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876) Civil War #7 of 7

I liked the ending of it all though. But one thing is clear. I will never like Tony Stark ever again. And I will love Captain America forever. Steve had to give in himself at the end because for sure they were winning and if it wasn’t for Captain America’s goodness, they would win it. So Hail, Cap.


875) Civil War #6 of 7

The Punisher kinda betrays Cap by killing some guys but he has done one good thing. To get the information about the whereabouts of section 42 where Reed has kept the prisoners in the negative zone. Captain America and his gang reach there only to be confronted by Iron Man and his side. The Young Avenger Hank says that he was a spy in Iron Man’s side and from this side, it was Tigra.

After the exchange of moles, it’s fight time so let’s get the fuck on.


874) Civil War #5 of 7

Spiderman questions his loyalty to Iron Man and thinks if all that happened with Thor was right. He decides to leave but Iron Man stops him and they have a fight. Spiderman gets beaten up by Jester and Jack O Lantern in the sewers when The Punisher rescues him and brings him to Cap’s HQ. Meanwhile Daredevil is captured.


873) Civil War #4 of 7

That Thor isn’t real but a clone created by Reed. And Thor actually kills Goliath ruthlessly which creates some rift between the superheroes. This made some heroes to come over to Cap’s side.

But Reed Richards has more in store. He has created a whole lot of clones. Oh boy.


872) Civil War #3 of 7

Iron Man sets up a trap by burning a factory. This made Cap to come to the place and there Iron Man tells him to give in. But Cap refuses and they all have a fight. Hercules and Daredevil are on Captain America’s side and so am I.

Then something happens and mighty Thor comes in with a lightning bang and I’m like oh fuck. Seriously. That’s what came outta my mouth.


871) Civil War #2 of 7

Captain America is still underground as the Superhero Registration Law passes and the SHIELD soldiers are capturing any superheroes who are not complying. This means that any secret identity will be revealed and probably the most mysterious and secretive superhero comes forward and takes off his mask to show everyone who he is. You guessed it. Spiderman and he is Peter Parker. Omg.


870) Civil War #1 of 7

The government wants to put a registration act on super heroes and Captain America refuses but Tony Stark says go ahead with it. The fight between SHIELD soldiers and Captain America was pretty good. Nice start to this epic event.