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911) Justice League #39: Amazo Virus Part 4 of 4

The cure was in Superman’s frozen breath of something. Nice start and build up to the arc but shit ending. Could be better. But I’m happy to see Green Lantern back at the end of this issue. Surprise surprise.

792) Justice League #38: The Amazo Virus Chapter 3: The Secret

Batman is infected and they have the patient zero. Lex wakes Neutron up to find out who is looking for him but superman and Wonder Woman came in with an infected Batman. Lex reveals that Patient Zero’s blood is useless but in Superman’s blood there might be a cure because four years ago he created this virus to kill Superman but it didn’t work.

Superman and Lex were just arguing when they are blasted out of the building. Then the whole infected Justice League wakes up and they are diseased and dangerous.

791) Justice League #37: The Amazo Virus Chapter 2: Patient Zero

Normally these kinda story arcs finish at finding the patient zero and making the cure but this one is different. You have an assassin called Bullet at one hand looking for Lex for some unknown reason.

On the other hand Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman fight the monster patient zero and at the end Batman’s face mask has been shattered and he’s been exposed. Great. Next is the power of Batman. Going to be interesting.

779) Justice League #36: The Amazo Virus Chapter One: Quarantine

Pretty good issue. Batman and Superman are on the deserted streets which are infected. The infected people get superpowers for a bit then they die.
Someone is after Lex but Lex must find patient zero if he has to make a cure. Then Supes and Bats find a bit monster.

4.5 outta 5. Loved this issue.

725) Justice League #35: The Amazo Virus (Prologue: The Outbreak)

As we all know Lex Corps and Wayne Industries are one now and Lex Luther wants Bruce to see all of his assets and corporation. Justice League is on the ready as they suspect Lex is still hiding something. Lex shows Bruce around even his own private kab where they meet Lex’s sister.

Someone attacks the building to kill Lex. Lex runs towards a wall and behind the wall is his robot which he activates but it is damaged and it erupts revealing a container with ‘Amazo Virus’  written on it and it is on. The infection is on and spreading.

684) Justice League #34: Unlikely Allies

Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne share their businesses now but Bruce is kind of suspicious from Lex still. Which turns out to be true because Lex is meeting up with Owlman who wants Superman’s child.

Didn’t really knew what was going on but enjoyed reading this anyway.

457) Justice League #2 : Justice League Part 2

Superman starts fighting with Batman and Green Lantern and Flash comes in to rescue. The enemy leaves a box kind of thing which they start investigating until it explodes. Kaboom. And it hits Victor who is the son of the STAR labs in charge.