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Breaking Bad Season 5

All good things come to an end and what a #BreakingBadMarathon it was. I’m not happy it is finished but at the same time I feel empty yet satisfied with the ending.

As we know Walt has taken things in his own hand and the guy plans everything all too well. He has a group of dangerous hillbillies working for him. He accomplishes it all but it all comes with a price.

I’m not going to spoil things for you but I think the second half of the season was just superb. The first half was a bit boring. There was a kind of uncomfortable sadness around and the characters were thrown into situations. Some characters die too (not gonna name which ones). There was one death which was pretty sad and emotional. Can you guess which one? I’m sure you can.

The end episodes and the follow up episodes are amazing. I mean just imagine the tension building up through the four seasons and the whole tension has to release and in result you get the last 4 amazing episodes. Worth the watch.

I still like the first two seasons of this drama. The character development is great. The last seasons (especially the 5th)is very dark in tone and I don’t like that but the great acting and storyline backs it up making it one of the greatest shows in this time. And it got an award too.

Overall I would give this drama 9 out of 10 and I would not recommend this to everyone. Personally, I don’t take drugs so some parts were pretty disturbing for me especially the Jesse and Jane part where they use needles. Also there are murders happening ruthlessly and it is very very disturbing. So hold your hearts.

Lastly I would like to tell you my top 3 favorite scenes in the entire series. I did a lot of thinking on what makes a favorite scene in my taste. I think I like the suspense factor more and base my favourites on that usually. 2 out of 3 below are based on suspense.

At number 3 it is when Holly comes in the world. Holly is the daughter of Walt and Skyler and when Skyler goes into labour, Walt is busy securing a million dollar deal which he has to get it in one hour. He gets a phone call from Skyler at the same time and he just sits down holding his head in one head saying no no no. That was a good bit.

At 2, we have this disturbing scene of the guy who is neck chained to a pole with a bike lock. Walt was meant to kill him but he couldn’t. They talk to each other for a long time (a big chunk of the episode). And then Walt had to kill him by pulling the lock back and choking him. I find all that build up between them then suddenly Walt killing him very disturbing.

Finally at number 1, the RIP RV episode was my favourite. I don’t want to spoil this one because it is just so good. There is a lot of suspense here and it makes you jump up to the edge of your seat then back. Makes you forget your breath also.

That’s it for me. Next year they are releasing a Breaking Bad spinoff and it is called Better Call Saul. It will be a comedy prequel kind of thing and will feature more of our favourite Saul Goodman. Please leave a comment down below. I would appreciate it.

Breaking Bad Season 4

Walter White is working for Gus, a drug lord and a business man. Gus is manipulating everyone and weaving people in his own schemes. Walter has to take things in his own hand.

I really enjoyed this season. After the depressing Season 3, you have the usual black humour back and the Gus character develops more. You see him as a cold blooded drug kingpin and he has his malicious web around everybody.

I liked this season better than the last one. Jesse is a cry baby as usual and Walt goes to new heights in his goals. Really intense.

8/10 for the brilliant storyline.


Breaking Bad Season 3

This review will have spoilers.

Season 3 starts off on a good note but it kinda wears down. I don’t mean it’s totally crap but it just gets a little low comparing to its 9 star rating. I will explain it. This is my point of view.

Walt and Sky has a baby girl while Walt makes a seven figure deal with a drug lord (awesome scene by the way in the last season). The drug lord (Gus) sets Walt up a new lab in which he starts making meth.

There is more distance in Walt and Skylar relationship and the whole Ted storyline was just pointless in my situation then she finds out about Walt and his crime and starts to support him? What the hell?

And Jesse is so annoying in this. If it was not for his stupid ass decisions this drama would’ve ended in season 2 but here we are.

The humour is gone and it has become pretty serious. It was my least favourite of all seasons. Season 1 was my favourite. The acting and the storyline was just amazing.

One episode in this season is like the bomb. The RV one. Oh my God, it makes your teeth hurt, that one. Poor hank. That’s all for me.


It just gets better and better. It gets more disturbing and fun too.

The season continues from the previous one where Walt and Jessie are dealing with this crazy guy called Tuco. Walt has cancer and he decides to become a drug manufacturer. Things turn real good for him. But then they go the bad way. It is sad really.

I really liked this season. There were a couple of episodes where you sit at the edge of the seat, teeth together thinking what’s gonna happen. It is just that kind of thing.

The director has taken this one notch up in the drugs department. Fair enough it is a drug themed drama but they show like details of drug needle use and then death by using needles. It is pretty disturbing and graphic so watch at your own risk.

The acting is superb. Bryan and Aaron does the job especially that desert episode is pretty good. It has to be one of my favourite episodes yet.

And oh yeah, that ‘stay away from my territory’ scene was just awesome.



I just can’t tell you about the hype the last season of Breaking Bad has caused (that’s season 5) and it has got a rating of 9.5 which is really good. It actually makes it one of the best drama series ever made.

The word ‘crime drama’ makes me not want to watch. I don’t like crime drama. When I see it, I think about ’24’ or csi or something. But I thought I would give it a go.

It was a brilliant start though. Chemistry is one of the most boring subjects ever for me but this made it all seem fun. Walt is a chemistry teacher and he finds out he has a lung cancer. Something snaps in him and he starts acting like crazy. Crazy as in not the loud ass crazy but cool and calm motherfucking kind of crazy. You know what I mean?

Right from the beginning, you feel you are watching the end of Breaking Bad but it isn’t. The way all the things unfold is amazing. The storyline is just 10/10 and the cliffhangers are there adding a bit of spice.

Another thing is it is beautifully written and some scenes are quite disturbing and bizarre. It is adult themed, mainly drugs which is handled quite well and somehow encouraged too but still I wouldn’t advise young people watching this at all.

I thought I would never like it but after watching season one I realize that this is one of those dramas which made a personal connection with myself. Maybe it is because the characters are so well written you just get attached to them right from the start.

Some of the scenes were really emotional and disturbing and I have two which are my favourites. One is where they have a family talk. The talking pillow scene is just so good. I loved every bit of it although it was sad. Another is the killing of crazy eight. I mean that scene would probably be the most psychologically disturbing scene ever.

Bryan does a great job in playing Walt. He doesn’t let you feel that he is acting. He is Walt and he plays it superbly.

This deserves a 9 out of 10 straight away. Totally watch this if you have a hard heart because there are bumps. Oh yes.