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881) New X-Men #32: Whatever Happened To Wither?

Wither is Kevin Ford who has the power to turn anybody dead by touching with bare hands. He had run away from the Institute and is now in Mutant Town where he finds an old lady (actually a young lady in disguise…). A black Queen (I have no idea who she is) seduces him and he falls in her trap. She has the same powers as him.

880) New X-Men #31: Nimrod 4 of 4

One of the best story arcs I’ve read. It was like watching a climax of a blockbuster movie. Nimrod is on full power attacking the New X-Men but Forge has an idea. If they could bare the timing device inside the chest of Nimrod, that could displace him in time destroying him. So the teamwork from Dust, Mercury, Laura, Julian and Nori comes to play and they all play their part. Nori had to ditch her gloves and go bare hands in Nimrod’s chest. They manage to defeat him but Laura aka X-23 is not healing so Julian flies her with the help of Emma’s teleporting power to the institute where Josh aka Elixir heals her. Both get better and thus a great storyline ends.

Really enjoyed this one. Would give this 8 outta 10. I’m also gonna make a separate page where I will list the amazing story arcs I’ve read in the comics.

879) New X-Men #30: Nimrod 3 of 4

Nice little issue. Forge is a genius. He transfers Nimrod’s AI to one of his own Sentinels which is anti Sentinel machine he created. So once the transformation is complete, Forge overrides it and the Sentinel becomes under Forge’s command.

However when Forge sends the Sentinel to defend the New X-Men downstairs, Cessily attacks it and rips it apart. It reboots and Nimrod appears. Then a big blast.

878) New X-Men #29: Nimrod 2 of 4

Cyclops doesn’t believe that Nimrod is still alive when the New X-Men cracked the Nimmer puzzle. The X-Men are off to Storm’s wedding in Wakanda and the New X-Men take the blackbird secretly out to Forge where he sent a distress signal.

The future Nimrod wants Forge to repair him but he can’t because the technology is too advanced for him so he holds him back until the New X-Men arrive.

877) New X-Men #28: Nimrod 1 of 4

Nimrod is the future Sentinel Stryker made, who is now dead. Jay Guthrie is dead too and a lot of other students are dead. And Emma as headmistress has to deal with all this. Carol from Avengers comes to talk about the registration act but Emma kicks her out after asking her where were the Avengers when the students died in the blast.

The half torn Nimrod goes to Forge and threatens to kill him using Storm as leverage.

821) New X-Men #27: Crusade Part 4 of 4

The final chapter of this Stryker saga. Stryker enters the mansion but the students kills his guards and finally Foley takes Stryker down causing his own skin to go black and blue in colour.

820) New X-Men #26: Crusade Part 3 of 4

Stryker has trapped Soorya aka Dust so he could shoot her and he does but I think there is a twist here. Now he is attacking the Sentinels at the mansion. The showdown is here in the next issue. I liked reading this issue. Very good but I think they are killing characters just for the sake of it. We’ll see.