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It took me five months to read it. I had plans in mind that when I finish this in September I would read the rest of the books in the series one book a month but as you can see this is December and my Wheel of Time dream is shattered but shatter or no, you try your best to recover, get up and beat that target.

It was a dull book. First of all no climax but I’m OK with that. I’m quite used to with having no climaxes because I read quite a lot of urdu novels and they are like 10 part series and most of the parts don’t have climaxes.

But the thing that bugged me was the fact the story just halted to a stand still. Through the whole book, nothing actually happens except one thing (I’ll give you a hint: basement of the White Tower). And that thing is pretty minor too and none of the main characters.

Perrin’s story was rubbish. Rand was barely in it. Egwene’s story was just OK but that’s where I got stuck for months.

And the interesting thing is that all of the book takes places just before the events at the end of book 9, through the end events and a little bit after. So in my opinion even if you skip the whole book and jump straight into Knife of Dreams with a help of a few spoilers, you are pretty safe. Obviously if you are a die hard Wheel of Time fan then you would read every chapter and every word like me.

It is now my least favourite book in the whole series but I’ll tell you one thing. The cliffhanger at the very end forced a big ‘whaaaaaaaaat?’ out of my mouth. And my brother who was playing Commandos 2 at PC beside was like what?
Just for the record reading The Wheel of Time with a bit of music on is awesome. Normally I sit with my Bro while he plays commandos 2 with the track White Death on, I enjoy my reading.

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