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717) New X-Men Academy X #19: House Divided (4 of 4)

The team decides to bring down the whole Genesis project when Sunfire the Emperor interrupts and they have a fight but then a bright light comes. That’s House of M event over. Hope things will go back to normal and we’ll get to see Sooriya in a burqa :p

716) New X-Men Academy X #18: House Divided (3 of 4)

Laurie Garrison is the spy here and when the Hellions and New Mutants attack the Sapien meeting, it was Laurie who they identified as a spy and now she released all her her pheromones on everybody. Looks like SHIELD is cooking this Genesis programme. Tut SHIELD.

715) New X-Men Academy X #17: House Divided (2 of 4)

Noriko runs from SHIELD and she joins the new mutants who raids on a meeting of Sapien League. On the side of the world in Tokyo, Hellions meet Sunfire the Emperor and he says that Noriko should be here to track down her father.

It’s going good. Atleast I can understand it unlike the Excalibur shit in Uncanny.

714) New X-Men Academy X #16: House Divided (1 of 4)

An House of M event, takes place in an alternative reality. Most of the Hellions are New Mutants and most of New Mutants are Hellions. The Hellions are working with SHIELD now and they are given an assignment to track down a terrorist who turns out to be Noriko’s father. Noriko goes to David (her bf) for help. Meanwhile Laurie (New Mutants) and her father, the famous therapist, are undercover SHIELD agents.

697) House of M #8 (8 of 8)

The result of Wanda’s words is that millions of mutants across the world have lost their powers and it all reduced to hundreds. Some still have their powers(which I don’t get).

The X-Men travel to Genosha to find Magneto lost his power. They ask him where Xavier and his children are but he couldn’t answer.

696) House of M #7 (7 of 8)

What an issue. So much emotions are packed in this one issue. It was just amazing. Scarlet Witch is one of my favourite characters and this issue was all about her and about the twisted relationship between Magneto and his twins.

So the team of superheroes fight on Genosha and Doctor Strange finds out that it wasn’t Magneto who convinced Wanda to use the powers to change the world but it was Pietro, her brother. When Magneto finds this, he lashes out on Pietro and injures him so bad. Wanda is broke and teary over this and she completely loses it and says the three words that will shape the future: No more Mutants.

I’ll give 4.5 out of 5. Really amazing. Have to read it again. Best.

695) House of M #6 (6 of 8)

Cyclops takes the charge of this group of ‘awake’ superheroes and now they travel to Genosha (hijacking the SHIELD heli carrier thanks to Emma). Upon reaching Genosha, they split up in three teams. Layla, Emma and Cloak go to find Xavier. They find his grave though and there Cloak tells that there is no body. It is just dirt. So there is still hope.

694) House of M #5 (5 of 8)

Emma tells the little girl Layla that she has good powers. Slowly they start turning all the X-Men and Avengers and they all came to know the truth that Magneto and his mental daughter has created a whole new world. At that moment when the team is having a meeting, SHIELD agents (Kurt, Mystique, Rogue etc) attack but Layla does her magic and now they have one mission: To get to Magneto and find out where Xavier is.

693) House of M #4 (4 of 8)

Wolverine meets Luke Cage and Hawkeye and there is a little girl whose power is to make them remember the right thing. They go to Cyclops house and confront Emma there. The little girl does something weird and suddenly Emma remembers everything.

692) House of M #3 (3 of 8)

This issue was all about Wolverine and I really liked the action in this issue. Wolverine remembers the previous life. He knows something is wrong. Why is he here? He travels to the Xavier Institute and finds out that nobody remembers anything. He tries to escape from SHIELD on a bike when he is absorbed by a guy in a black cloak.