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769) Kissxsis Volume 8

42. “An Extremely Strange Seaside Story”(世にも奇妙な海物語 “Yonimo Kimyō na Umi Monogatari”?)
The six of them (five females and one male) enjoy their day at the beach and when they checked in the hotel, Kiryuu had booked three rooms (one for females and one for males) but the hotel says that only two triple rooms are available. So they fight over who will get to be with Keita. They play the number game. In the evening they go to the lighthouse. Miharu is with Keita and they go first. The lighthouse is said to be cursed and have bad omens. We will find out in the next chapter.

43. “An Embarrassing Spot” (お恥ずかしいシミ “Ohazukashi Ishimi”?)
Mikuni’s bladder is full and she wants to piss in her pants. Keita decides to prank her and scared so he hides in the sea and come back. She pisses in her pants and it falls on Keita’s face and everything. They wait for the other groups.

44. “A Beautiful Evening” (よよいの宵”Yoyoino Shō”?)
After the lighthouse, the next evening all the girls get together for a bath. They find out that they need to share the bath because it is public so Mikazuki takes off all of her clothes. And Kiryuu Sensei we all know likes to be watched. Apparently it runs in the family. So everyone, with different reluctancy levels, take off their clothes and further compare their boobs and everything. Miharu is the last. She is shy and when she falls down in the pool and exposes her body, all the predictions came true. She has a furry pussy.

45. “The Teacher’s Job” (教師のオシゴト”Kyōshi no Oshigoto”?)
Once again the debate heats up about who will sleep with Keita. Kiryuu is against it that siblings should sleep together so they have a vote and it passes. AkoRiko are sleeping with Keita.

46. “Bad Battle Tactics” (ヨロしくない状況”Yoro Shikunai Joukyō”?)
Kiryuu Sensei goes to check the siblings. Instead she is curious and starts to feel Keita’s dick from his pants. Then she goes to the bathroom. Keita is up sleep walking and he walks in the bathroom and walks out after realising it is too bright then he walks into Miharu’s room and hugs her piercing his thingy in her
She is excited and tells all about it in the morning.

47. “What Happened in the Middle of the Night” (ヨナカの出来事 “Yonaka no Dekigoto”?)
Mikazuki owns this chapter as she talks to her sister about what she was doing in the bathroom early morning and what she was doing in Keita’s room in the middle of the room. kiryuu was masturbating in the toilet thinking of Keita and Mika caught her.

48. “Manipulating Your Younger Brother”(支配される弟 “Shihai Sareru Otōto”?)
A Riko chapter. Any Riko chapter I love because Riko is my favourite character. It is her turn with Keita as she has already arranged it with Ako. Ako will get the next day. So Riko gets close and they kiss. Then Riko says I love you to Keita and Keita was just gonna respond when Kiryuu butts in. She was watching all this all along.

768) Naruto Manga Volume 13: The Chunin Exam, Concluded (Chapters 109-117) (13/01/15)

109. “Tree Leaves, Dancing…!!” (木の葉、舞い…!! “Konoha, mai…!!”?)
We get to know about the importance of Shikamaru, how brave and calm and collected he is. Finally Sasuke makes an entry and a dramatic one.

110. “At Long Last…!!” (いよいよ…!! “Iyo iyo…!!”?)
So they call Gaara downstairs and he takes his time taking the stairs. That’s what this chapter is about lol let the battle begin already.

111. “Sasuke vs. Gaara!!” (サスケVS我愛羅!!?)
Gaara finally begins to move and makes a clone out of his sand.

112. “Sasuke’s Taijutsu…!!” (サスケの体術…!! “Sasuke no taijutsu…!!”?)
Sasuke uses Lee’s speed and Taijutsu to break through Gaara’s shield. He got the moves earlier using his Sharingan. Now Gaara has used all of his sand to make a total defense.

113. “The Reason He Was Late…!!” (遅刻の理由…!! “Chikoku no ryū…!!”?)
Sasuke has been learning a technique to master a special kind of jutsu and he is just applying that on Gaara’s defense.

114. “Violent Assault…!!” (強襲…!!”Kyōshū…!!”?)
The security Anbu people are Kabuto’s people in disguise and when they saw Gaara fail, they start their own operation.

115. “The Chûnin Exam, Concluded…!!” (中忍試験、終了…!! “Chūnin shiken, shūryō…!!”?)
The Chunin Exams are over and Orochimaru has captured The Hokage under the knife.

116. “Operation Destroy Konoha…!!” (木ノ葉崩し…!! “Konoha kuzushi…!!”?)
Orochimaru has Hokage on top of the tower while Kakashi beats the traitors and gives Sakura an A Class Mission.

117. “The Imparted Mission…!!” (下された任務…!! “Kudasareta ninmu…!!”?)
Kakashi gives a mission to Naruto, Sakura and Shikamaru to get Sasuke and take him to a safe location. Meanwhile Orochimaru and Hokage have started fighting and it certainly seems like an interesting fight.

767) Naruto Manga Volume 12: The Great Flight (Chapters 100-108) (12/01/15)

100. “Prepared to Lose…!!” (玉砕覚悟!!”Gyokusai kakugo!!”?)
Its Neji vs Naruto and Naruto starts off with his Kage jutsu but Neji sees through the clones but he is mistaken. Naruto finally gets through.

101. “The Other…!!” (もう一つの…!! “Mō hitotsu no…!!”?)
Neji blasts Naruto with 64 punches which paralyses his chakra. Interesting fight.

102. “The Caged Bird…!!” (籠の中の鳥…!!”Kago no naka no tori…!!”?)
Neji talks about his clan, how he was cursed and how his father was killed by the main Hyuga family. And how he is going to kill Naruto now.

103. “The Failure!!” (落ちこぼれ!!”Ochigobore!!”?)
Neji is going at Naruto with the intention to kill as he had closed Naruto’s chakra points but Naruto has a second type of chakra too. The nine tails chakra. When he summons it, everyone is shocked.

104. “The Power to Change…!!” (変える力…!!”Kaeru chikara…!!”?)
Naruto fights with Neji big time and wins this battle.

105. “The Great Flight!!” (大いなる飛翔!! “Ōi naru hishō!!”?)
Finally Neji learns his lesson and gets his shit together.

106. “Sasuke Forfeits…?!” (サスケ失格…!?”Sasuke shikkaku…!?”?)
Sasuke didn’t come so the match is pushed back until he comes. He isn’t disqualified.

107. “The Boy with No Fighting Spirit!!” (やる気ゼロの男!! “Yaruki zero no otoko!!”?)
The Battle is now between Shikamaru and Tenmari. I also thought Shikamaru was a girl but he’s a boy now. This match is wait and decide. Shikamaru is in the shadows. He is a planner and that is exactly what he is doing.

108. “A Plot Within a Plot…?!” (勝利への伏線…!? “Shōri e no fukasen…!?”?)
Shikamaru actually captures Temari with his shadow move using the holes in the ground. But he gives up as he comes near Temari because he has no strength. So Temari is the winner.

766) Naruto Manga Volume 11: Impassioned Efforts (Chapters 91-99) (11/01/15)

91. “Make Me Your Disciple?!” (弟子入り志願!? “Deshi’iri shigan!?”?)
A new guy enters called Jiraiya Sama and he examines the seal of nine tails on Naruto’s body.

92. “Konoha. vs. Sound vs. Sand” (木ノ葉と音と砂と…!! “Konoha to Oto to Suna to…!!”?)
Jiraiya teaches Naruto to use his red nine tail chakra and use it for various jutsus. Meanwhile the spies of Orochimaru kills a leaf teacher.

93. “Impassioned Efforts… Each and Every One!!” (熱情…それぞれ!! “Netsujō… sorezore!!”?)
Lee does not want to give up. Sasuke is kinda missing. The Jounin had a meeting on top of a mountain. Ino and Sakura have a girly conversation and Naruto is doing shit at his training as usual.

94. “The Key…!!” (鍵…!! “Kagi…!!”?)
People are questioning that if Hokage Sama can actually defeat Orochimaru.

95. “A Chance Encounter…!!” (邂逅…!!”Kaikō…!!”?)
A lot of politics are going with the leaf and sand village. The sand village is teaming up with the sound to destroy the leaf. Meanwhile Naruto has successfully been able to get the red Chakra.

96. “The Unexpected Visitor!!” (突然の来訪者!! “Totsuzen no raihōsha!!”?)
Gaara visits the hospital to kill Lee (I think) but Naruto finds out and interrupts. How did Naruto end up in the hospital? He summons a big huge arrogant toad which smashes him on the ground.

97. “My Reason for Living…!!” (在り続ける理由!! “Ari tsuzukeru wake!!”?)
Gaara was trying to kill Lee but Naruto stops him and Gaara tell them his story. How he was a monster and the only thing that keeps him alive is killing people.

98. “The Proud Failure!!” (誇り高き失敗者!!”Hokori takaki shippaisha!!”?)
Naruto, on his way to the main tournament, bumps into Hinata and they have a warm conversation. Naruto, as always, is so stuck up and big headed and Hinata is just Hinata. Now the main event starts.

99. “The Finals Commence…!!” (本線、開始っ…!! “Honsen, kaishi…!!”?)
Sasuke is missing from the hospital. If he does not come by the time of his match then he is gonna lose. But first up is Naruto vs Neji.

765) Naruto Manga Volume 10: A Splendid Ninja (Chapters 82-90) (10/01/15)

82. “Lee’s Secret!!” (リーの秘密!! “Rī no himitsu!!”?)
Lee vs Gaara. Gaara’s protection is the sand regardless of his will, the sand is there to protect him but Lee is fast and a specialist in Taijutsu so he breaks in and manages to hit Gaara.

83. “The Ultimate Defense… Crumbles?!” (絶対防御•崩壊!? “Zettai hōgyo, hōkai!?”?)
Thin layer of sand covers Gaara’s skin and he is protected but Lee breaks through it. He decides to perform the Lotus on Gaara and when he does, he finds out that it missed. Now Gaara attacks.

84. “The Genius of Hard Work…!!” (努力の天才…!! “Doryoku no tensai…!!”?)
Lee is shattered and he remembers his times with Gai Sensei, how he used to be hopeless but hard working and determined. This gives him motivation to stand up and fight.

85. “Now, of All Times…!!” (今こそ…!! “Ima koso…!!”?)
What a chapter. Lee goes in the extreme lotus state and opens up the gates within his body to gain more strength and then he starts to smash Gaara around like a doll.

86. “A Splendid Ninja…!!” (立派な忍者…!!”Rippa na ninja…!!”?)
Lee smashes Gaara which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. But then Gaara performs Desert Coffin and Lee is down, all worn out already. Winner is Gaara but Lee won all the hearts.

87. “The Preliminaries… Completed!!” (予選終了…!! “Yosen shūryō…!!”?)
Choji versus the sound guy and the sound guy wins. Lee is really unstable and the medical team will have to work hard to restore him.

88. “What About Sasuke…?!” (サスケは…!?”Sasuke wa…!?”?)
The prelims are over and the hokage gave the remaining students one month to prepare themselves and get to know their enemies better. Meanwhile Orochimaru uses Kabuto to kill Sasuke but Kakashi is there at the hospital where Sasuke is treated.

89. “Naruto’s Wish…!!” (ナルトのお願い…!!”Naruto no onegai…!!”?)
Kabuto runs into Kakashi and he manages to escape. Hokage explains the final tournament. It’s Neji vs Naruto and Sasuke vs Gaara plus others.

90. “What About My Training?!” (修業どーすんだ!? “Shūgyō dōsun’da!?”?)
Naruto gets training from his new teacher on how to control chakra and all that.

The first half of this volume was great but it was good overall.

764) Naruto Manga Volume 9: Neji vs Hinata (Chapters 73-81) (09/01/15)

73. “A Declaration of Defeat…?!” (敗北宣言…!? “Haiboku sengen…!?”?)
Sakura actually defeats the mind control. She forces Ino out of her head and with both having low chakra, they finally have a go one last time and both knock themselves out so it is a draw. In the next match, one of the sand students win.

74. “The Sixth Round Match, and Then…!!”(第六回戦…そして!! “Dairoku kaisen… soshite!!”?)
Interesting battle between the sound nin and other shadow boy. Next is Naruto vs Kiba (this is particularly interesting to me because in the video game I play as Naruto and my son usually selects Kiba because he is his favourite character to play)

75. “Naruto’s Coming-of-Age…!!” (ナルトの成長…!! “Naruto no seichō…!!”?)
It’s Naruto vs Kiba. They play warming up with Naruto making a clone of Akamaru (Kiba’s dog) in the smoke and attacking him. Now the real serious battle begins.

76. “Kiba Turns the Tables… and So Does Naruto?!” (キバの逆転!! ナルトの逆転 !!?”Kiba no gyukuten!! Naruto no gyukuten!!?”?)

77. “Naruto’s Clever Scheme!!” (ナルトの奇策!! “Naruto no kisaku!!”?)
Kiba is overcoming Naruto so Naruto has an idea. He transforms into a Kiba and then attacks. Now all three (including his dog) look like Kiba and in the end Kiba ends up blowing his own dog. It’s sad but Naruto wins.

78. “Neji and Hinata” (ネジとヒナタ “Neji to Hinata”?)
Neji and Hinata belong to the same house but Hinata belongs to the main house while Neji a branch house. They also possess an ability like Sharingan but a bit different. Hinata, as always, is nervous and Neji using his special ability makes her more nervous mentally. Hinata is sweating until she gets reassurance from Naruto.

79. “The Hyuga Clan” (日向一族 “Hyūga ichizoku”?)
Loved this chapter. Neji can actually see the chakra flow and control points in Hinata. All he needs to do is apply pressure and the damage is done. Neji does some damage but Hinata is not the one to lose.

80. “The Outer Limits” (限界を超えて…”Genkai o koete…”?)
Neji goes over the top trying to finish Hinata once and for all but he gets interrupted by the teachers.

81. “Gaara Versus…” (我愛羅vs…?)
Naruto vows to fight and destroy Neji because of what he did to Hinata. Hinata barely survives. Next up is what you’ve all been waiting for. Gaara vs Rock Lee. Now this is going to be good.

763) Naruto Manga Volume 8: Life And Death Battles (Chapters 64-72) (08/01/15)

64. “Lord Hokage’s Message…!!” (火影の伝令…!! “Hokage no denrei…!!”?)
The scrolls has a summoning jutsu and it summons Iruke. He congrats them on passing the exam. Naruto is super happy. Somewhere else Hokage tells his team that they get ready for Orichamaru.

65. “Life-and-Death Battles!!” (命懸けの戦い!! “Inochigake no tatakai!!”?)
Everyone is present in front of Hokage and all the Senseis. Hokage Sama begins to explain the third test. He says it is deadly and there is going to be a preliminary for it just to reduce the numbers.

66. “Sakura’s Advice” (サクラの勧告 “Sakura no kankoku”?)
Sakura wants Sasuke to quit because of his curse but he is stubborn. The preliminary will consist of battles with each other. Out of 20, ten will survive. First battle is Sasuke vs Yoroi.

67. “Unholy Gifts!” (異端なる能力!! “Itan naru nōryoku!!”?)
Sasuke is up against Yoroi and his special power is to absorb chakra so Sasuke is all worn out but he delivers a final kick. Probably be the decisive kick.

68. “Blood of the Uchiha” (うちはの血!!”Uchiha no chi!!”?)
Sasuke kicks his butt even with his curse coming and he controlling it with his will. Finally he performs a Taijutsu he Sharinganed from Lee and wins this match.

69. “The Deadly Visitor!!” (恐怖の訪問者!!”Kyōfu no hōmonsha!!”?)
Orochimaru visits Kakashi who is sealing Sasuke’s curse up. While Shino and Zaku fight.

70. “The One Who Dies!!” (死ぬのは…!?”Shinu no wa…!?”?)
Shino wins with his insects thing. The next match Kankuro wins with his puppet jutsu. Next match is, however, an interesting one. Sakura vs Ino.

71. “The Insurmountable Wall…!!” (高すぎる壁…!! “Takasugiru kabe…!!”?)
We see some flashbacks of Ino and Sakura. They are ready to fight.

72. “Rivals…!!” (拮抗…!! “Kikkō…!!”?)
Sakura and Ino are going even until Ino decides to do her mind control thing and actually seem to be successful.

I’m beginning to love Sakura. I love her character. Enjoyed it.

762) Naruto Manga Volume 7: The Path You Should Tread (Chapters 55-63) (07/01/15)

55. “No Holds Barred!!” (全面戦争!! “Zenmen sensō!!”?)
Ino’s team fights against the sound nins and later Lee’s team arrive too. By this time a weird and cool Sasuke wakes up with the curse seal all over his arm and half of his face.

56. “The Strength That is Given…!!” (与えられし力…!! “Ataerareshi chikara…!!”?)
Sasuke beats them one by one with his abnormal Chakra and power. But it fades away when Sakura grabs him and begs him to stop. The sound guy gives them the scroll and takes his leave.

57. “Ten Hours Earlier…” (10時間前 “Jū jikan mae”?)
Sakura and Lee are friends now cuz Lee stood up for Sakura. Naruto doesn’t have a clue what is going on as usual. Meanwhile at the Tower, Anko says the exams must continue even if Orichamaru has appeared. The video guy shows a video where the sand team has already won in a record amount of time.

58. “Witnesses…!!” (目撃者…!!”Mokugekisha…!!”?)
Gaara fights with some other group. He successfully blocks all the moves. Even the teachers are curious after finding out Gaara’s true potential.

59. “The Tragedy of the Sand!!” (砂の惨劇!!”Suna no sangeki!!”?)
Gaara makes it rain blood with sand mixed and it was an amazing fight to witness. Kiya and Hinata are secretly watching them and they decide to back off Since Gaara is too powerful. All this happens within the first few hours of the start of the competition.

60. “The Last Chance…!!” (ラストチャンス…!! “Rasuto Chansu…!!”?)
Sakura’s team need the scrolls and Naruto comes up with an idea that they should open it. But one of teachers called Kabuto comes and tells them not to break rules. He was just passing through to the Tower.

61. “The Path You Should Tread…!!” (進むべき道…!! “Susumubeki michi…!!”?)
Naruto and team head toward the tower under the guidance of Kabuto who says that there are powerful enemies out there near the tower.

62. “Trapped Like Rats!!” (袋のネズミ…!!”Fukuro no nezumi…!!”?)
The enemy has so many clones out and Naruto does a kage jutsu to drive them away.

63. “One More Face” (もう一つの顔 “Mō hitotsu no kao”?)
Naruto beats all the clones and gets the scroll. Sasuke begins to doubt Kabuto and we find out that Kabuto is actually a spy working for Orichamaru gathering the information about Sasuke. In the end, Naruto and team decide to open the scroll after reading information on the wall about the scrolls.

761) Naruto Manga Volume 6: Sakura’s Decision (Chapters 46-54) (06/01/15)

46. “The Password is…” (合言葉は…!!”Aikotoba wa…!!”?)
They have entered the forest but the enemies keep attacking. Someone has become a fake Naruto but Sasuke recongizes him and puts a codeword between the team.

47. “Predator!!” (捕食者!! “Hoshokusha!!”?)
A snake has swallowed Naruto and a viper lady attacks Sasuke and Sakura. She turns into Naruto first but when Sasuke busts her cover, she turns into a snake and fights. In the end Naruto, once again comes to rescue.

48. “The Target is…!!” (その目的は…!! “Sono mokuteki wa…!!”?)
The snake lady is a guy actually. Anyway he summons a huge snake and tries to beat Naruto but Naruto becomes strong and his eyes become of a fox. Everyone is shocked to see this.

49. “Coward…!!” (臆病者…!!”Okubyōmono…!!”?)
Some mysterious entities have entered the forest who killed three students and took their faces. One of them is the snake guy Sasuke is fighting. Sasuke turns his Sharingan on and the snake guy is impressed. He sucks Sasuke’s neck and then goes away giving him a last present. Naruto is still down.

50. “I’ve Got to…!!” (私が…!! “Watashi ga…!!”?)
Anko (the test examiner) goes to find the mysterious guy who is called Orichamaru. Anko was his student in one time. Ori says that he wants Sasuke but Anko doesn’t want this to happen. Meanwhile Naruto and Sasuke both are down and now it is upto Sakura to protect them.

51. “Beauty is the Beast!!” (美しき野獣…!!”Utsukushiki yajū…!!”?)
Sakura is in danger and Rock Lee comes to the rescue doing Spinning Leaf Jutsu.
52. “The Principles of Use!!” (使用の条件!!”Shō no jōken!!”?)
Lee uses the forbidden Lotus technique to overcome his three enemies. This move puts heavy strain on his muscle fibres. He is worn out.

53. “Sakura’s Decision!!” (サクラの決意!!”Sakura no ketsui!!”?)
I’m in love with this character called Sakura. I want to see her fight bravely and I am witnessing it. Lee is down and Sakura is hopeless and outnumbered but she makes a decision. To fight and protect.

54. “Sakura and Ino” (サクラといの “Sakura to Ino”?)
Best chapter so far. Sakura fights with all she got while Ino and her team watches from the bushes. At the end Ino decides to help Sakura after reminiscing the past rivalry between them.

I really enjoyed this volume. 7/10.

760) Naruto Manga Volume 5: The Challengers (Chapters 37-45) (04/01/15)

37. “A Total Mismatch!!!” (最悪の相性…!!”Saiaku no aishō…!!”?)
Rock Lee wants to fight Sasuke and he is strong. Sasuke turns his Sharingan on and still he can’t read Lee’s moves. That’s because he is doing Taijutsu which is inferior to Ninjutsu. At the end Lee becomes a huge tortoise.

38. “On Your Mark” (“START…!!”?)
Lee is gonna beat the crap out of Sasuke when Lee’s Sensei, Gai, stepped in who is even more freakier than Lee. He scolds Lee and they say farewell going to their classes.

39. “The Challengers!!” (挑戦者たち!!”Chōsensha-tachi!!”?)
The Challengers are introduced. Sasuke and the team finds out that all the other Genins have completed C Rank missions so they are good.

40. “The First Test” (第一の試験!! “Daiichi no shiken!!”?)
The first test is a written test announced by the examiner. Naruto hates it so it is up to Sasuke and Sakura to pull this one.

41. “The Whisper of Demons” (悪魔の囁き…!? “Akuma no sasayaki…!?”?)
The points system actually encourages the students to cheat. It actually checks your ability to sneak and how well you can do stuff secretly. Pretty good chapter. Everyone is cheating silently except Naruto who hasn’t a clue still.

42. “To Each His Own” (それぞれの闘い…!!”Sorezore no tatakai…!!”?)
Hinata wants Naruto to copy her and different people use different Jutsu to copy others. The tenth question isn’t revealed and now the time has come for the tenth question.

43. “The Tenth Question” (第10問目…!!”Daijū monme…!!”?)
The tenth question was a weird one. Basically the teacher says anyone who wishes not to take can raise their hand and they fail. If you decide to take it and get it wrong then forever you’ll be a genin. Some students take the leave. Naruto was the last to raise his hand after a lot of inner struggle. The teacher congratulates to the students who are seated. They have passed.

44. “The Talents We Test For” (試された資質…!! “Tamesareta shishitsu…!!”?)
Naruto and the rest are through to the second exam which is going to take place in The Forest of Death.

45. “The Second Exam” (第二の試験!!) “Daini no shiken!!”?)
The Forest of Death has a tower in the middle and teams are being handed black or white scrolls and a team had to enter the tower with both coloured scrolls. So they have to fight each other for the other colour of scroll. Let’s go.