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Polar Wearlink +

This is a bluetooth HRM which enables it to connect to a bluetooth device like your mobile phone. It connects to applications like Endomondo and other fitness applications.


The strap is very good quality and when you put it on, it is very comfortable. The monitor runs on a battery which it says last 150 hours.

I’ve kinda damaged the opening bit of the battery. I just didn’t use the right coin which is a 10p and also I didn’t turn it hard. I went slow and the sides have kinda melted and now I can’t turn it.

It’s good so far. Make sure you wet it then connect it. Connecting with Endomondo is easy. I’m gonna have fun with this working out.

I have just sat and worked out all my cycling stats. It is quite interesting. What I have done is I have split them into years and put in categories like 10+ miles, 20+, 30+, 40+, 50+ and so on. Over the next three posts I will list all the miles I have done (arranged by year, of course). I won’t count any below 10 miles as it will clutter up the whole stats. And just for the fun I have put these into trophies so 10+ miles will be bronze. 20+, 30+, 40+ will be silver. 50+ miles will be gold and 100+ miles will be platinum. So it will be interested to see how many have I collected so far. So we shall start by the year 2011 which I will list it in my next post.


edit: I have decided not to list all the miles as it will be unnecessary and the list will be too long so I have summarized everything in a page called ‘Cycling Stats’. I will only update that page yearly whereas the main trophies bit at the top of the blog will be updated regularly.

Early start for me. 5 am I was up and ready. Had a little breakfast and by five to six I was on the road. It was pretty dark but on the eastern horizon you could see the light.

I went towards Airth passing the nice baking aromas of the Airth Bakery with my mouth watery. Riding along the banks of River Forth, on my left hand side there is something I call The Dark Trees. Basically it is a plain of grass then lots of green tree together and there is darkness between the trees no matter what time of the the day it is. It is this contrast of dark green and black that makes it beautiful and every time I pass it, I am completely stunned by the beauty of this. Okay I think I am a bit exaggerating but you have to see this. Then passing the Stirling hills on my right, I see them every single day but from close up they are something to look at too. Coming to Bridge of Allan, you could see the Wallace monument  at one side and Stirling castle on the other.



I didn’t stop here (well just stopped to take a couple of pics) but instead going through my Doune route, I went towards Dunblane. This is the first time I am ever seeing this little town in my 7 years here. Obviously if I had come here last Sunday it would be mobbed because Andy Murray who had won a New York tennis tournament had come here and I heard the streets were so busy and the motorways were shut too. Oh it is a dream to cycle on the motorway. Sigh.

I stopped here for a break. Had something to eat and took a 15 min break. Then carried on. Through Doune and then turning right on the Kirk Ln towards Gargunnock. This little stretch of road is amazing. You could see amazing hills right in front of you with the sun coming out on your left.



I turned left towards Stirling and then onto my normal back road toward home. I had a banana left to eat so I ate it while riding the bike. Finally I reached home doing 41 miles in 3 hours and 1 min. I didn’t try to be greedy and do 50 miles like the last time.


So here we are. I normally do a ride of the month and I picked this particular ride as my Ride of the Month.

I started off at 6 in the morning. The sun was just peeking out. I had left my sun shades at work so I had to wear my transparent ones which I mostly use for night riding. So I checked my bike and headed out. The first thing that hit me was the coldness. It was not windy but there was damp cold in the air which chilled me. But it only remained for 15 mins then my body adapted to the weather. This is one of the best things about a human body that it adapts to whatever the situation is. Not extreme situations but you have to be prepared for it and dress accordingly. The best time to test this is riding in January. I’ve cycled at minus three and you don’t really need an insulation for legs and arms or chest. You have to make sure your feet are properly safe and snug, your hands and lastly your ears. These three parts bug me a lot.

So I rode my way through then quiet busy roads and up my way towards Slamannan. I always loved this town. I was not expecting so much climbing but there were hills so I climbed never coming off the bike. The only time I had to stop and get off the bike when I had to take photos. And that was my big problem. The music player on my phone kept crashing and I had to stop to fix it. Taking photos cost me but it was worth it.


I climbed and climbed to Slamannan. There was a little bit of up and down after and then finally I reached Black Loch, the highlight of this ride. I actually have seen it before last year when I was doing Freshnlo Pedal For Scotland 2011. I really loved the scenery.


I had a little break as I was 13 miles in. I carried on taking a last look at this favourite loch of mine. This stretch of road was amazing. Up and down and quiet. Reminiscent of last year, this little stretch to Avonbridge I particularly enjoyed.


I bought a bottle of water from a shop in Avonbridge and made my way up the road. There was a yellow road sign saying this road will be closed for Pedal For Scotland 2012 next week. I felt a bit sad as I am not going to attend this year because I have a wedding coming up. I had registered and even my number had come through the post. Number 299. Oh well, nothing can be done now.

There was a good amount of climb after Avon. I was around 650 feet up which was ok. I started to see school kids now in the little villages. And I came across this little village called


which was pretty awesome. It was quite small though. I came to Shieldhill and turned right down. Yes I said down and it was a full descent for 2 miles. I hit 36.4 mph down that and it was fast and amazing. This was worth the whole ride. I am more of a fan of ascent and like a good climb but oh boy that descent was worth it. That made me join my normal route and 26 miles in I took a last break and had a sandwich from Tesco. Three more miles and I would reach home and that I did. 9 am. Took me 2 and a half hours excluding breaks.

I was expecting it to be and easy ride but all that climbing got me but I really enjoyed it to name it my ride of the month.

Black Loch

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