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Hal Jordan has become one of the greatest Green Lanterns of all time. He is also a vital member of the Justice League.
Green Lantern is one of the two white bishops in the Justice League chess set. Like the piece he represents in this collection, he wields great power and can strike suddenly, as if from nowhere. But also like the bishop, overconfidence and reckless behaviour can lead to his downfall.


Wonder Woman – White Queen (#34) plus a free Justice League chess board.

Princess Diana is Wonder Woman, the greatest warrior woman the Amazons have ever known and a powerful member of the Justice League.

As a member of proudly independent warrior tribe, Wonder Woman is no stranger to conflict. Like the White Queen that she represents in the Justice League chess set, she is strong and swift to action. She is courageous in defence of the weak and steadfast in opposition to the forces of evil.


With this issue we get a free Justice League chess board. It is a basic cardboard chess board. Nothing special but will do its job.


371) Nightwing #3: Past And Present

Read 2/5/13

They all attend Haly’s funereal and Nightwing meets up with his old buddy Zane who, he has been told, hires assassins and stuff. Zane makes Dick hallucinate his mum and dad and he feels guilty.

The killer’s name, we find out, is Saiko which means perfect in Japanese.

370) Nightwing #2: Haly’s Wish

Read 1/4/13

Nightwing visits old dying owner of the circus called Haly. He tells Dick some shit I don’t get. He also knows Dick is Nightwing. But the mysterious killer gets to Haly and Haly is forced to tell everything. Nightwing returns and has a fight with the killer and it all ends up Haly being injured.

The DC Chess Collection continues with the inaugural piece of the Justice League set – Superman (White King). As the first superpowered individual to stride the public stage, he was an inspiration for others. His strength and courage make him the ultimate super hero.


The Man of Steel – Superman is a true legend, using his superpowers to confront injustice whenever he finds it. He is the quiet strength and determination of the Justice League. While he is the team’s most powerful member, he allows others to take command, preferring to remain in the background until called upon to act.

Renee Montoya is the new Question, chosen for the role by the previous incarnation, Vic Sage. She is an ex-member of Gotham City PD and has always been driven to seek the truth. She is also the collection’s last white pawn.


This is the last piece of the Batman chess collection. Next is the new collection of Justice League. Issue numbers will continue.

And folks, next issue is the Man of Steel himself, Superman.

Jean-Paul Valley is Azrael, programmed by the Order of Saint Dumas to be their angel of vengeance – until he broke free to become a hero in his own right. Azrael is also a white pawn, fighting for the Dark Knight’s forces.


Killer Croc is a ferocious killer, a mutant throwback to humanity’s most primeval instincts. Quick and deadly, he has proven to be one of Batman’s most dangerous foes. He is also one of the set’s two black rooks.


Two more to go folks. Next issue is… I’ll tell you in two weeks.

While the Ventriloquist is Arnold Wesker, the real power lies with his dummy, Scarface, who seems to have a mysterious hold over Wesker. Together they form one of Gotham City’s strangest duos – and the collection’s latest black pawn.


Cassandra Cain was raised by her father, the assassin David Cain, to be his deadly successor. Instead she chose a path of a hero as Black Bat. She also fights for Batman as one of the collection’s white pawns.


Stunning entry. Absolutely love it. But guess who is next? I’ll give you a clue. It is Batman’s one of the most strangest foes.  Have a guess, guys.