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Film: Mom

Posted on: July 9, 2017

31) Film: Mom (2017) (Review + breakdown analysis) 

Seriously, at first I thought it was mom as in candle wax and I didn’t fully get it until the end when a character actually says mom then it hit me in the face that it is actually mom as in mother. How stupid of me. Just because we, here in the UK, aren’t used to the word mom. It’s normally mum. 

But anyway, I knew a Sridevi movie is out and that’s it. I caught a small glimpse of her on TV and that was it. I’m a fan of Sridevi and have been watching her from the age of four (remember Mr. India? We watched the shit out of that VHS over and over again). We didn’t plan to watch this movie. My other half wanted to go out and I was reluctant but finally agreed. Our children refused to go (son wanted to play lego and daughter just sided with her brother. Bless them) so me and my other half went and it was like a spontaneous date and I asked her if she wanted to watch this movie called mom. And to my surprise, she knew a lot about the movie than I did. Two Pakistani actors starred in this. Brilliant. I did took a peek at the reviews but didn’t really mind them much because my favourite actors were playing in the movie. Nawazuddin, Akshay Khanna, Sridevi and Sajal Ali (the Pakistani girl). 

The opening scene was superb. It set the whole story and told me a lot about the direction it was going to take. Sridevi’s character, Devki, is a feisty one, determined and bold. She is stepmother to Arya, played by Sajal Ali. The story is about rape and revenge, even though the critics say it is not about a typical revenge. I felt it was. It just shows how people can manipulate and beat the system to show themselves innocent and roam free. That’s what happened in this movie and the mother decided to take revenge. The movie is as realistic as it can get. As a woman, Devki is still the woman in that country, fearful and cautious. Still, her hands shake when plotting a revenge. Still she makes mistakes. It shows how helpless a man or a woman can get. 

The music was almost none but good. The camera was just too good. I loved every bit of it. The shots were taken in such creative ways that every camera angle was an addition to the plot and the characters. The acting is good overall. Loved Nawazuddin and Akshay. Sajal deserves a standing ovation for her performance. There was a scene where she just screams and screams and it cut through my heart like a dagger. Seriously, good acting. 

The only downside to the movie was the editing. The editor didn’t do a good job. The film could be 20 minutes shorter and shone like a diamond. I felt that scenes were dragging too much. Like for example, Devki’s crying scene when she first sees Arya in the hospital just kept going on and on. It very much needed a cut and be tightened. Too long and it felt like Sridevi was trying too hard. Her acting is excellent but the editing could make it perfect. Same with the rape scene and other scenes. Good editing is always gold. 

I really enjoyed the first half of the movie so I’m going to give it 8/10. The second half can get 6/10 because of loose tension and editing. 

Read on if you have already watched the movie and are interesting in analysis. 

Breakdown and Analysis (spoiler alert) 

So the first scene starts off with Devki entering her classroom to teach her students some biology. Her personality is shown very friendly (she even demonstrates body muscle groups by showing a buff picture of Salman Khan). Her step daughter is the student in the class and she receives a dirty video by this boy sitting two desks away from her. Devki handles the situation aggressively by throwing the phone out of the window. That shows that she can be bold and can do anything. That sets the tone of the whole movie and also her personality. 

The family is very organised. Devki has a husband (who is also a Pakistani actor) who runs a business. The only tension in the family is in between Arya (Devki’s step daughter) and Devki. It is a one sided tension from Arya’s side. This thing hasn’t been clearly explained. Why Arya isn’t still comfortable with her step mother when there is nothing wrong with her. You see Arya complaining to her father that he has forgotten his first wife and stuff like that. There’s a moment when Arya is literally dying and unable to move in a hospital bed and Devki advances towards to help her by putting a bed pan under her sheets so she can relieve herself. What Arya does is pulls the curtain between her and Devki. I found that to be very extreme. Why does Devki deserve this kind of treatment? And that heart stopping screams of Arya when she sees Devki in her room. That could be the best scene of the entire movie. It is only at the end when Arya finds out that it was actually Devki who was taking revenge, she utters the word ‘mom’. Before that, she always called her ma’am. 

So the next big act is the rape itself. This scene itself is genius. Love the way the tension was built. Valentine’s party. Arya is there. The guy who sent her the dirty video from the first scene is there (Mohit) and other guys are there too. Mohit goes up and talks to her but gets rejected. Then this other guy goes up to her with a drugged drink. Arya’s friend ends up having the drink. Then a criminal minded guy just grabs her outside and they all throw her in the jeep. The jeep drives slowly through the deserted night streets and you have the aerial top down view of it with a strange menacing music. The jeep stops, two guys come out, switch driving positions and it continues. The scene is dragging too long. It should be edited. But she was thrown on a roadside finally. Arya was gangraped. 

She is discovered and transferred to a hospital. Devki breakdowns giving her performance but the scene is again dragging in my opinion. I hate to see and think that she over acted in that scene. I don’t want to say that but the poor editing is making me think like that. I adore Sridevi’s acting. 

The next minutes, we are shown the court case where the boys are able to beat the justice system and come innocent. Even crime branch specialist Mathew (Akshay Khanna) couldn’t do anything. Devki is just disappointed and hires a detective called DK (Nawazuddin) who gives her information about the gang of boys. 

Nawazuddin is like the master of acting. He brings the humour out of nowhere and it makes you smile. He plays his humorous witty detective very well. His ending scene is brilliantly done where he stares at his heart then looks up as if saying ‘kiya boss? Bas issi baat pe jaan le li? Kiya itni sasti hai zindagi?’ 

So Devki murders the gang one by one until one guy remains. Same guy who actually abducted Arya. The criminal. Right at the end, when the criminal had beaten Devki and gone outside to search for Arya, I wished Devki would just turn into this NH10’s Anushka and just beat the crap out of that criminal. But then I thought realistically. This is an everyday woman. Even plotting revenge, sneaking into someone’s house and then tripping there and not freaking out needed courage. But that courage came with fear also. You can see her hands shaking with fear throughout the movie. So right at the end, she couldn’t do it. She couldn’t get up, grab an axe and split the guy’s head in half. In fact right at the end, when Arya uttered the word mom after she came to know that it was actually her step mother all along who had been plotting revenge, only then Devki shot the guy with Matthew’s pistol. Yes, the police man gave Devki his weapon to shoot the criminal. Then the scene of the re-uniting and hugging was dragged for ages and we left. 

The first scene, the rape scene and the scream scene were the back bone of this movie. But hats off to Sridevi. It was her movie through and through. 

We were kind of planning to watch this movie. I wasn’t bothered with it anyway. I’m not a great fan of Wolverine though I did enjoy the second Wolverine movie (the one with the Japanese girl). The Origin movie was a terrible mess I do not want to recall right now. Let’s just focus on Logan please. So I had no prep for this movie. I didn’t know the plot, the director or what kind of movie this was. The only thing I knew was that it had Hugh Jackman as Logan and there was Laura X-23 in it (and of course Charles Xavier). 

The first jolt we experienced was when the adult themed adverts started playing. My brother who was sitting next to me started to wonder if we were in the right screen. He actually went out and check. It was kinda hilarious but even I wasn’t sure. The movie was actually 15 or 18. The second jolt was the superb opening sequence. OK, the movie is definitely 15 with bloody violence. I feel like watching the real Wolverine. Justice has been done. 

Logan is a limousine driver trying to live his life as normal as he can in the year 2029 or something. He has a sick Charles Xavier to take care of and everything is fine until a nurse approaches him with a young girl and terrible things happen resulting in a chain of events.

The pace of the story is really good. So are the action scenes (very bloody). Laura, the girl X-23, is violent like she is supposed to be. I’ve read a lot of X-23 in the comics and it does justice. The movie isn’t dragging and there are really good moments. The moment of the true Wolverine brought all the classic memories back and that made the movie ‘whole’ for me. I have to say Hugh Jackman has delivered a final life time performance of him portraying The Wolverine. Hats off to him and I bid him farewell. 

I give this movie a 10/10. Seriously, I fail to criticise a single bad thing out of this movie and I have been growing very critical of movies. 

The only thing I wished that at the start of the credits they played hurt from Johnny Cash (I haven’t watched the full credits). 

A lot of fun facts about this movie. The ones I know are that this very low budget film was shot in 16 days, Nawazuddin Siddiquie charged 1 rupees for this and Shweta Tripathi who plays a school girl of 14 was 30 years old in real life. 

Haraamkhor is a strange and dark movie but at the same time, it is fun because the point of view from it is told is of two young kids of about 13. The movie touches the subjects of the forbidden relationship of teacher and student, spoiling the innocence of a student and that is what happens in this movie. 

Shyam played by Nawaz corrupts Sindhiya who is 14 and his student. He attacks her innocence and then leaves her because he has a wife also to look after. Basically he uses her and she, as a 14 year old, has no option but to cry about it. Luckily, she has a very nice step mother who has been through the same and there is some comfort there. On the other hand, you have Kamal and his friend, who always keep an eye on Shyam and Sindhiya. It’s like the film is being told through their eyes and perception. They also do a lot of childhood shenanigans which reminded me of my childhood, though I wasn’t that naughty. (we did, however, put our trousers down and compare our small manhoods. I’m sorry if that is too much information haha). 

Acting wise, both actors were perfect. Nawaz is just genius and Shweta is a beauty to be looked at. Sound in the film is non existent. What I love about this movie is the camera angles. They are so creative and raw. Also, you need to keep your mind awake throughout the movie because the editor has done a bit ‘too good’ of a job. Some places it felt like parts of the movie were missing. You keep wondering where was the build up to this particular scene. You just need to imagine the build up yourself. The climax was a bit shocking and hurried up. There wasn’t enough explanation but I enjoyed it nonetheless. 

Overall, I would give this movie a 7/10 for being so nature like and raw. I surely loved it. Oh, and haramkhor means someone who does something forbidden constantly.


So two veteran and versatile actors go head to head in this movie. Yes, I mean the amazing Tabu and my childhood hero Ajay Devgan (oh I remember fighting like him after watching ‘Jaan’ and ‘Jung’, even my grandmother caught me acting like him haha). This film is just amazing. There are a couple of faults in it but acting wise, Ajay nailed it. I just love him in a serious role. All those comedies are useless and Singham, just please don’t embarrass me.

This movie is about family and what’s right and what’s wrong. Drishyam basically means visuals and it is, I believe, used in a deceptive way. I don’t know much hindi.

The whole movie Ajay and his family put a mask of innocence on from the police and they get away with. I won’t spoil much for you but let’s say they had to do acting in an acting role. That’s hard.

There wasn’t much music to it but one song particularly stick with me. Ajay had a beautiful wife and two daughters and they were all amazing. The actress who plays his wife is from south so her hindi was a bit out of place and I think the whole her was out of place. She was two beautiful to be his wife (he is a fourth fail and some cable guy and they have a huge house and throughout the movie they show the struggle with the money. Doesn’t make sense).

Tabu handled her role really well being a police officer and an emotional distressed mother too. She played with her character really well.

Overall, I loved this movie. Kept me glued for 2 and a half hours. I’m sure it will keep you glued too. There were things in it which were pretty much predictable but one thing in particular will blow your mind and you have to praise the story writer for it. I’ll leave that thing to your imagination. Peace.


Film: Deadpool (2016)


Deadpool and me don’t go a long way back. In fact I started reading Deadpool on and off was when UK publisher was publishing Wolverine/Deadpool. It was about Civil War time. Since then I read him on and off. I don’t know much about him but this film gave me a good insight about him.

Personally, let me tell you something about me. I’m not a humour fan (Bollywood spoiled it for me, seriously) but crude humour is something I could go with. But still the genre here is action/comedy. I would rather watch some dark serious film rather than a comedy. Having said that, this movie was not that bad. Deadpool is just being Deadpool, this crazy mercenary with a mouth which runs like a motor.

This is an origin story and a love story. This is also an R rated movie but 15 in UK (that was a surprise, I was expecting 18). It had a lot of fucks and motherfuckers and shits in it, had a sex scene and some sexual humour which you really expect in a Deadpool movie.

I liked the movie for its action sequences and fast paced story. It was awesome. I didn’t get all of the one liners and references so I think the humour was a bit advanced level. You couldn’t understand unless you know the reference like one reference which was my favourite is ‘Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret’ and there was blood involved. Of course it is from a novel by Judy Blume (which I used to read embarrassingly) and it dealt with a teenage girl who experienced her first period (and thanks to Stephen King for introducing me to girls periods from Carrie lol).

The music is awesome. The first one is an Indian classic, ‘Mera joota hai japani’ being played in Dopinder’s taxi. The best was DMX’s X Gon Give It To Ya. Took me back to when I was 16 and when we would blast DMX out (remember Exit Wounds?)

The love story element was good and in place. There was a kinky chemistry between Vanessa (Deadpool’s love interest) and Wade Wilson. The particular sex scene was just amazing and the chemistry was just superb and the sequence it was shot in was good. I loved how they started off really crude mentioning the uncle/uncles bit and that decided their relationship. I think that was particularly hot. Thank God, she had her proper hair later on in the movie. I just had Halle Barry hairstyle.

Okay, now we come to the best bit of the movie and the bit which I loved the most. It was the addition of Colossus as an X-Men. Colossus and his trainee Warhead appeared throughout the movie correcting and sometimes helping Deadpool. It actually showed the true meaning of being an X-Men because Deadpool can’t be an X-Men because he kills all the time but Colossus thinks he can be a part of their team. Just having to watch Colossus there was amazing. It gave me a 70s X-Men comics feel where everyone worked together to get things done. Also the battle Colossus vs Angel, how Colossus eventually overcame her was amazing because you could actually see the experience shining out from Colossus. Made me think of all the Danger room training sessions he had been gone through. Truly amazing.

So overall it was a good film. I was expecting more over 18 stuff and all that but they can’t really show serious dark violence with a comedy going on. But it was good. I’ll give it 6.5 out of 10.

But one day what I would like to see is a dark and disturbing over 18s psychological Batman thriller. That’s what I wanna see..

Movie: The Shawshank Redemption


Let me get one thing clear, if you haven’t watched this movie, your life is incomplete. It is that good. A classic and a masterpiece. It is simply flawless.
Andy is sent to prison for the murder of his house but he never admitted to the murder because he never murdered her. He meets a guy named Red who is the narrator in this movie (and the story by Stephen King). Red is like the guy who can get everything for you in the prison so Andy asks for several things with a little pick axe being one of the things. Soon the staff at the jail began to see Andy’s intelligence (he was a banker before). Andy begins to help the officers with their finance, charity and insurance. He creates a network of dealing with illegal money for the Jailer.  But who knew he was creating a nobody from all that work and once he escaped, he would use that nobody to start a new life.

As I said, this movie is a classic and is flawless. It is violent at parts and emotional at others. Especially the scene where old Brooks goes away. I felt like crying and crying because it is superbly shot. The ending was great and satisfying. Morgan Freeman played Red very well.


Notice how I watched Gone Girl and The Shawshank Redemption back to back and notice how there is one theme in common. Both characters in the film take their time escaping from the current situation creating a nobody. It’s just a negative character in Gone Girl and positive in The Shawshank Redemption.

Movie: Gone Girl


Seriously can a movie be more fucked up than this? When I meant fucked up, I meant it in a good, sick and twisting way. This had me on the edge of my bed all the time. First half was just the suspense building and second half was just gripping and last 20 mins were just mental. No wonder it got like 8.5 out of 10 by the film critics.

A wife is gone missing and the husband comes home to find her gone. He calls the detectives and they start investigating. Things turn out that the murder of the woman is caused by the husband. The husband, meanwhile can’t take the pressure the people and media are putting on him. Ben Afflick plays him and he is seriously stressed out.

But the second half, things turn out to be seriously opposite. It seems the wife had framed the murder of her husband and escaped successfully.

The dialogue was written superbly and the thrill was most definitely there. The music was bang on and add to the horror of the situation. Especially the lake house scene. I would never forget that scene in my whole life. Plus the ending was really gripping. I’m not disappointed in the ending. They managed to end it really good. I really liked this movie and would watch it again.



We normally watch the superhero movies in the cinema. So I decided to go and watch this as it had been a while. I knew what to expect from this one though. Tons of space battles and stuff which I’m not a big fan of. The only other space film I watched in the cinema was Star Trek: The wrath of Khan and Star Wars: Episode I back in 2001.

As I said I am not very much a fan of space battles yet I seem to like them too somehow. Because this film brought back my childhood memories when we used to watch Star Trek on the TV all the time. I guess I am a confused soul when it comes to space films. Like them or not?

First of all, the film is filled with 80s music which is not everyone’s cup of tea. Star Trek (2013) was filled with classical music which was pretty much OK with me but still sounded a bit out of place. The music is good but probably good for those people who listened to it back in the day. This really explained why there were 40 to 45 olds in the house. So really you had to be a late 70s  baby to get the music. Unless you’re just into the music anyway. Anyway, moving on.

Let me just quickly go through the story because it is not very much impressive. Peter Quill steals an orb which he wants to sell but the orb is special and some forces are behind it, seeking it. Ronan the accuser and Thanos are interested. The whole film revolves around this stone which is very powerful and could destroy the whole galaxy.

The story is a bit lame but what make this movie is the characters. It is the characters who you fall in love with. We have a lot of characters here. Peter Quill, Gamora, Rocket, Drax, Groot, Yondu and even Ronan if you are a fan of him.

Every character gets enough screen time and you simply fall in love with them. The comedy was just near perfect. There were quite a few laugh out loud moments which made me laugh too, I’m surprised. The romance between Peter and Gamora is just perfect. There is a part where Peter gets close to Gamora and they begin to dance. I just loved that. I love Zoe Saldana and the way she portrayed Gamora, she gets 10/10. It is because of her I came to watch the film. In the end I will list my top five characters/moments.

The action was good. The space battles were really good. You know what is going on and who is who. Yondu and his arrow rocked. And I mean really rocked. He had so much less screen time but he was awesome. The least appealing character to me was Peter Quill himself. I know it sounds weird but I didn’t much like him. I think Rocket, Gamora and Groot literally stole the show.

I would rate this movie 8/10 if you can get past the 80s music. It was alright. I don’t mind. Now for my top five characters/moments. Starting from the bottom:

5)Groot: He was awesome. Innocent yet somehow clever too. I loved the end bit especially. Such a nice scene (no spoilers) it made my insides move with emotion.

4) Rocket’s comedy. Really he was the star of the movie. Keeping the movie alive with his talking and yapping. Missed him at the end but he played his role alright.

3) Yondu: This bad ass space pirate got less screen time but he rocked it man. Especially with his arrow and whistle and that bad ass accent, he’s at number 3.

2) Gamora played by Zoe Saldana: I love Zoe. Loved her in Star Trek and she came back. I already tweeted that she is made for superhero movies. She is a superb actress and I’m really a big fan of her. One of the scenes in this movie was a romantic situation between her and Peter. And the way she looked with her purple streaked hair, just perfect. The romance was well shown but a kiss at the end would have been lovely. Or did they kiss? I didn’t catch it.

1: You can guess. Go on. Yes, it is Thanos himself. He gets a little cameo and let me tell you, he fucking rocks it. He is such a motherfucker sitting on that seat. He owned that scene. It is a shame you only get to see him only once. Ronan is a pussy compared to Thanos. We want to see more of Thanos.

This movie was certainly better than the likes of Thor 2(I didn’t like that one). It was just almost perfect. 8/10, yo.


American Gangster (2007)

A black gangster rose in New York in the 70s becoming a notorious drug lord by smuggling cocaine directly from the supplier in South east Asia. It is the story of Frank Lucas and he is portrayed by Denzel Washington in this film.

What an amazing movie. I’m a big fan of Denzel and he is superb in every character he is given. He is notorious, he is lethal, he is a mastermind. But an honest cop, Ritchie played by Russell Crowe, takes the hard route and vows to crack this drug lord down.

The film takes its time building up. You see a mixture of Ritchie and Frank as they progress through the movie. Denzel is awesome as always. Russell is average. You get that 70s feeling for sure because you see a lot of news and political references throughout the movie.

It is a long movie and a bit slow at that but my mind is take your time but keep us feeding throughout. There is a steadiness you can see in the film. Keeps us entertained, yup.

Ritchie could not make a breakthrough because never in his mind he knew that a black guy would rise up to be a gangster. I mean those years it was the Italians who ruled the drug business. But eventually he got a clue and let’s just say it was a woman (I’m talking indirectly).

Brilliant film, nice music and setting. Nice acting and overall a superb execution. 8/10.

I was tired and exhausted and just boarded in my second flight from Dubai to Islamabad. I had a choice of Django, Les Mis, Argo, The Hobbit but all of them were over 2 and a half hours. The only other one shorter was Paranormal Activity 4 and Life of Pi just fit in right. 2 hours 10 mins.

I am a big believer of spirituality and Allah so this one struck at my heart, made me cry and emotional. It is about a boy got stuck in a little boat with a tiger. The whole film was amazing. I had this stupid thing in mind that the tiger was real but ho wrong I was. How could it be real? But whatever it was, the tiger was amazing. The acting was good too and the special effects were really good but the factor that it was spiritual makes it 10 out of 10.