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938) New X-Men #39: Quest For Magik 2 of 4

This is turning out to be a good story arc. Belasco fights with Cessily and Soorya while a twisted form of Illyana demands a soul to make a soul sword in order to kill Belasco. She chooses Pixie. Awe, poor Pixie. Cute Pixie. Pretty good fight scenes in this issue especially Belasco vs Mercury.

937) New X-Men #38: Quest For Magik 1 of 4

Belasco enters this world asking for Illyana. The students who were in common room find themselves in the limbo where they fight monsters. There, Illyana Rasputin comes in all her glory.

936) New X-Men #37: Prelude to Quest For Magik

The students tell scary stories to each other and Blindfold tells the story of Belasco and his student who rebelled against him. Her name is Illyana Rasputin aka Magik. But now Belasco is seeking revenge.

I liked this issue. Anything to do with Magik I will read. She is my favourite.

887) New X-Men #36: Mercury Falling 4 of 4

The scientists took a plan of Cessily’s Mercury and made evil creatures from it. The X-Men came to the rescue of Julian and Laura and they defeated the facility. This facility was run by Stryker. Even after his death, he is doing damage.

It was a good story arc to read but not as good as the Nimrod one (last issues).

886) New X-Men #35: Mercury Falling 3 of 4

Emma tracks down Laura and Julian and they lost them. Because they went in that facility where Kimura is keeping Mercury. They are experimenting on her and she is transformed into a creature.

885) New X-Men #34: Mercury Falling 2 of 4

Kimura and her gang take Cessily aka Mercury to a lab. Laura and Julian break out of the mansion and follow the trail. The Sentinels are active and O*N*E comes into motion too. Back in the lab, the doctors have started the experiments on Cessily. She has a body of Mercury like she can bend herself and all that like the baddie in Terminator 2, remember?

884) New X-Men #33: Mercury Falling 1 of 4

Laura aka X-23 is after Julian and it seems that she has begin to like him after he saved her life in the last issue of New X-Men. Laura and Mercury has a talk when some woman called Kimara (or something) attacks the cafe where they were sitting. She came for Laura but Mercury ends up being under the attack.

881) New X-Men #32: Whatever Happened To Wither?

Wither is Kevin Ford who has the power to turn anybody dead by touching with bare hands. He had run away from the Institute and is now in Mutant Town where he finds an old lady (actually a young lady in disguise…). A black Queen (I have no idea who she is) seduces him and he falls in her trap. She has the same powers as him.

880) New X-Men #31: Nimrod 4 of 4

One of the best story arcs I’ve read. It was like watching a climax of a blockbuster movie. Nimrod is on full power attacking the New X-Men but Forge has an idea. If they could bare the timing device inside the chest of Nimrod, that could displace him in time destroying him. So the teamwork from Dust, Mercury, Laura, Julian and Nori comes to play and they all play their part. Nori had to ditch her gloves and go bare hands in Nimrod’s chest. They manage to defeat him but Laura aka X-23 is not healing so Julian flies her with the help of Emma’s teleporting power to the institute where Josh aka Elixir heals her. Both get better and thus a great storyline ends.

Really enjoyed this one. Would give this 8 outta 10. I’m also gonna make a separate page where I will list the amazing story arcs I’ve read in the comics.

879) New X-Men #30: Nimrod 3 of 4

Nice little issue. Forge is a genius. He transfers Nimrod’s AI to one of his own Sentinels which is anti Sentinel machine he created. So once the transformation is complete, Forge overrides it and the Sentinel becomes under Forge’s command.

However when Forge sends the Sentinel to defend the New X-Men downstairs, Cessily attacks it and rips it apart. It reboots and Nimrod appears. Then a big blast.