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979) Book: The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King

Date started: 14/2/16
Date finished: 30/6/16
Length: 4275 loc
Format: Kindle Paperwhite


After the Drawing of the Three, this medieval fantasy book was on my list of the road to Dark Tower. I am reading the connecting books in order following the mahfah (a blog post) list.

This was different. In a way, I am glad that I have finished it. It is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you like reading horror and drama then this is not for you. If you like reading Game of Thrones and the Wheel of Time then this is for you. Filled with narrations and everything. The reason it is connected to the Dark Tower is because the story happens in Delain, the world Roland the gunslinger comes from and the antagonist is a magician called Flagg. Yes, you got that right. The same Flagg from The Stand and the Dark Tower series. Except here he is different. In a way I felt he was more scarier than he was in The Stand. I know people will not agree with me here but that’s just how I feel.

The story is about a young king who gets prisoned wrongly accused of murdering his own father, the king. Flagg sees that the prince is imprisoned for life but the boy is brave and clever. A simple story with simple characters. That’s what I loved about it. And if you don’t mind reading chunky narrations and detail then this is for you.

I wanted to read this story quickly so I could move on to my next story and I am pretty excited to read that one. It is called The Talisman. I am going to start that now.

And also I am going on holidays next week for one week so I won’t be reading The Talisman but I’m gonna take a physical copy of Pet Semetary with me. Its short and easy. I think it would do a good holiday read.

623) Kissxsis Volume 2

Chapter 7: Piss Off

Mum and dad leave for new years party and Ako makes dinner. The three of them sit on the table and Ako leaves for some reason. Riko and Keita start fighting with legs under the table like kids and Keita puts his foot on her private part by mistake and she starts getting wet and enjoys it and she wants him to keep doing it but Ako finally comes and ruins the show. Riko is definitely the kinkier one lol

Chapter 8: Full Of Memories

It’s new year and the schools are off and the parents are away leaving the children alone. Surprisingly, the girls have been drinking and they are drunk. Riko wants to pee and she can’t get up and Keita helps her get up and take her to the toilet. She even gets him to drop her panties and watch her pee and then get him to wipe her clean. She is definitely the kinkier one now after this issue.
They have changed the names to Aka and Rika and I don’t like it a bit.

Chapter 9: Between Confusion And Frustration

The sisters have decided that they will leave Keita alone and there will be no kisses and he needs to study hard. But they can’t resist as Ako knocks on the door and they kiss full on but Riko comes in interrupting. In the other room, their pervy parents want Keita to marry one of her step sisters or both (but it’s not possible in Japan).

Chapter 10: The Reason To Be Full Of Confidence

It’s valentine’s day and everyone is giving chocolates. Ako made chocolate for Keita and she says she is gonna make more snacks. Meanwhile Riko comes with a chocolate lipstick which she assumes a friend made. She put it on her lips and made Keita lick her lips. Things heat up and they start kissing until Ako smashes a tray of snacks on Keita’s head and she is angry. And it was Ako who made the chocolate lipstick.

Chapter 11: A Good Feeling Tool

Keita wants a lucky charm for his exams and Ako and Riko decide to give him their pubic hair. So they pluck some out fantasising about Keita and give it to him. Keita doesn’t know but he wears it around his bag.

Chapter 12: 1, 2, 3P

A friend of Keita leaves a porn magazine in his room called ‘slut sisters x2’ and Riko and Ako find it and think Keita wants to have sex with them. So they both set up a dummy and ride it till they cum. They practice it then think about applying it to Keita. Keita is starting to like all of this secretly.

Definitely one step up in the pervert department. The sisters try everything to get their hands on Keita. The story is good and it’s funny.


The last book ever written by Robert Jordan before he passed away. It was a sudden and sad news. I didn’t know it until I seriously started reading The Wheel of Time in 2011.

This book was a bomb. It was beautiful, amazing and awesome. Comparing to the last two books, this one rips the sky. The pace shoots up, to an extent where you think things are happening way too fast. I’m pretty much gonna say what other KoD reviews have said, that the unanswered questions have been answered. 90 percent of the mysteries have been solved. All the subplots which were the part of the last couple of novel’s time halting pace have been tidied up and solved.

It is now time to move on. Time for Tarmon Gai’don but the Creator had other plans. Sadly, Jordan passed away and Brandon Sanderson had taken over the writing.

The only character which shone through the whole novel was Perrin, then Elayne and maybe a little bit of Mat. The last three chapters were really high class fantasy and to be honest they make up to the slow pace of the previous novels.

That’s it from me. Until next time, farewell.

By the way can you take a guess which novel I’m going to review next? Take a guess, go on. Please comment.

It took me five months to read it. I had plans in mind that when I finish this in September I would read the rest of the books in the series one book a month but as you can see this is December and my Wheel of Time dream is shattered but shatter or no, you try your best to recover, get up and beat that target.

It was a dull book. First of all no climax but I’m OK with that. I’m quite used to with having no climaxes because I read quite a lot of urdu novels and they are like 10 part series and most of the parts don’t have climaxes.

But the thing that bugged me was the fact the story just halted to a stand still. Through the whole book, nothing actually happens except one thing (I’ll give you a hint: basement of the White Tower). And that thing is pretty minor too and none of the main characters.

Perrin’s story was rubbish. Rand was barely in it. Egwene’s story was just OK but that’s where I got stuck for months.

And the interesting thing is that all of the book takes places just before the events at the end of book 9, through the end events and a little bit after. So in my opinion even if you skip the whole book and jump straight into Knife of Dreams with a help of a few spoilers, you are pretty safe. Obviously if you are a die hard Wheel of Time fan then you would read every chapter and every word like me.

It is now my least favourite book in the whole series but I’ll tell you one thing. The cliffhanger at the very end forced a big ‘whaaaaaaaaat?’ out of my mouth. And my brother who was playing Commandos 2 at PC beside was like what?
Just for the record reading The Wheel of Time with a bit of music on is awesome. Normally I sit with my Bro while he plays commandos 2 with the track White Death on, I enjoy my reading.


My first proper review on my blog. I am a big fan of The Wheel of Time and this is book 9 of 14 so if you are new to this, you might want to go back and start from book 1. The last book is due release the start of next year so you have about four months left.

Well, first thing is first. Thank God for the winter. I was dreading to see Andor covered in snow and it happened. And what a lovely name to the book: Winter’s Heart.

Most people think the story drags a little bit. I am a bit different. The story does drag but not enough for you to put the book down. The sub plots have scattered all over the world. I think I am a little bit lost tracking where is everybody, which party of Aes Sedai is where. It is all a bit of shambles but you get to know. For example the storyline of Bethamine and Egeanin requires you have a good understanding of the plot in book 4 but luckily I am listening to Audio Books too so hopefully it will clear everything.

Perrin’s POV was fast paced and over in a blink. That’s it. A bit disappointed. Mat’s storyline was dull. I was not even interested in Tuon until she revealed she was the daughter. Then it got interesting. Near at the end his storyline accelerated and came to a kind of cliffhanger.

Elayne’s POV was boring of all but it was good too. I like Andor’s politics and how she manages it. Aviendha was awesome as always. What the hell is wrong with Birgitte? I am beginning to hate that woman.

Egwene was not even in this book and it was for better. Her story I am looking forward to, hopefully in the next book.

And lastly the best and dangerous. Rand. His POV was the best. It was medium paced but you get a feeling that something very epic is about to happen and it does happen with the Choedan Kal. Them last 60 or 70 pages were 10 out of 10. The pace breaks all the barriers resulting Jordan delivering a high class fantasy climax. The way everything connected and locked was amazing. I was amazed by the events that unfolded at the end. And just for that I would say this would be my most favourite novel of all out of the series. Everything was clear and simple yet amazing. This is my problem with Jordan. He makes things difficult so I have a hard time catching up what is happening or what has happened. Maybe it is just me.

This novel is like a pinball machine. You pull the bar, the events unfolding at a steady pace then you release and everything happens so quick and awesome. I think Jordan has written this novel very well and most of all it is executed beautifully. You are in for a rollercoaster.