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920) Gotham Academy #6: Pizza Club

Croc was best friends with Olive’s mother so that’s why he saved her. They escape through the tunnels from Batman. Master Damian Wayne steals the diary of Olive’s mother and joins Gotham Academy.

919) Gotham Academy #5

Olive finally finds a lizard man under the tunnels who is an escapee from Arkham. The whole team then helps to find the guy and they become friends when Batman comes in at the end.

909) Gotham Academy End Game One Shot: Joker Jitters

So far the best End Game One Shot. All the students are gathered in tents while the Joker Zombies roam outside. Pomeline and Olive share Joker Stories which I really enjoyed.

826) Gotham Academy #4: The Secret Of The Symbol

Olive and Maps finally crack the symbol and Olive finds a secret passageway which runs along the rooms of the dorm. A guy is living there and there is a photo of Olive’s mother.

805) Gotham Academy #3: The Ghost In The North Hall

Olive and Maps have this map to the north hall where they see suspicious activity so with a help of a school thief, they break in and find a monster in a hole. I enjoyed reading this. By the end of issue 2, I thought this story was going nowhere but atleast it is moving.

755) Gotham Academy #2: The Diary Of Millie Jane Cobblepot

Olive finds a book in the library during her reading called The Diary Of Millie Jane Cobblepot and she keeps it but a girl she doesn’t like grabs it. Later on she battles with her own problems and she and her friend maps goes to the old cemetery to find some people doing some weird spell under a tomb. They have the book there. Millie grabs it and she is possessive about it saying ‘After all I’m my mother’s daughter’.

679) Gotham Academy #1: Welcome To Gotham Academy

New series about ghosts in Gotham, I take it. Starts off with two girls who are friends. Students experience some paranormal activity in the ancient academy they are reading. The girl who narrates first person is Olive.

Pretty good. I gave it 2.5/5. Art is good and writing is not bad too.

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