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So two veteran and versatile actors go head to head in this movie. Yes, I mean the amazing Tabu and my childhood hero Ajay Devgan (oh I remember fighting like him after watching ‘Jaan’ and ‘Jung’, even my grandmother caught me acting like him haha). This film is just amazing. There are a couple of faults in it but acting wise, Ajay nailed it. I just love him in a serious role. All those comedies are useless and Singham, just please don’t embarrass me.

This movie is about family and what’s right and what’s wrong. Drishyam basically means visuals and it is, I believe, used in a deceptive way. I don’t know much hindi.

The whole movie Ajay and his family put a mask of innocence on from the police and they get away with. I won’t spoil much for you but let’s say they had to do acting in an acting role. That’s hard.

There wasn’t much music to it but one song particularly stick with me. Ajay had a beautiful wife and two daughters and they were all amazing. The actress who plays his wife is from south so her hindi was a bit out of place and I think the whole her was out of place. She was two beautiful to be his wife (he is a fourth fail and some cable guy and they have a huge house and throughout the movie they show the struggle with the money. Doesn’t make sense).

Tabu handled her role really well being a police officer and an emotional distressed mother too. She played with her character really well.

Overall, I loved this movie. Kept me glued for 2 and a half hours. I’m sure it will keep you glued too. There were things in it which were pretty much predictable but one thing in particular will blow your mind and you have to praise the story writer for it. I’ll leave that thing to your imagination. Peace.


Film: Deadpool (2016)


Deadpool and me don’t go a long way back. In fact I started reading Deadpool on and off was when UK publisher was publishing Wolverine/Deadpool. It was about Civil War time. Since then I read him on and off. I don’t know much about him but this film gave me a good insight about him.

Personally, let me tell you something about me. I’m not a humour fan (Bollywood spoiled it for me, seriously) but crude humour is something I could go with. But still the genre here is action/comedy. I would rather watch some dark serious film rather than a comedy. Having said that, this movie was not that bad. Deadpool is just being Deadpool, this crazy mercenary with a mouth which runs like a motor.

This is an origin story and a love story. This is also an R rated movie but 15 in UK (that was a surprise, I was expecting 18). It had a lot of fucks and motherfuckers and shits in it, had a sex scene and some sexual humour which you really expect in a Deadpool movie.

I liked the movie for its action sequences and fast paced story. It was awesome. I didn’t get all of the one liners and references so I think the humour was a bit advanced level. You couldn’t understand unless you know the reference like one reference which was my favourite is ‘Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret’ and there was blood involved. Of course it is from a novel by Judy Blume (which I used to read embarrassingly) and it dealt with a teenage girl who experienced her first period (and thanks to Stephen King for introducing me to girls periods from Carrie lol).

The music is awesome. The first one is an Indian classic, ‘Mera joota hai japani’ being played in Dopinder’s taxi. The best was DMX’s X Gon Give It To Ya. Took me back to when I was 16 and when we would blast DMX out (remember Exit Wounds?)

The love story element was good and in place. There was a kinky chemistry between Vanessa (Deadpool’s love interest) and Wade Wilson. The particular sex scene was just amazing and the chemistry was just superb and the sequence it was shot in was good. I loved how they started off really crude mentioning the uncle/uncles bit and that decided their relationship. I think that was particularly hot. Thank God, she had her proper hair later on in the movie. I just had Halle Barry hairstyle.

Okay, now we come to the best bit of the movie and the bit which I loved the most. It was the addition of Colossus as an X-Men. Colossus and his trainee Warhead appeared throughout the movie correcting and sometimes helping Deadpool. It actually showed the true meaning of being an X-Men because Deadpool can’t be an X-Men because he kills all the time but Colossus thinks he can be a part of their team. Just having to watch Colossus there was amazing. It gave me a 70s X-Men comics feel where everyone worked together to get things done. Also the battle Colossus vs Angel, how Colossus eventually overcame her was amazing because you could actually see the experience shining out from Colossus. Made me think of all the Danger room training sessions he had been gone through. Truly amazing.

So overall it was a good film. I was expecting more over 18 stuff and all that but they can’t really show serious dark violence with a comedy going on. But it was good. I’ll give it 6.5 out of 10.

But one day what I would like to see is a dark and disturbing over 18s psychological Batman thriller. That’s what I wanna see..


We normally watch the superhero movies in the cinema. So I decided to go and watch this as it had been a while. I knew what to expect from this one though. Tons of space battles and stuff which I’m not a big fan of. The only other space film I watched in the cinema was Star Trek: The wrath of Khan and Star Wars: Episode I back in 2001.

As I said I am not very much a fan of space battles yet I seem to like them too somehow. Because this film brought back my childhood memories when we used to watch Star Trek on the TV all the time. I guess I am a confused soul when it comes to space films. Like them or not?

First of all, the film is filled with 80s music which is not everyone’s cup of tea. Star Trek (2013) was filled with classical music which was pretty much OK with me but still sounded a bit out of place. The music is good but probably good for those people who listened to it back in the day. This really explained why there were 40 to 45 olds in the house. So really you had to be a late 70s  baby to get the music. Unless you’re just into the music anyway. Anyway, moving on.

Let me just quickly go through the story because it is not very much impressive. Peter Quill steals an orb which he wants to sell but the orb is special and some forces are behind it, seeking it. Ronan the accuser and Thanos are interested. The whole film revolves around this stone which is very powerful and could destroy the whole galaxy.

The story is a bit lame but what make this movie is the characters. It is the characters who you fall in love with. We have a lot of characters here. Peter Quill, Gamora, Rocket, Drax, Groot, Yondu and even Ronan if you are a fan of him.

Every character gets enough screen time and you simply fall in love with them. The comedy was just near perfect. There were quite a few laugh out loud moments which made me laugh too, I’m surprised. The romance between Peter and Gamora is just perfect. There is a part where Peter gets close to Gamora and they begin to dance. I just loved that. I love Zoe Saldana and the way she portrayed Gamora, she gets 10/10. It is because of her I came to watch the film. In the end I will list my top five characters/moments.

The action was good. The space battles were really good. You know what is going on and who is who. Yondu and his arrow rocked. And I mean really rocked. He had so much less screen time but he was awesome. The least appealing character to me was Peter Quill himself. I know it sounds weird but I didn’t much like him. I think Rocket, Gamora and Groot literally stole the show.

I would rate this movie 8/10 if you can get past the 80s music. It was alright. I don’t mind. Now for my top five characters/moments. Starting from the bottom:

5)Groot: He was awesome. Innocent yet somehow clever too. I loved the end bit especially. Such a nice scene (no spoilers) it made my insides move with emotion.

4) Rocket’s comedy. Really he was the star of the movie. Keeping the movie alive with his talking and yapping. Missed him at the end but he played his role alright.

3) Yondu: This bad ass space pirate got less screen time but he rocked it man. Especially with his arrow and whistle and that bad ass accent, he’s at number 3.

2) Gamora played by Zoe Saldana: I love Zoe. Loved her in Star Trek and she came back. I already tweeted that she is made for superhero movies. She is a superb actress and I’m really a big fan of her. One of the scenes in this movie was a romantic situation between her and Peter. And the way she looked with her purple streaked hair, just perfect. The romance was well shown but a kiss at the end would have been lovely. Or did they kiss? I didn’t catch it.

1: You can guess. Go on. Yes, it is Thanos himself. He gets a little cameo and let me tell you, he fucking rocks it. He is such a motherfucker sitting on that seat. He owned that scene. It is a shame you only get to see him only once. Ronan is a pussy compared to Thanos. We want to see more of Thanos.

This movie was certainly better than the likes of Thor 2(I didn’t like that one). It was just almost perfect. 8/10, yo.




Trishna is a wise village girl who is the provider of her poor family since her dad had an accident. A strange man meets her and offers her a job which she takes. Then things go right and wrong at the same time and both plunge into a relationship from which they cannot come out.

This is a very hard film to review. Maybe because I didn’t really get it but it is based on a 1891 novel called Tess of the D’Urbervilles. The director just changed the setting to India.

The problem with Trishna is she is quite innocent (I think submissive is the right word here) and she doesn’t really think on her own. So this stranger, Jay, takes her to work in his hotel, then they move to Mumbai even though Trishna has good work. Her sense of decision making is completely zero.

But things turn really ugly. Jay starts to use her wrongly and she is forced to take a step which takes you unexpectedly.

The film is very hard to understand. Mainly because it didn’t develop very well like it should be. Half way through the film and you have no idea where the film is going. At the end, it turns very sexual and disturbing and it all happens very sudden. And then the ending. It is intense.

After watching it, there is an emptiness inside you and you feel sad. Your brain tries to figure out what happened and you just don’t get it. Maybe it’s a cue that you have to watch it again and watch I will.

6/10 for the nice camera work and story. The acting was average from Riz Ahmed as Jay and Freida Pinto as Trishna.

I wasn’t going to write this review until I read Tess of the D’Urbervilles but the novel is one of its kind. It’s brilliant and I’m half way through.


Thor: The Dark World

I went to see this in cinema and I wasn’t really looking forward to seeing it as I’m not a big fan of Thor. Even though I liked the first film and not because of Loki. It was because it had some kind of story to it.

The Dark World lacked that. And it also lacked character development. Things once again start with Loki and finish with Loki leaving us with an unsatisfied ending (I’m talking about the twist. It was so stupid).

When the trailer came out, I was like oh no Loki again. But his acting was good out of all of them. Thor and the rest was just average. The part where Thor’s mother defends herself was probably the best part out of the whole film.

All that Lokiness and then throw a bit of crap alien invasion for the story and you have a very unsatisfied film. Should have stick to one thing.


And the post credits scene. Didn’t really make sense. What the hell is going on?



Okay, finally I have watched it after a long time starting. I left the ending and came back in three weeks to finish it. It is a B grade film. Low budget and for the adult audience so expect some rude words.

It is about a school boy, Sahil, who falls in love with a summer teacher. Falling in love is a wrong term here although it is implied in the film. He falls in lust with her and confuses lust with love. The teacher, Anita, is a smart one and she is quite sensible and tells him this is wrong. In the end, they end up in good and bad terms. I won’t spoil much.

Anita is of course played by Poonam Pandey, a sex goddess in the industry. Her acting was average in this film. She looks good until she opens her mouth. I do not find her voice sexy at all. That’s my opinion. I wouldn’t mind a silent sexy film.

There are so many flaws in this film. Story wise and shooting wise. Hell, even at one point you could see the shadow of the cameras and the production team. Very poor editing.

Sahil spends half of his team running like a maniac. He is a confused kid. More confused after watching his new sexy teacher jogging around the area in small shorts. Sahil is a regular masturbator and he has a girlfriend. Yet he still falls in love with Anita. Correction, he lusts her. This is not a love story. It is misleading and wrong.

There are good bits in the film too. Things take a complicated turn when Anita’s boyfriend shows up and he teases Sahil for loving his girlfriend. His acting is good and eventually he exits the story making a way for Sahil to get to Anita.

Another good bit is the candle one and the slipping of the white sheet. Here I have to say the music in this film is superb. I love how it makes a scene very dramatic especially the candle one where Poonam Pandey (thanking the director) never speaks. I love that.

Overall I like the film once you ignore the obvious editing flaws and the fact that it is a lust story wrapped in a concept of love story. Actually the very last message of Anita is this in simpler words: ‘It was a nice fuck. See you again’. Finally Sahil goes back to his friends and his girlfriend who accepts him and he goes back to his usual trying-unsuccessfully-to-rip-a-condom-packet. Was it all a lovely dream? I rate it 4/10.

The promotion and the trailer of this film put the impression that Poonam Pandey is going to play a role of a seductress but oh how wrong it is.

I went to watch Iron Man 3 last night and I was blown away by how amazing it was. Iron Man was awesome whereas Iron Man 2 kind of dipped down for me. I mean Machine vs Machine is kind of over rated.

This was awesome. A whole new concept. I am just glad this was not just another machine vs machine film. Something different and awesome. I won’t spoil it. Let’s just say it is something that will make you jump out of your seats.

Robert Jr was amazing. I mean he is Iron Man, the perfect one. There wasn’t much humour throughout the whole film because it was more of a darker toned film because we get to see Tony not in his normal being. Plus tradegies happen which makes Tony even more vulnerable but he fights his demons. He really does try. Humour wise I think it was really rushed at the end. Literally every line Tony says was funny which I really enjoyed. The ending scene was remarkable. At points it made me jump out of my seat.

I really loved how it all ended and how Tony wrapped up the trilogy. Yes, call it a trilogy because it is in the news that Robert might not do more Iron Man films because his contract has ended. Even my opinion is that this film has surpassed all the levels of awesomeness and it just could not get anymore better. Yes, start a new trilogy with a new actor which would be really hard because Robert is Iron Man and Marvel would think twice for doing it.

I’m going to give it 8.3 out of 10. Some emotional moments in there too so brace yourselves. Even more better if you have watched the previous two films too.

I am in Pakistan at the moment. Attending my brother’s wedding. On the plane I had planned I would watch at least something. First I started watching Revolution drama series episode 3 (I had already watched the first two) but I had to leave it for my 5 year old son wanted to play a game of chess. We spent two and a half hours playing that. We lost at the end.

Then I started watching Mangal Panday. Aamir Khan stars in this film set in 1857. It is about how the army started a rebellion against East India Company because the company was not meeting the religious requirements of the Indian soldiers. It is also called the first war of independence 1857. Pretty good film.

I would give this 8 out of 10.

It is showing on Sky movies at the moment.

I watched first two, the second one in the cinema. Both were good but this one was a bit of a disappointment. Same old crap with the neurolyser. It’s been over played for the last 10 years. The joke is old. The storyline was good but confusing since it was about time travel. Not much of the alien world is shown. The only good thing was Will Smith cracking a couple of good jokes but over all a poor directed film. You could just see it. I could anyway.

4 out of 10.

I took my son to see Oz the Great and Powerful. He was just so happy that we were going to see a movie. He didn’t even ask me which movie. He was obviously expecting a cartoon movie because the last one we saw was Madagascar 3. Fifteen minutes in he asked me what is this movie and I had to tell him it’s called Oz and he is like Ozzo. He can’t pronounce it.

Oz was good but not as good as Madagascar 3. It was slow at bits but it kept us at the edge of the seats. It certainly kept my son glued for couple of hours. Mila Kunis was great. First half anyway. But I didn’t quite like the main character. Johnny Depp would’ve been a good one. My favourite was the monkey but again not much of him was shown. Some parts it felt like he has disappeared and the China girl was absolutely amazing. I loved the special effects.

It was great. It was a battle between good and evil and by the way I haven’t watched the original The Wizard of Oz 1939 so I don’t know the story at all.

Quite satisfying. I would give it 7 out of 10.