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550) New X-Men #154: Here Comes Tomorrow (4 of 4) Conclusion

There is a big twist at the end which I loved. So Logan talks to phoenix about how she was with the X-Men and all that. And she believes. Meanwhile Beast injects himself with something which powers his body more but Phoenix is already against him and she has such amazing power. She says and it happens. She turns Beast back and she also does something very amazing. She changes the past where Scott would go lonely and die. She changes it to ‘live Scott’ and we see Scott and Emma kissing 150 years back.

So Jean changes the past and makes Scott and Emma together and prevents these Here Comes Tomorrow events from happening.

549) New X-Men #153: Here Comes Tomorrow (3 of 4)

The Phoenix wants to destroy the world and now it’s upto the X-Men to save it. Logan and the Cuckoos are still alive.

547) New X-Men #151: Here Comes Tomorrow (1 of 4)

A mixture of future and past is shown. Still a bit confused where this story is going. Cyclops buries Jean again.

546) New X-Men #150: Planet X (5 of 5) Conclusion

It all ends here. The whole team comes to defeat Magneto who is having trouble to convince people that it is him and he is not dead. Finally Phoenix comes and Magneto ends up killing her in a magnetic way. Jean and Phoenix dies once again in Scott’s arms. Good riddance.

545) New X-Men #149: Planet X (4 of 5)

Cyclops and Fantomex come in the scene. Magneto uses the drug to keep his power high. One by one his companions leave. Angel and Beak leave too and Magneto turns to Charles seeking an explanation why won’t anybody listen to him. Charles has a rather weird experience about Jean. It leaves us at an unexplained cliff hanger.

544) New X-Men #148: Planet X (3 of 5)

What an issue. I give it 5 Stars. Logan and Jean are in Asteroid M which is steering toward the sun. Magneto talks to Charles about his usual homo sapiens stuff. Jean feels like dying. They both share some emotions which ends in Logan slicing through Jean to relieve her of her pain. Then he carries her out of the door and the burning sun is there.

543) New X-Men #147: Planet X (2 of 5)

Magneto has caused havoc in New York City. He has literally turned the city upside down smashing all the bridges and every metal thing. The X-Men are nowhere to be seen.

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