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I did some shopping and went around the cycling store and got a couple of things for the winter.

First is a windproof cap. Last year I bought a large one and it was too big for my head. A couple of months back from today I bought a small/medium one from Trespass and it was too small. It gave me headaches. So you know what to do. Never buy something which says S/M. Seriously how can two sizes fit. It’s either small or medium or large. Here it is. A Gore Bike Wear windproof cap which fit perfectly on my head. It’s snuggly too.


Next is something new. A Specialized Arm Wear. I don’t know why I bought these. Considering I wear t shirts a lot and while biking I have my jacket on, I’ll just slip these thermal arms on. They are quite nice and fit tight.


Next are just a normal pair of linen socks which I could slip under my normal socks and hopefully my feet will stay warm. I have those thick socks (and I mean really thick) too but I heard they stop the blood flow so the feet get cold too soon.


Seriously my hands and feet feel so cold when riding. They didn’t have any linen gloves otherwise I would’ve bought them. I’ll see how my experiment goes with these socks. I’m most excited about the cap because finally I have found a true cap. Fingers crossed.

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