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542) New X-Men #146: Planet X (1 of 5)

Logan is still in the space ship which gets destroys and Cyclops escapes in the space ship of Fantomex. Jean leaves the school and Sooraya has some problems of her own. She gets out of control and the whole cerebra room becomes a dust storm . Finally Xorn contains her in a jar. When asked by Charles to release her, Xorn refuses and he lifts his helmet revealing that he is Magneto.

Omg I did not see that coming.

541) New X-Men #145: Assault On Weapon Plus (4 of 4)

They follow Weapon XV to the base space station where Logan finds out about his past in a file. All about the work done on Weapon X. Fantomex finds about himself.

I did not particularly enjoy this arc. It was too Sci Fi for me. I wanna get back to the school please. And hopefully the Bachalo period is away. Thank god.

540) New X-Men #144: Assault On Weapon Plus (3 of 4) The Flesh

They are searching for weapon XV, the latest in the experiments and it emerges defeating the three of them and escaping from the dome. Pretty dangerous weapon to be on the loose.

539) New X-Men #143: Assault On Weapon Plus (2 of 4) The World

Cyclops, Fantomex and Wolverine travel to UK in this dome which they call the World. In it they experiment the weapons. Human weapons. They have gone up to weapon fifteen.

538) New X-Men #142: Assault On Weapon Plus (1 of 4) Brimstone And Whiskey

Scott is at the Hellfire Club drowning his sorrows and getting drunk. Logan comes and comforts him in his own way. Logan wants him to go with him on a mission to find more things about Weapon Plus but Scott is too drunk.

537) New X-Men #141: Murder At The Mansion (3 of 3)

Sage finds herself in a shack full of larvae eggs and Beak and Angel confirms they have been mating and producing eggs and they did not want anybody to know. Esme leaves the cuckoos and Bishop finds out that Esme used Angel to pull the trigger. This was a good murder mystery. Hank has put the pieces together and Jean tries to put it together telekinetically.

Seriously what is it with Phoenix. I really hate Jean. She over reacts too much.

536) New X-Men #140: Murder At The Mansion (2 of 3)

Bishop and Sage come to the school as detectives and they question everybody. Hank tries to gather all the pieces of diamonds and tries to fit them like a jigsaw. And suddenly Beak comes and confesses that he is the one who shot Emma and he is the one who has been selling Kick.

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