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916) Green Arrow #40: Kingdom Chapter 6

The team raid the King’s building but King had Mia kidnapped and he asks Green Arrow to come where he is. He goes there and they have a fight. After a dramatic fight, Green Arrow ends up beating King and putting him in the prison. Nice conclusion to this story arc.

915) Green Arrow #39: Kingdom Chapter 5

Felicity gets kidnapped and imprisoned and Oliver rescues her in under two minutes. Now Batman and his friends have teamed up with Green Arrow.

The art is kind of childish and blocky. Could’ve been better. Good story. Nobody looks like from the show. That’s what I mean. Felicity looks like an old hag in these issue. They need a good fucking artist.

828) Green Arrow #38: The Kingdom Chapter 4: Public Enemy

Green Lantern comes and helps Green  Arrow saving the city and his ass too but now Mr. King is turning the people of city against Green Arrow which is not a good news. Really.

806) Green Arrow #37: Kingdom Chapter 3: Subjects

He likes to call himself John King and he has subjects all around him ready to take whoever out on his orders. Mia is already captured and Ollie and his gang were trapped when they jumped off the fundraiser balloon and saved by the Green Lantern. The story continues.

777) Green Arrow #36: Kingdom Chapter 2: Mia

Felicity joins the crew and she is good in tracking and hacking computers. Green Arrow saves Mia as they are escaping with her captive but then the Black Archer comes in. He is Merlyn. (I know him from the TV series)

681) Green Arrow #35: Foundation (Kingdom Chapter 1)

Ollie is Green Arrow and he is too busy saving his city. He is that busy that he declines a superb opportunity to make the world a better place from two of the wealthiest men (Bruce Wayne and Lex Luther). Ollie is just too full of ego and stubborn. And there is a certain guy who is looking for Mia (I take it that’s Oliver’s sister).