is forced to withdraw from Rafeeq (they are still together but she lives elsewhere) and she has changed her look. She got plastic surgery done because she is a wanted criminal for murdering her husband, Akbar Khan. 

The new lawyer Shahzad betrayed Rabia because they found out he had a wife and a kid. The wife and the kid started living in Sat Badhai while he disappears. Then Rana’s son Zohaib started chatting Rabia up. Then he got captured in Sat Badhai and Rana had to come and release him. 

Chief Minister paid a visit to Sat Badhai for the official opening ceremony of the school and the hospital but the real purpose was to forgive Shami and his gang (the daku in the area) who was going to put his weapons and give in for a peaceful life. But something happens and allegedly the police killed them all but Shamis wife escaped and she says Shami is still alive. 
The story is going down. As I said I have already read this when it was coming out in 2010. Another three or four episodes then new stuff will come. 

973) The Gunslinger by Stephen King (Book 1 of 7 of The Dark Tower Series)

Read on Kindle

Size: 3384 locations

Things have advanced technology wise. The world has moved on, you can say and I am revisiting The Dark Tower. I remember when I first started reading The Gunslinger. It was 18th of December 2003 at midnight. I was listening to Radio and reading this with whatever understanding of English I had. I didn’t know English very well. I just kept reading it even if I don’t understand some of the sentence meanings. After rereading now, I found out that I have missed a lot of things.

This re read has been amazing. I did not have to fall in love with Roland all over again. I was already in love with him and he took me through the start of his journey and I enjoyed it. The first quarter of the book has a dark and perverse theme. Of magic and forbidden things. Talks of demons and supernatural.

The second quarter is about Jake and Roland. How they manage to continue the travel in pursuit of the man in black and the last quarter is when the man in black makes palaver with the gunslinger. Everything just makes so much sense and I will have a good time understanding and reading Roland’s back story in Wizard and Glass.

The only boring parts were Roland’s flashbacks. Although they were interesting, but they were dragging. Apart from that, this book is lovable if you are rereading. For the new readers, just hang in there and read these 300 pages with a bit of a salt. I assure you the awesomeness is going to start in The Drawing Of The Three. Which is up next.


My first proper review on my blog. I am a big fan of The Wheel of Time and this is book 9 of 14 so if you are new to this, you might want to go back and start from book 1. The last book is due release the start of next year so you have about four months left.

Well, first thing is first. Thank God for the winter. I was dreading to see Andor covered in snow and it happened. And what a lovely name to the book: Winter’s Heart.

Most people think the story drags a little bit. I am a bit different. The story does drag but not enough for you to put the book down. The sub plots have scattered all over the world. I think I am a little bit lost tracking where is everybody, which party of Aes Sedai is where. It is all a bit of shambles but you get to know. For example the storyline of Bethamine and Egeanin requires you have a good understanding of the plot in book 4 but luckily I am listening to Audio Books too so hopefully it will clear everything.

Perrin’s POV was fast paced and over in a blink. That’s it. A bit disappointed. Mat’s storyline was dull. I was not even interested in Tuon until she revealed she was the daughter. Then it got interesting. Near at the end his storyline accelerated and came to a kind of cliffhanger.

Elayne’s POV was boring of all but it was good too. I like Andor’s politics and how she manages it. Aviendha was awesome as always. What the hell is wrong with Birgitte? I am beginning to hate that woman.

Egwene was not even in this book and it was for better. Her story I am looking forward to, hopefully in the next book.

And lastly the best and dangerous. Rand. His POV was the best. It was medium paced but you get a feeling that something very epic is about to happen and it does happen with the Choedan Kal. Them last 60 or 70 pages were 10 out of 10. The pace breaks all the barriers resulting Jordan delivering a high class fantasy climax. The way everything connected and locked was amazing. I was amazed by the events that unfolded at the end. And just for that I would say this would be my most favourite novel of all out of the series. Everything was clear and simple yet amazing. This is my problem with Jordan. He makes things difficult so I have a hard time catching up what is happening or what has happened. Maybe it is just me.

This novel is like a pinball machine. You pull the bar, the events unfolding at a steady pace then you release and everything happens so quick and awesome. I think Jordan has written this novel very well and most of all it is executed beautifully. You are in for a rollercoaster.

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